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Fridge Brilliance

  • Some might wonder why Madame Chen keeps calling Hana her daughter when she is not. That is because Madame Chen is a female pimp, and female pimps refer to the prostitutes working for them as daughters. So Hana denying that she is Madame Chen's daughter has less to do with biological relations and more to do with Hana making it clear that she is no longer working for Madame Chen as a prostitute.

Fridge Horror

  • Here's a big one...Hana was 5 years old when her parents were murdered in front of her. She is taken to a brothel that is also a restaurant. She escaped at some point, and she had to have sex with Jin in order to get him to help her in escaping. She is 18 years old by the events of both games. Can you imagine what she experienced in that brothel?
    • Here's an even bigger one...at the end of the first game, the King of Hell reveals that he intends to destroy the world because Hell has gotten too full. How did it get too full? Some might say that it's a combination of Crapsack World and Humans Are the Real Monsters. However, that can't possibly be the answer. While Hana is going through Hell, she encounters none other than her 5-year-old inner child, the girl she had been before she was taken to the brothel and raped. That's right, her 5-year-old inner child literally died and went to Hell, forcing Hana to reinvent herself! Indeed, the game shows that there are good people in the world, the world itself doesn't seem to be entirely a Crapsack World. For some reason, however, there is no Heaven...or it is blocked off somehow. Whichever the case, lots of people are dying, going to Hell, and a number of them could not even have a reason to go there!

Fridge Logic

  • Wee Ming runs away and somehow gets to a fishing village presumably a good distance away from Hong Kong. Later, Glas gets into a military vehicle and she is somehow in the passenger seat next to him. She says "I do not know how to drive." Would someone like to explain why she would need a car if she could just cover a lot of distance by disappearing and reappearing at various points?
    • Why do none of the characters use their fists? This gets especially egregious when Glas is fighting his back-stabbing brother Drew. Glas apparently has to grab the gun Drew dropped before Drew gets it. Glas grabs it and accidentally shoots Drew, killing him. The problem here is that Drew is missing an arm and is - as he puts it - a cripple. Glas really should have had no trouble punching his bratty brother's lights out. So why did he not do that instead? Do they not teach people how to use their fists in the army?
    • Why does Hana talk like an American? If she was born in Hong Kong, should she not be speaking English with a British accent?
    • Here is a good one for you. Jin/Yim Lau Wong reveals that he arranged the situation where Hana would get splattered by his blood. This causes her to be immune to Wee Ming's ability to bring out people's Super-Powered Evil Side by looking at them (usually when Wee Ming is splattered with someone's blood). The King of Hell even says that he could not believe Hana never questioned why she was not affected by Wee Ming's power while everyone else was. Here is the question. If Wee Ming never used her power on Hana, and Hana was never in the same room with Wee Ming when Wee Ming's power kicked in, then why would it occur to Hana to question such a thing?
    • Does anyone find it odd that Glas pronounces Hana's name as /'hɑnə/ in the first game and as /'hænə/ in Retro Helix?
    • Why is it that there is a Chinese hell with its own king, but there is no mention of a Chinese heaven? That seems to fly in the face of Chinese beliefs about balance and opposite forces.

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