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The Security campaign is a prequel to Mirrors Edge.

  • Both games have similar color schemes, the prologue to Mirror's Edge mentioned riots having occured in the past, and it explains the Runners' obsession with the color red.

Your Security character killed the guy leading the Resistance in Fallout.

  • Here's How it happened during the fight he saw his men were losing so he decided to lead a final charge. When he met you both of you had no ammo so you had to fist fight. In the end however you managed to pick a near by gun and shoot him. Or he just died early like a punk. But which one is more epic.
    • Or he survived, but with chen REALLY mad at him.

Future Weapon Mass Guessing.

  • An AK-47 based rifle
  • A Spas-12 or AA-12 based Shotgun.
  • A Crossbow

Guesses about security sections

Take guesses about sections of security (feel free to make some up):

  • FIST: First Insertion and Special Tactics

The challenges are training exercises in universe.

  • The reason it looks like your fighting actual Security/Resistance is because there were raids that got enemy armor. The bullets are actually paintball pellets. Also notice how the Resistance areas look somewhat old and the Security ones look new.

Reasons your old teammates aren't in cutscene in Agents of Change.

  • Reason for both: They all died.
  • Reason for Resistance: They are the guards of whoever is talking to the outside world.
  • Reason for Security: You were promoted either to an elite squad or became a leader of your own hand selected squad.

Future DLC Mission and Archetypes Guesses.


  • Docks- Chen wants to personally meet the outside world so you must capture a boat to get him there.
    • Objectives:
      • Hack a door to enter the docks
      • Blow open another door to reach the boat.
      • Escort Chen to the boat.
  • Finding a Traitor- Mokoena believes that there is a mole so he has picked a select squad to find out who he is.
    • Objectives:
      • Escort a bot to cut open a large door.
      • Hack a console to discover who the traitor is.
      • Get information to your evac zone.


  • The Sword- a more form fitting counterpart to the shield.
    • Face Gear- a blancava with a helmet that has goggles attached to it.
    • Coat- a very sleek future esque armor.
    • Pants- armor that covers entire leg.
  • The Traitor- a former member of Security who joined the Resistance
    • Face Gear- a more worn out version of The Bouncer
    • Coat- an armored vest that has Security crossed out with red paint with Resistance written above it.
    • Pants- jeans with a taser and red around the bottom.