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Feeder are a 3 piece British alternative rock band, consisting of Grant Nicholas on guitar and vocals, Taka Hirose on bass and Karl Brazil on drums. Past members have been their founding member, Jon Lee, who committed suicide in 2001, and Skunk Anansie drummer, Mark Richardson, who left in 2009 due to Skunk reforming and band differences.

The band, originally named 'Reel', went though quite a few name changes. The band first started as 'Temper Temper', a electro duo formed when Grant and Jon first met in their hometown of Newport, Wales during their teenage years. The duo became a full band called 'Rain Dance' but when both of these acts failed to find record deals, they formed a three piece band called 'Real'. The name was then changed to 'Reel' when they fired the bassist and found Taka Hirose, who placed an advert in a local paper, stating he was a bassist looking for a band. Finally, they changed their name to 'Feeder', after Grant's pet goldfish at the time. In 2010 they changed their name to 'Renegades', and did a miniature tour of the UK under this name, before settling back to the normal band name.

In 2001, Jon Lee committed suicide in his Miami home; the band were about to call it quits until Jon's family urged them to continue. They were joined by Mark Richardson, Skunk Anansie's drummer, who went on to leave the band and return to Skunk in 2009, being replaced by Karl Brazil.


Studio Albums:

  • Polythene
  • Yesterday Went To Soon
  • Echo Park
  • Comfort in Sound
  • Pushing The Senses
  • Silent Cry
  • Renegades


  • Two Colours
  • Swim
  • Seven Sleepers
  • Renegades EP1
  • Renegades EP2

Feeder provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Album Title Drop: Most of their albums do this. Seen with Polythene, Comfort in Sound, Pushing the Senses, Silent Cry, and Renegades.
  • Ear Worm: "He's got a brand new car, looks like a Jaguar..."
  • Epic Riff: Buck Rodgers. To the point that the riff alone is enough to drive a crowd nuts at concerts; fans will sing the opening riff in hope that the band actually plays it.
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: "Cement", from their first album, is pretty much about stalking a girl and being turned on by it, and at the same time being repulsed by the act; the video doesn't help either.
    • Also from Polythene, "Descend" is a haunting song about proving one's sanity, and when played live (which is extended to 9 minutes or so) is pretty much Grant screaming "I'M NOT INSANE, CAN'T REACH THE PAIN".
  • New Sound Album: Any album after Echo Park.
  • No Export for You: As a result of the Echo Label falling into financial ruin, "Silent Cry" failed to sell well, so the band released the Seven Sleepers EP featuring the B-sides which would have appeared on the singles that were meant to be released, also with an acoustic rendition of "We Are The People", but due to not having a record label in the UK, the EP was distrubuted and sold in Japan by their Japanese Label.
    • You could still purchace the EP through import though.
  • Performance Video: The videos for "Pushing The Senses" and "Comfort In Sound".
    • The video for "Just a Day" takes an interesting spin on this: it's fans miming along to the song in their bedrooms.
  • Precision F-Strike: Feeder have only sworn once in a studio recorded song: the single Day In, Day Out has the lyrics "Taste the bullshit on a plane, we just pissed our lives away".
  • Protest Song: "We Are The People" was seen as an example of this, but "In Times of Crisis" could be seen as a protest to the war in Iraq.
  • Signature Song: "Buck Rodgers", and "Just a Day".
  • Shout-Out: Debbie Harry of Blondie and actor Steve McQueen in "Under The Weather".
  • Stop and Go: "Just a Day" does this, to the point that it's made fun of in the video, which consists entirely of fans rocking out to the song in their bedrooms, and has a group of fans pausing the song at that exact point to have a quick cup of tea before resuming the head banging.
  • Tear Jerker: Far too many. "Comfort in Sound", both the individual song and album, can be seen as the biggest example. The album was written mostly due to losing their drummer and great friend to suicide. The cover consists of a cartoon angel crying and almost all the songs are about Grant's personal way of dealing with loss, claustrophobia, depression, but most importantly having hope. Many see this album as Grant's finest hour of songwriting.
    • "Bitter Glass" from their next album Pushing the Senses deals with the fact that Grant felt he could have perhaps saved Jon from death. The opening line is "The thought of never knowing, would kill me all the same". What makes this lyric even more of a Tear Jerker is that Grant recieved a text message on his mobile from Jon, saying they needed to talk, but Grant had his mobile phone off. By the time the message reached Grant, it was too late.
    • The title song, "Yesterday Went Too Soon is possibly one of the most tear jerking breakup songs out there. The song is about wanting your ex-partner to see the pain the breakup has caused while trying to move on with life. "I wish I could show you, I wish you could, see through my eyes, tomorrow shines through, but I'm still missing yesterday", and what makes this song even more of a tear jerker is that "Yesterday Went Too Soon" is written on Jon Lee's grave.