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Dead Space 1

  • The boss fights are definitely a CMOA for Isaac Clarke. Clarke, an engineer manages to defeat creatures that slaughter pretty much anything else in their way.
  • When you finally kill the hunter it makes you feel pretty goshdarn good.
  • New Game Plus modus can be one for Isaac right at the start of the game. Image Isaac, arriving to a routine job with a Level 5 Suit designed for work in very hostile environments and highly upgraded mining tools, giving him an aura of being Crazy Prepared.
    • Likewise being able to just take out the first Necromorphs that attack you instead of running away.
  • While it is a bit of a bummer that Isaac doesn't play a role in killing Mercer, Hammond, OR Kendra, who all lead you to your position of utter screwedness, watching Kendra be completely liquified by the Hive Mind in the last chapter can definitely be considered a CMOA.

Dead Space: mobile

  • Vandal taking down the final boss in the Interquel for the iPhone.

Vandal: (Mortally wounds the final boss) "Great... C'mon, you bastard. I can do this ALL DAY."

Dead Space 2

  • Early on, you come across a video teaching you how to impale Necromorphs with their own limbs. On the surface, it's just a tutorial, but the context is where it gets awesome. The engineer who recorded it was fatally wounded, and while he could still stand he decided to show anyone who might come by a way to survive these creatures. Engineers in the Dead Space universe are badass.
  • Now, with Stross spending so much time away from you, it's pretty much a given something bad's going to happen what with the Sanity Slippage. Come the mines, suddenly Stross appears on the other side of a gate with Ellie's fucking EYEBALL impaled on a screwdriver! You think something terrible has happened? Wrong! Ellie rises out of the background and smacks Stross across the back of the head with a giant pipe. Then she just points at Isaac and yells "You owe me an eye you bastard!" I think I'm in love.
  • Isaac gets one right from the start. Waking up in a straight-jacket, the man rescuing him turns into a Slasher Necromorph right before his eyes and gets ready to kill him. His response? Headbutt the fucker! Need I remind you that he ISN'T wearing his helmet at this point.
    • As well necromorphs are only inconvenienced by the removal of their heads in the game, they suffer a momentary stun for less than a second and just blindly slash in your direction.
  • In the very first chapter, Isaac, using only a flashlight and medical laser, makes a working plasma cutter MacGyver style. It's also worth noting that he does this in a manner of seconds, as a man is being torn apart by a necromorph five feet away from him. You can use an Old Save Bonus to trade in the makeshift plasma cutter for a manufactured one, but if you don't it continues to work perfectly for the rest of the game. So much for Issac's career being an Informed Ability.
  • On the Isaac front again, shortly after reactivating the solar array Isaac must hurry back to Ellie. Of course, there's no time to run all the way back, is there? Isaac tells Ellie he's got it covered and using the escape pod, VIOLENTLY LAUNCHES HIMSELF OUT OF THE ARRAY AND THROUGH SPACE INTO THE ROOF OF THE SPRAWL, DODGING PIECES OF SPACE STATION AS HE GOES. After it's done Isaac stays crouched on the ground, as if to say 'Yeah, I just did that. I am a monster truck that walks like a man.' Unfortunately Ellie doesn't comment and the trailers featured it. The sequence can be seen here with appropriate accompanying music.
  • The final boss, in which Isaac destroys the Titan Marker with his mind.


    • Not only that, but just after winning the boss fight, the game heavily implies an Eldritch Abomination is involved in this somehow, at which point Isaac regains control of himself. While we don't know for sure what happened, the implication that Issac - a normal human man - just took out an Eldritch Abomination with his mind? All kinds of awesome.
  • What? No mention of Chapter 2? Where Issac has to get to the next part of the train, but the train is saperated. Issac looks around, as if to think how to get there. What does Issac do? He FLIES. He just FUCKING FLIES there. Watch it here: I Xjw Vg I 50#t=3m25s

Issac: Yeah. I can fly. Like Iron Man.

  • The climax of Chapter 5, when Isaac finally meets Daina. The HSQ is about as high as it gets in the game, here. First, Daina reveals she's evil and captures Isaac, and then a gunship appears and gibs her and the Unitologists. Isaac struggles to keep from being blown out the window and escapes through a vent...and with absolutely NO time to recover, faces the biggest ambulatory Necromorph he's ever seen. After chasing Isaac down a hallway the gunship shows up again and both Isaac and the giant necromorph are blown out the window...hanging onto the gunship! And Isaac gets grabbed by the giant monster and is only able to save himself by blowing up one of the spilling fuel pods. That whole bit one one breathless extended Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • In Severed, Gabe's last stand.