Game Show Moments Gone Bananas

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Five hour-long specials aired by VH-1 from May 21-June 18, 2005 consisting of Game Show footage from the Fremantle Media archives. During each show was a "Top 5" countdown, presented by such notables as Chuck Woolery and Ed McMahon.

Oh, you want us to list the games included? Yeah, why not...

Released on DVD in September 2008 by BCI, then reissued in 2010 by Mill Creek.

The following Game Show tropes appear in Game Show Moments Gone Bananas:
  • Personnel:
    • The Announcer: Randy West, a well-known announcer in the genre, as 1980s toy "Mr. Game Show".
    • Game Show Host: Ben Stein, once an emcee in the genre.
    • Studio Audience: Of which a few would play Family Feud, Match Game, or Beat The Clock for a cheap grocery "prize". Instead of, you know, just letting Ben and Randy co-host and not have an audience.
  • Prize Letdown: The aforementioned grocery "prizes".
Tropes used in Game Show Moments Gone Bananas include:
  • Loads And Loads Of Game Shows: A staggering 34 Fremantle-owned games are seen across the five episodes, some of which are their only face time in years...or at all (and especially when the specials reran on GSN).
  • Pilot: I'm With Stupid (hosted by Graham Norton), the 1990-91 Match Game (hosted by Bert Convy), Puzzlers (hosted by Pat Sajak), and Showoffs (hosted by Larry Blyden).
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Subject of a Top 5 countdown, which culminated in Rip Taylor showing his baldness on Super Password.