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"You get used to it. I don't even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead..."

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The hair equivalent to vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. The trope is strictly for visual appeal; they are not personality types.

Sometimes, they're heroes. Sometimes, they're friends. Sometimes, they're contenders, vying for the same love interest. Whatever the details, they're proof that Central Casting does the math: three women, three major hair colors. Collect the full set. This trope was inspired—or at least made famous—by The Andrews Sisters, a Girl Group from the 1940s who were famous for entertaining American troops during World War Two.

Strictly speaking, these women need not have the exact Clairol hues of blonde, brown/black and red, particularly when stepping away from the natural spectrum. The blonde will have the lightest hair, the brunette the darkest and the redhead will have a distinct moderate shade — all for instant sight recognition.

Sometimes, a Token Minority may either replace the Caucasian brunette or stand beside her. The latter case can match the Four-Girl Ensemble: the Black Girl, the Blonde (sweet or dumb), the Brunette and the Redhead. Compare with the common individual component types: Dumb Blonde, Brainy Brunette, Shy Blue-Haired Girl and the Fiery Redhead. Contrast Plenty of Blondes.

See also Chromatic Arrangement, Trio, The Three Faces of Eve, The Hecate Sisters and Beauty, Brains, and Brawn.

Examples of Blonde, Brunette, Redhead include:


  • An ad for budget airline German Wings has three air hostesses. Guess what their hair colors are.
  • An old ad for hair dye kicks off with a set of not-yet-born triplets fantasizing about what hair colors they will come out with. One looks forward to being a blonde, another to being a ravenhead, and the last to being a redhead. Sadly, they're all born with boring old brown, which is where the dye comes in when the girls are older.
  • An advert for Heineken had a Blonde, Brunette and Redhead sitting in a drinking establishment, along with a trio of priest, minister and rabbi; and a man with a duck under his arm. The claim was that the beer was "the real reason they all walked into a bar." The Blonde doesn't get it.

Anime and Manga

  • Fate, Hayate and Nanoha from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
  • Naruto:
    • Ino, Hinata and Sakura are sometimes grouped this way.
    • Ino, Shikamaru and Choji, although Choji's hair is more reddish-brown. It's played totally straight with their dads, though.
    • Odd varation in Sasuke's group: Suigetsu (white hair aside), Karin and Juugo.
    • Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara are also sometimes grouped this way.
    • The Sand Siblings: Temari, Kankorou and Gaara respectively.
    • Lest we forget Team 7: Naruto, Sasuke/Sai and Sakura.
  • Hikari, Honoka and Nagisa in Futari wa Pretty Cure MaX Heart. Love, Miki and Inori in Fresh Pretty Cure can also count if Miki's purplish-blue hair counts as stylized black hair. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 has (excluding Nozomi and Komachi) Urara (blonde), Karen (bluish-haired brunette) and Rin (redhead). Also from the same series, Nuts (blonde), Coco (brunette) and Syrup (redhead) in their human forms may count as a male example.
  • Tomari, Yasuna and Hazumu in Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl.
  • The Starlights in Sailor Moon have white, black and brown hair, but still fit the trope. Or white, navy and brown in the manga.
  • Michelle, Maggie and Anita from R.O.D the TV".
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • It could be argued that we end up with this set: Rei (blue, but, as the lightest shade, it counts as blonde here), Misato (dark blue, therefore brunette) and Asuka (redhead). Not that they're not distinct in just about every possible way anyway.
    • If you're talking about (relatively) normal humans, it'd be Akagi (blonde), Misato (brunette) and Asuka (redhead).
    • I hear some versions have a "normal" girl[1] among the teen characters (to balance Kaworu, Shinji and Toji), so it'd be Rei (White-Haired Pretty Girl), Hikari Horaki (brunette) and Asuka (redhead).
  • Shiho (White-Haired Pretty Girl), Aoi (brunette) and Kaoru (redhead), respectively, from Zettai Karen Children.
  • Bleach:
    • In the 10th opening, Rukia (brunette), Orihime (orangish-red hair) and Rangiku (blonde in the manga, but strawberry blonde in the anime) fit this trope.
    • Also fitting this trope (in a gender-flipped version) are Izuru Kira, Shuuhei Hisagi and Renji Abarai.
    • And, of course, Ichigo, Ishida and Renji could count.
  • Germany, Japan and Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia (anime only) are a gender-flipped version.
  • Karinka, Saki and Kurumi (pink hair could count as red in this context) from Steel Angel Kurumi.
  • From Magic Knight Rayearth, we have Fuu, who is your typical anime blonde, Hikaru, who is literally REDheaded and Umi, who fills the role of the brunette, but due the You Gotta Have Blue Hair trope, she hair! You can also count blonde Emeraude, brunette Presea and redhead Caldina (ok, so hers is more like pink).
  • From Rose of Versailles, Oscar is blonde, Rosalie has dark blonde hair in the anime and brown hair in the movie and thus counts as the brunette and Marie Antoinette is often accused by Mme. DuBarry of having red hair, so she can be the redhead.
  • In Hime Chen Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri, we have the main trio of Ringo (pink, which can count as red like with Kurumi above), Leila (blonde) and Natsuki (purple, which can count as stylized black hair).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh:
  • Yutaka and her classmates from Lucky Star could fit this, with the pink-hair Yutaka (the redhead), blonde Patty and black-haired Hiyori, with Minami as the odd girl out with her green hair. Or one could count it as being that Minami's classmates are a blonde, brunette and redhead...
  • The three heroines of Amuri in Star Ocean. Amuri is the brunette, Perrier is the blonde and Suzu is the redhead.
  • The model trio of Kirino, Ayase and Kanako in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!.
  • The 'White Base girls' (Sayla, Mirai and Frau) of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • In Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, the main characters.
  • Cho Hakkai, Genjo Sanzo and Sha Gojyo are the main characters in Saiyuki, who each respectively have brown, blonde and red hair. Then, simply throw Son Goku into the mix for a distinction between light brown and dark brown.
  • An interesting variation in Slayers: Lina (red), Gourry (blonde) and Amelia (black with stylized purple highlights). The chimera Zelgadis has light purple hair, but Word of God allegedly put his human hair color as a dark brown, despite an anime flashback having his human hair color the same shade of purple his chimeric hair is.
  • Erstin, Nina and Arika in Mai-Otome.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Played with concerning the S-Class Mage; first, it's Laxus (blonde), Mystogan (blue) and Erza (redhead). Then, Mirajane (white), Gildartz (brownish) and Erza.
    • Also, there Lucy (blonde), Wendy (blue) and, again, Erza.
  • Luca (Redhead), Nina (Blonde) and Casca (Brunette) in Berserk. They're also the Three Faces of Eve.
  • Ano Hana features Cute Ghost Girl Menma (blonde), Defrosting Ice Queen Tsuruko (brunette) and Girl Next Door/ Tsundere Anaru.
  • Tsuritama, we have Haru, Natsuki and Yuki.
  • Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi from Gintama

