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They're gift-wrapped kitty cats.

Originally created by the 2002 Talent Show Popstars: The Rivals in the sense that members were actually voted for by the viewing public, Girls Aloud long outlasted the male group also created and have 20 UK Top 10 singles to their name, including four UK Number Ones. They also appeared as the school band at the end of the 2008 St Trinian's movie.

It was announced in May 2012 that the girls are recording new material with their longtime collaborators Xenomania. However, Ten was their last release; they disbanded for good in 2013.

The pop group consisted of five members:

  • Kimberley Walsh
  • Cheryl Cole (nee Tweedy)
  • Sarah Harding
  • Nicola Roberts
  • Nadine Coyle
Girls Aloud provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Banned in China: Supposedly, according to urban legend, banned from a school disco playlist at a school in The Black Country.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead - Sarah (blonde), Cheryl (brunette), and Nicola (redhead). The other two dither between blonde and brunette at any given time.
  • Bottle Fairy: The entire band, but Sarah Harding is the stand out case. She not only has a home on the infamous party island of Ibiza, she's also engaged to a DJ. The band's lyrics also contain frequent references to drinking and partying the night away.
    • Sarah's Bottle Fairy ways have now caught up with her as she's entered rehab and her engagement was called off.
  • But Not Too White: Nicola has been mocked in the press being "ugly" due to her bright red hair and extremely pale complexion. She's since struck back with a fairly successful makeup range for pale women and championing legislation to regulate the tanning industry.
  • Double Standard: Watch the video for "The Show". Now imagine the public's reaction if the situation were reversed with five men doing those sorts of things to a group of girls.
  • Fan Service - Their videos for "Long Hot Summer", "Wake Me Up", "Can't Speak French" and "Sexy! No No No..." are prime examples.
  • Girl Group
  • Hello, Nurse! - Cheryl in particular.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners / Les Yay - Kimberley and Cheryl are very close, to the point that the band's fanbase enjoy reading into this, nicknaming them "Chim".
  • Hiatus Breakout: Cheryl's solo career has been more successful than the rest of them. In fact, Nadine is close to becoming The Garfunkel.
    • Nicola might be a close second to Cheryl; she's gained more critical praise than both Cheryl and Nadine, but it remains to be seen if she can match Cheryl's commercial success.
  • Hollywood Thin: Nadine. It's also speculated that Cheryl was fired from the American version of The X Factor for not being this.
  • Ms. Fanservice - Kimberley Walsh.
    • Let's face it, the whole lot of them.
  • Noodle Incident: Whatever it is in British tabloids in Yorkshire concerning Kimberley and Nadine that gets them overexcited.
  • Oireland - Nadine
  • One-Woman Song: "Racy Lacey".
  • Oop North - Kimberley, Cheryl and Nicola.
  • Reality Show / Talent Show - One of the few success stories. They're probably the only reality TV success story involving an entire band.
  • Spiritual Successor - Considered this to The Spice Girls as Geri Halliwell indirectly had a hand in selecting them since she was a judge on the show that formed them.
  • Video Full of Film Clips - Their cover of the Pointer Sisters' "Jump (For My Love)". The video is intercut with clips from Love Actually to create the illusion of the girls sneaking into Downing Street and wandering around trying not to get caught.
  • Word Salad Lyrics - Their entire catalog, with the most infamous examples being "Love Machine", "Biology", "Sexy! No No No...", and "Miss You Bow Wow". The reason for this is Xenomania's production method of making words up to sync with the melodies and shaping the lyrics from there.
  • Younger Than They Look - In 2001 Nadine had won a similar show in Ireland, but had been removed from the resulting band because she'd lied about her age. Louis Walsh (who was also a judge on the Irish show) guided her into this band instead.
    • Made even more hilarious by the fact that the other band in question, Six flopped badly and haven't been heard from since.
    • The TV show that set out to create Girls Aloud also featured a girl who claimed she was 16 to make it into the competition. She made it fairly far...and was then revealed to be 13.