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  • This troper believes that the Kia scene was funny. Not because of her death, but because of the buildup to it. Seriously, who waits till the victim turns around before he kills her? JASON VOORHEES THAT'S WHO.
  • During the end fight Freddy finds a way to fight Jason from a distance by throwing construction equipment at him from the top of a half-finished building. It works fine...until a particularly large piece gets stuck. Freddy's response?

"Oh, give me a break!"

  • Freddy is stalking a would-be victim, chasing her up to a catwalk. He makes a bold declaration about being "fear himself"... and then she trips over the rail and falls onto the floor. Freddy just stands there and deadpans, "Oh."
  • "Dude, that goalie was pissed."
  • Freddy's mockery of Jason in their first fight, such as "Penny for your thoughts, chief" and "Tilt."
  • The look on his face when he gets pulled into the real world, face-to-face with an angry Jason.
  • The beginning scene at Lori's house is just great

Lori: I thought you quit smoking?
Gib: I only smoke when I drink now.
Kia: But you're always drinking!
Gib: Yeah, well, I'll work on that next.
Kia: Go ahead girl, show him you 'feng shui'!

  • Early in their final fight, Freddy tries a Groin Attack on Jason. Let's just say it doesn't work.
  • Freddy's opinion of Jason: "THAT! HOCKEY! PUNK!"
    • It's actually "Hockey puck", a reference to Don Rickles.
  • During their first fight, Jason seems to be winning when he lops off both of Freddy's arms. Freddy gives an exaggerated "Not my arm!", then they just pop back out. Jason's evident bewilderment is priceless.