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'Kefka: "Sickening! You all sound like chapters from a SELF-HELP BOOKLET!"

    • That, and the whole destroying the world scene.
    • Many RPGs let you fight the end boss with your entire party. Kefka lets you take more than that. He lets you form three parties to take him on. And, just like almost everyone in your party, he was born a normal man.
    • Everything he did during the siege of Doma. To Cyan's fans, that wound up being his Moral Event Horizon, of course.
    • Let's not forget him slaughtering countless Espers almost effortlessly and killing General Leo just shortly after more or less mind raping the guy. "How about a lil' Magitek mayhem!?"
  • When you re-encounter Sabin in the World of Ruin, he's holding up a burning mansion on his shoulders, and even has time for a casual chat, including the famous line "Ha, did you think a little thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in?"
    • Spoony put it best: MOTHERFUCKER SUPLEXED A TRAIN.
    • Sabin gets another one during the ending, where he catches a large piece of rubble while Edgar operates on a door and then throws it away, saying that he didn't run away from his responsibility, but trained hard to support Edgar. "Now I know why I have these stupid muscles!" Note that if Sabin didn't rejoin your party, it takes 3 characters just to drag the same piece of rubble aside.
  • The second Humbaba fight is Terra's Moment of Awesome. During the first fight with Humbaba, we find that the year's worth of emotional turmoil Terra has gone through, coupled with her inability to truly understand the emotion of love, has robbed her of her Esper powers, leaving her indescribably weak, and easy prey for Humbaba. After a while, the party comes back to defend Terra and the orphans from a second Humbaba attack. When a party member is blown away by Humbaba, Terra shows up, and without a word, goes Esper. The following fight has Terra in Esper Mode for the entire fight! In other words, the most awesome example of a Mama Bear ever. It helps that it's immediately followed by a Heartwarming Moments and Terra re-joining the party with a souped-up Morph.
  • When all seems lost, and the world is dying, Setzer reveals one final hope: the Falcon, the long-sealed airship of his lost love, Darryl. After walking down a long staircase deep in her tomb, throughout which Setzer narrates her tale, the scene switches back to the surface, and the golden ship rises from the ocean as "Searching For Friends" starts up, forever replacing the gloomy world map theme of the World of Ruin.
  • Gungho tricking Strago into thinking he was wounded in order to get him to finally locate and defeat Hidon once and for all to put the issue to rest.
  • The Opera - particularly, Aria de Mezzo Carattere. There's a reason why it's the picture for the Video Games' Awesome Music page, and why it's considered one of the most famous scenes in the history of video games: it's just that damn good.
  • There's one near the beginning of the game: Edgar, king of the highly industrial Figaro Castle, wakes up to find his castle on fire and Kefka demanding Terra. When all seems hopeless, the two of them and Locke jump from the castle onto speeding chocobos on the ground. As if that wasn't enough, as they're racing away from the castle, Kefka can only watch as the castle itself sinks into the sand beneath him.
  • So you've just rescued Relm from the burning house in Thamasa, and it seems that you're trapped, right? Cue Shadow, swooping in and saving your bacon.