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    Fetish Fuel Station Attendant So many of these tropes right here. [1]

    1. If it exists, it is someone's fetish.

    2. If it has even crossed your mind, someone out there has a fetish for it.
    —An Internet rule sometimes known as Rule 36.

    An index of tropes that are commonly regarded as Fetish Fuel. Now these are objective tropes. They just also happen to be turn-ons for a lot of people.

    If writers are really concerned about avoiding indecency in works for kids, this is a good place to start. This is the real Harmful to Minors stuff. Not that sissy swearing and violence.

    Conversely, it's also a great way to "sex up" a work without being explicit. Use this for good or for evil. The choice is yours.

    Oddly enough, these tropes are rarely mentioned as a Fetish in fiction, at least mainstream fiction.

    And when these tropes are deliberate turn-ons, they rely on Rule of Sexy.

    Turn On! Apply directly to the small head!


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