Comic Books

  • The Gotham City Sirens, composed of female Batman villains: Harley Quinn (Blonde), Catwoman (Brunette) and Poison Ivy (Redhead).
  • The female members of Nextwave: Tabby Smith (Blonde), Monica Rambeau (Brunette and Black) and Elsa Bloodstone (Redhead).
  • Blanche, Neyrelle and Carmine in Les Compagnons du crépuscule.
  • Archie Comics loves this trope:
  • Karine, Jenny and Vicky in Les Nombrils.
  • Julie, Alia and Luce in Studio Danse.
  • Superman's three major love interests: Cat Grant (blonde), Lois Lane (brunette), Lana Lang (usually redheaded).
  • Black Canary, Oracle and Huntress in Birds of Prey. However, Dinah's actually a brunette and uses hair dye. Black Canary would later leave the team, but Lady Blackhawk was still around to fill the blonde role.
  • The original Supergirl (Kara Zor-el), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) were an example of this trope.
  • The three Batgirls so far have been Stephanie Brown (blonde), Cassandra Cain (brunette and a minority) and Barbara Gordon (redhead). They were also the three major female characters in Cassandra Cain's Batgirl series.
  • Roy Thomas has stated that when introducing the character of Red Sonja into the Conan the Barbarian comics, he created a redhead because the two other major women in Conan's life were Bêlit (a brunette) and Valeria (a blonde).
  • Millie the Model had the Hanover Agency's three top models: Millie, Toni and Chili.
  • Lost Girls by Alan Moore. Alice in Wonderland is the blonde (well, white-haired, but she was blonde as a girl), Wendy the brunette and Dorothy the redhead.
  • Male example: The Warriors Three from The Mighty Thor. Fandral is the blond, Hogun is the brunet and Volstagg is the redhead.
  • The Avengers: Maria Hill (brunette), Sharon Carter (blonde) and Victoria Hand (brunette but with red stripes)
  • Elf Quest has the trio Murrel, Vurdah and Maleen (Skywise's little harem in Sorrow's End).
  • The first three Flashes: Jay Garrick (Brunette), Barry Allen (Blonde) and Wally West (Redhead).
  • Spider-Man brunet, and his best friends are red-haired Harry Osborn and blond-haired Flash Thompson. As Spidey, his best friends are red-haired Daredevil and the blond-haired Human Torch. And his Amazing Friends are blond Iceman and red-haired Firestar. Whew.

Fan Works

Films -- Animation

  • Cinderella, Drizella and Anastasia from Disney's Cinderella.
  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel is a redhead, while her six older sisters fill in the blonde and brunette qualifications.
  • Mirage, Violet and Elastigirl/Helen from The Incredibles. Note that if you exclude the criterion of a uniform gender, the Parr kids - Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack - also follow this pattern.
  • Ms. Forcible, Coraline and Ms. Spink count, although Coraline is more of a bluenette.
  • In The Princess and the Frog, Naveen sings about having a redhead and brunette on each arm with "a blonde or two to hold the candles" while surrounded by butterflies in the corresponding colors. Of course, he ends up falling for the African American Tiana. The trio of bimbettes that follows him around also fits this trope.
  • The three princesses in Fehérlófia (Son of the White Horse).

