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Firefilm is a Portland, Oregon-based video and audio production group. They currently produce one video series and one podcast series for The Escapist.

The team consists of three members: Chris Pranger, Kyle Martinak, and Daniel Epstein. Chris and Kyle host No Right Answer and Media Sandwich, while Dan is director and occasional debater on No Right Answer.

Series currently produced by Firefilm:

  • No Right Answer: A video series in which two of the guys (usually Chris and Kyle) debate the best of two options, such as Best Batman Ever, but usually with bizarre choices, in this case, Val Kilmer or George Clooney.
  • Media Sandwich: A podcast where Chris and Kyle and (usually) a guest talk about anything related to video games, movies, or comics, usually going way off the rails.

Older series:

  • Drinking Games: A video series where they come up with drinking games while playing video games.
  • Armchair Thinkers: A podcast, essentially the prototype for Media Sandwich, produced by Chris and Kyle before the group was called Firefilm. Also known as Empty Calories.
Firefilm provides examples of the following tropes: