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General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Sea Of Broken Dreams by jschneids

  • Recommended by KingSonnDeeDoo
  • Synopsis: Following on after the 'good' end of BioShock (series) 2, it acts as if Subject Delta doesn't (permanently) die, and instead gets seperated from Eleanor in their escape attempt, getting dragged back to Rapture. He then must enlist the help of some old faces in order to return to the surface again. Meanwhile, Eleanor turns to help from someone who has battled through Rapture before - Jack.
  • Comments: Quite engaging, with some descriptions soing to Scenery Gorn level, and the author does a very good job at keeping everyone in character. Unfortunately for the first ten or so chapters, there is nothing to show when the POV changes to another character, so be prepared for it to change suddenly.

Saviour by Alphawolf69

  • Recommended by Mokyn
  • Synopsis: A loose adaption of the first game as seen by Bridgette Tenenbaum, it uses a writing style mimicking the short pieces of story like the audio diaries. The story allows a look at how Jack and Tenenbaum work to save the Little Sisters in their own way.
  • Comments: It's hard to summarise this fic. I'm sure others could, but I don't think I could without going overboard. The story really shows how short vignettes can have just as much impact as an epic length story, dealing with each event with a certain delicacy that allows the words to resonate with you. Because the story is being told by Tenenbaum, the writer captures her broken English while still showing her intelligence, and through her observations of Jack, he's even allowed a few moments to shine as well. Overall, the story is compelling, sweet and very memorable despite it's short length.

Fatherhood by Faith Harris

  • Recommended by Depressed Salamander
  • Synopsis: A rather disturbing little work that looks into the mind of a Big Daddy both after and before his conversion. First linked to on a WMG for Bioshock.
  • Comments: I don't know, I just really like the writing style and storytelling of this one. The author nails the attitudes of pre-Fall Rapture citizens, and the use of period slang really helps the setting an story. Plus, the relationship between Denton and his Little Sister(s), explored in more depth than just protector/protected, is really sweet. Even if, towards the end, there is quite a lot of reference Body Horror and High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

Angel by Kusabi Makabe

  • Recommended by Ondarisa
  • Synopsis: A much darker take on what life after Rapture may be for a Little Sister. Focuses on Masha Lutz and her struggles to escape the mental conditioning that she has been subjected to.
  • Comments: It's pretty well written and does a wonderful job of putting the reader in Masha's shoes. It's also a nice, perhaps more realistic insight into a Little Sister's future that pulls the game's sugary sweet ending down to earth a little. Oh, and it's quite the Tear Jerker. It needs some spacers for scene transitions, but Masha's dictation makes it pretty clear when that's happening and otherwise I have no real faults with it.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

None so far... Rectify that error, would you kindly?