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Love Them or Hate Them, enough people loved them for this page.


  • "Easy to Please", from their second ever public release (an EP by the name Brothers & Sisters) may well be the most beautiful song they've ever done.


  • "Sparks" is both truly depressing and beautiful.
  • Some hold that there is no better Coldplay track than "Everything's Not Lost", though "Shiver" comes a close second.
  • How has "Yellow" not found a spot on the list yet?
    • An excellent question. I've no answer for you, but the question is excellent.
  • "Spies".

A Rush Of Blood To The Head

  • "Clocks" is fucking amazing.
  • Really? No mention of "The Scientist"? For shame!
  • "Amsterdam" can be used for a pick-me-up whenever shit gets real.
  • "God Put a Smile on Your Face". If that doesn't get you head nodding, or your toes tapping, or something, your heart is a block of fucking concrete.
    • On the topic of "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face", the live remix mashes it up with "Talk", adds some dance elements, and pretty much pushes the whole thing Up to Eleven.
  • "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is a quiet-awesome type of song.
    • In a way, it's the sound of self-justified madness.
  • Seriously? No "Warning Sign"? It's awesome and the final lines just stay in your head.
    • Seconded. Might be the best song of their career, with the awesome strings and the downright beautiful ending.
  • "In My Place". Especially the intro. It even gets away with ripping off Ride, because that beat is just so fat.
  • "Politik"


  • "Speed of Sound" is inspiring.
  • "Fix You" will make anyone want to cry.
  • "Till Kingdom Come".
  • The frequently ignored (or maybe just no very publicized) "Twisted Logic" has one of their most absurd and yet most brilliant lyrics, backed up by instrumentals that make me shiver inside every time I hear it.
    • It could very well be the theme song for WALL-E.
  • "White Shadows"
  • Amazing songs that somehow aren't here yet, where's the B-side to "Speed of Sound"? That's a thing that I don't understand.
  • "Talk". A space-rock tune with a riff borrowed from one of Kraftwerk's best tunes? Totally awesome.

Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends

Prospekt's March

  • "Prospekt's March".
  • Don't forget "Life in Technicolor II" and its hilarious video.
  • Prospekt's March just adds to the awesome.
  • "Glass of Water".
  • "Rainy Day".

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