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  • The Other Darrin: All three protagonists changed voice actors between games.
    • In the first Fear Effect, Elyse Dinh voiced Hana, Braeden Marcott voiced Glas, Anthony De Longis voiced Deke, Rob Monroe voiced Jin or Yim Lau Wong, Julie Schaller voiced Wee Ming, Kathie Barnes voiced Madame Chen, and two people named Geoff Hoff and Patricia Ayame Thomson did additional voices.
    • In Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, Wendee Lee voiced Hana, Anthony Gayle Marcotte voiced Glas, Lex Lang voiced Deke, Dorothy Elias-Fahn voiced Rain, and Rob Monroe reprised his role from the first Fear Effect.
    • In the trailers of Fear Effect Inferno, Wendee Lee, Anthony Gayle Marcotte, and Rob Monroe reprise their roles. Youtube comments claim that the voice actor from the first game (Anthony De Longis) is voicing Deke in this one. It is not clear who is voicing Rain, and a couple of other characters.

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