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Describe Kyle Hebert he-


He is the champion of Justice, The defender of what is right!! THE GREAT SAIYAMAN!!!

Kyle Hebert (make a note of the last name, it's French and tends to get spelled and pronounced wrong fairly often) is a voice actor who originally did work for FUNimation, which is in Texas. His most notable roles are Teen Gohan and the 2nd Narrator in Dragon Ball Z. Soon afterward he started working in California dubs. He's recognizable by his gruff and suave tone present in many of the characters he voices.

As stated above, he is the dub voice of Kamina in Gurren Lagann. Naturally, due to Kamina's Memetic Badass status, this just made him much more popular. He's present at many anime conventions and does a lot of Q&A sessions with his former FUNimation compatriots.

He's also an Internet star thanks to not only his role as Magnificent Bastard Sosuke Aizen, but also due to his role as Wario in fellow voice actor Matthew Mercer's web series There Will Be Brawl. He also hosts his own podcast (yes, named after Hebert's Bald of Awesome), along with Indie-Rock musician Otherworld Steve. The podcast is not only supported by another podcast (hosted by Canadian voice actor Trevor Devall), but also supports yet another podcast, hosted by MasakoX and other The Abridged Series creators.

Has a Twitter account and a YouTube account

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