Clothing Damage

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    Risa got hit with 42837 damage!

    Kevin Murphy: (as Padmé, when she is slashed by the Nexu) Well that just bares my midriff!
    Mike Nelson: What a conveniently alluring injury.


    A variety of Fan Service provided by damaging a character's clothing in such a way as to provide teasing glimpses of the flesh or lingerie beneath.

    Female characters tend to fall victim to this, converting their usual costumes into something more Stripperiffic. A male action hero might instead simply lose the shirt altogether for a Shirtless Scene.

    Can induce You Must Be Cold or Defeat by Modesty. See also Action Dress Rip and Battle Strip. For the non-combat version, see Wardrobe Malfunction. Kicking Ass in All Her Finery is not immune to this (but it's not common).

    The Nudifier is typically a weapon which has no other effect than this. Hat Damage is a non-Fanservice Sub-Trope. See also Magic Pants, which is often combined with this trope despite also being its inverse: no matter how much clothing damage they take, they still have enough threads left over to cover the naughty bits.

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