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Trivia about Fenspace includes:

  • Accidentally Accurate: Witness "Nostromo", a super-Jovian orbiting the Sun far out in the Kuiper Belt, discovered in 2016 by the crew of the fen craft Melchizidek. Its discovery and details were described in a Fenwiki article written in 2011. Flash forward to the real 2016, and the announcement by Caltech researchers of the discovery of the existence of "Planet Nine", a super-Jovian orbiting the Sun far out in the Kuiper Belt.
  • Shout-Out: Imagine, if you will, an entire civilization built on shout-outs.
    • The Grover's Corners is named for the town in the play Our Town because that's what it is to its crew/inhabitants.
  • Sliding Scale of Alternate History Plausibility: Fenspace is probably best described as X-II.
  • The Wiki Rule: The stories used to be served on a wiki, but they've been moved to Archive of Our Own. Where FenWiki has always excelled is in presenting a substantial amount of supplemental information - which can be seen as a story in itself.

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