Berserk Button/Manhwa

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  • Telling Shem from Ark Angels that you've stolen her favorite bear-print panties quite literally sends her into a berserker rage which gives her super-strength.
  • Shuuichi, from Zero: The Beginning of the Coffin, doesn't like being called "White Hair" and harming his family.
  • Chun Woo from The Breaker may act like he doesn't care about Shi Woon, but if you touch his disciple you're dead. Talking shit about his master's death will also get him very mad. Also, seeing Shiho badly hurt makes Chun Woo one-hit that him.
    • Eventually, Shi Woon gets his own: anyone threatening his Love Interest Sae Hee.
    • For Elder Kwong anything related to Sun Woo clan.
  • Yureka: Referring to the real Yureka as "Fake Yureka".
    • Mentioning Lotto's height deficiencies.
  • Seunghee, from Zippy Ziggy, really hates perverts and being called "old".
    • Mispronouncing Duckchill's name.
  • From Dorothy of Oz going near Mara with bad intentions is a sure way to upset Abee.
    • Mara doesn't like being called "Dorothy".
  • Yue's button, from Witch Hunter, is hurting Xing, or even mentioning it.
  • Haji from Hot Blooded Woman really hates being called a puppy. Since her full name, "Kang Haji", sounds like the Korean word for "puppy", she really hates it when people call her by her full name.
  • Harming anybody weak or genuinely good is Rai's button from Noblesse.
  • Mentioning Munsu's former lover or best friend in a negative light, or praise Aji Tae, is Munsu's button from Shin Angyo Onshi.
  • The Tarot Café:
    • Pamela doesn't like being called an old lady.
    • For Alecto it's mentioning Pamela's name.
  • Vagrant Soldier Ares: Mortally wounding one of Ares' Companions acts as this, but threatening Ariadne puts him straight into a Tranquil Fury.

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