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Authors and Websites


  • Recommended by Cheesecake God 5000
  • One of the more skilled authors in the KND fanfic community. A talented, good-humored writer who obviously has a lot of love for the series. Most of her fics center around Numbuh 362, although she is capable of working with a variety of characters and genres.


  • Recommended by Cheesecake God 5000
  • Mostly writes one-shots or short stories. Her writing style is solid and the way she spins the characters is intriguing, while still being believable. Her wide variety of stories are all well written, fresh and definitely worth a look.
    • Seconded by spaceage. She puts the characters in situations such as high school, real life, etc. and instead of making it annoying and completely OOC, she blends it into them to the point that it's flawless.

Numbuh Phenon

  • Recommended by Cheesecake God 5000
  • A very talented writer with a vast collection of well-done KND fanfics. He can write any genre from angst to humor, and keeps the cast in-character while bringing the reader closer to them. Is a prime example of an author who has a lot of respect for the series, but still is able to work his own material in.
    • This guy is just...amazing. People wonder why this guy wasn't writing for the tv show itself.
    • He masters both the moving and the hilarious with equal ease.


  • Recommended by Ulathon
  • Lots of high quality fan-art, often with a quirky or moving take on the KND-verse. Includes the excellent comic Last Mission (see below).

Numbuh 88

  • Recommended by Misterian
  • A strongly talented writer that is able to balance the KND canon with her own ideas and concepts, her fanfics carry senarios and plotlines that haven't been approached in the canon stroyline but remains true to what is liked about the KND francise, the stories in the fanfics are accurate enough with the KND canon and greatly accurate with the characterization of the show's original cast, that Mr. Warburton could do episodes entirely on them and randomly air them with very few people taking notice. And though she has very few fan characters, her main fan character, Numbuh 30 is likable and believable enough that he alone would fit the KND storyline really well.


  • Recommended by Ulathon
  • Another source of excellent KND fan art, from whole multi-page stories to small touching pictures of KND life. Often includes many small stories in one picture.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Operation: There Is No Operation by Karkadinn

  • Recommended by Ulathon
  • Synopsis: Set a couple of months after the scavenger hunt in "Operation INTERVIEWS". Numbuh 362, the Supreme Leader of the KND, finds out that Numbuh One has joined the Galactic Kids Next Door and embarks on a top secret mission to get him back - ONLY for the good of the KND, of course, NOTHING personal. But Father discovers what she is up to, and he has plans of his own ...

Operation: FRAGMENT by Numbah702

  • Recommended by Ulathon
  • Synopsis: Three years after being decommissioned, the 16-years-old former members of the legendary Sector V live their separate lives at Willem High School, each struggling with his or her own teenage problems. On top of that they are all haunted by mysterious dreams about their forgotten past and the odd sensation that they used to be friends. Meanwhile, sinister forces are putting a plan in motion that might end up threatening the world ...

Zuzu's Petals by Numbuh Phenon

  • Recommended by Ulathon
  • Synopsis: Stuck at Moonbase doing paperwork on Christmas Eve, Rachel wishes that she had never taken the job as Soopreme Leader and stayed an ordinary operative. Her guardian angel appears and grants her wish by altering the timeline. But something is missing ...

Cold Reception by Numbuh Phenon

  • Recommended by spaceage
  • Synopsis: When a rouge operative threatens to reveal the GKND, Nigel is sent back down to stop them by any means necessary. But people have changed and the boy is tangled in a web of love and betrayal as he finds out just who he has been assigned to hunt down.

TND vs. the World by Original Demigod Superspy

  • Recommended by spaceage
  • Synopsis: When Evil Exes attack, the lines separating love and war get crossed. Loosely inspired by Scott Pilgrim, will be a bit dark at times. Couples galore.

The Radical Adventures of Detective McKenzie by Raiders Echo

  • Recommended by Rio Pride
  • Synopsis: Mysterious deaths have been popping up around UCLA's campus, and to make things stranger, the KND are enlisting Rachel's help in solving the mystery. As if life couldn't get any stranger, throw in the GKND and see what happens. First chapter; rewritten..

Aftermath by Afalstein

  • Recommended by Eric W
  • Synopsis: "...And that was the last time we saw Numbuh 1. We all missed him so much... but I think Wally took it the hardest." The last days of Sector V, and the struggle of each member, as told by an heir of their legacy..

Operation LEUKEMIA by Tnelson711

  • Recommended by Pichu
  • Synopsis: Nigel is sick and deluded. He believes that this Kids Next Door is real, and that he is a member, but in reality, this is a dream, and he is a kid with Leukemia.

Broken by Crystal-Wings404

  • Recommended by beeruckzII
  • Synopsis: Just when Father thinks his life can't get any worse it does; when he finds out he has an biological child that he's now stuck with! But the bigger question is how is Sector V going to handle either having a new friend or enemy?

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Last Mission, Part 1, 2 and 3 by alfredofroylan2.

  • Recommended by Ulathon
  • Pairings: Wally and Kuki
  • Synopsis: Kuki is killed during an attempt to fend off an alien invasion of giant killer robots. The members of sector V are crushed and Wally realizes too late how much he loved her. But suddenly their love gets a second chance ...