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  • From "Disneycember":
  • At the Q&A Anime Milwaukee con, this conversation happened. To put in context, Doug was already teasing the audience in his usual way, even giving the start of a striptease.

Fan: Hi, this is my first time seeing you in person.
Doug: [grinning] Aren't I sexy?
Fan: could say that.

  • In the middle of his infamous rant about Breaking Dawn's abortion scene, his phone rings and he maintains his delirious mannerisms.

Doug: My phone is ringing! I don't care! I'm not gonna answer it!

Kony 2012 video: So, what do you think about Kony 2012?
Doug: ... (anguished) I JUST WANT MY PORN!

  • Why The Ninja Turtles Should Be Aliens. Four words: "Racist Alien Big-Boobied Explosions".
  • The DVD menus on Volume 3. He's a guy who's been waiting for centuries for us to make the right choice, and grows increasingly frustrated at our choosing wrong. "I've had to eat five of my toes! Not all on the same foot, I'm trying to keep it symmetrical. Actually, that one has to go soon."
  • In his real review of The Avengers, his quick whine that he wanted the X-Men movies to be as epic as this is both funny and cute.