Films -- Live-Action

  • The recent Charlies Angels movies star Cameron Diaz (blonde), Lucy Liu (brunette) and Drew Barrymore (redhead).
  • Michelle Pfeiffer (blonde), Cher (brunette) and Susan Sarandon (redhead) in The Witches of Eastwick.
  • Interesting twist in the 1960s pastiche Down With Love: Barbara Novak, the main character, spends most of the film a blonde, but in the Big Reveal towards the end, she reveals that she had fallen in love with Chivalrous Pervert Catcher Block, but he didn't notice her because she was a mousy brunette secretary, so she reinvented herself as a sassy blonde feminist writer to get his attention as part of her massive Xanatos Gambit, but in the end, she dyes her hair red so she's "in between" the mousy brunette and the sassy blonde.
  • Dracula's "brides" are this way in Van Helsing and probably in other adaptations as well. In the Original, there was only the blonde and two brunettes.
  • In the James Bond spoof Our Man Flint, the protagonist has live-in "playmates", one of each hair color. (Actually, there are two brunettes, one being Asian).
  • Iron Man. The three go-go dancing stewardesses on Tony Stark's private jet.
  • The Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus.
  • The Lilim in Stardust.
  • Wendy's aunts in Casper Meets Wendy.
  • Definitely Maybe, as a bonus, is Color-Coded for Your Convenience with Emily (the dumb blonde), Summer (the brainy brunette) and April (the fiery redhead).
  • Linda, Shelly and Cheryl in Evil Dead.
  • Amber, Tracy and Penny in Hairspray and all its adaptations.
  • Upon Cady (redhead) joining The Plastics in Mean Girls, she completes this with Regina and Karen (blondes) and Gretchen (brunette).
  • The Cleary sisters in Wedding Crashers. Claire fits the Brainy Brunette bill, yet Gloria isn't so much a Fiery Redhead as completely insane whilst the third, blonde sister doesn't come across as dumb, just vain.
  • The Andy Sidaris movies Guns, Do or Die and Hard Hunted feature heroines Donna Hamilton (blonde), Nicole Justin (brunette) and Edy Stark (redhead). The actresses who played the characters (Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez and Cynthia Brimhall, respectively) are all Playboy Playmates.
  • In Heartbreakers, Sigourney Weaver (Max) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Paige) each switch between all three for each of the different people their characters impersonate. Both are brunettes as themselves, Max is redhead as "Olga" and blonde as "Angela" while Paige is redhead as "Wendy" and blonde as "Allison".
  • The three girlfriends of the Jets in West Side Story: Riff's girlfriend, Graziella (redhead), Ice's girl, Velma(blonde) and another girl, a brunette.
  • The Pleasure Seekers, a remake of Three Coins in a Fountain set in Spain, stars Ann-Margaret (redhead), Carol Lynley (blonde) and Pamela Tiffen (brunette).
  • James (blonde), Laurent (brunet) and Victoria (redhead) in the film version of Twilight. In the books, James is described as having brown hair that is buzzed short, rather than blonde hair in a ponytail. Esme (redhead), Alice (brunette) and Rosalie (blonde) also qualify.
  • The 2007 film version of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street had the Bedlam House separate its female patients into three groups: blondes, brunettes and redheads. Justified in that it was run by a wigmaker who used their hair to make wigs.
  • Kelly, Heather and Bridget in The Final.
  • Iris and her friends in The Lady Vanishes are a rare pre-War and black-and-white example.
  • The Van Waldenberg siblings in Blades of Glory (props for one of them being male).
  • Period Drama Liberty Heights presents a male version of this trope, with the blond Ben and his two brunet and redheaded best friends (plus, they're all Jewish).
  • A Knight's Tale has the three squires of blonde William Thatcher, fat but loyal brunette Roland and violent young redhead Wat.
  • The 1932 film Three Wise Girls is in black and white, but according to the poster one is brunette, one redheaded, and the third (played by Jean Harlow) is blonde.
  • The movie Xanadu has a song, Dancin'. There is a trio of female singers with blond, red and brown hair.


  • Opal, Jade and Amber respectively play this trope straight in The Prophecy of the Stones. The three of them are known as "the Stones" of the prophecy (referring to their namesake magic stones). However, blonde (Opal) is The Stoic, the brunette (Jade) has the personality of the Fiery Redhead, the redhead (Amber) might as well have Hair of Gold based on her role and personality.
  • In Robert Heinlein's Stranger in A Strange Land, Jubal Harshaw's secretaries are Anne (blonde), Dorcas (brunette) and Miriam (redhead). Jubal mentions many times that this is exactly the way he wants it. Whenever one of his secretaries leaves his service, he will only hire a replacement with her hair color to keep things evened out.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Luna, Hermione and Ginny. And true to stereotype, Hermione's a Brainy Brunette, Ginny's a Fiery Redhead and while Luna certainly isn't Dumb Blonde, she's definitely a little spacey.
    • Also the three Black sisters: Narcissa (blonde), Bellatrix (black hair) and Andromeda (brown hair).
    • Neville (blonde in the books for a masculine version), Harry and Ron.
    • In the more recent film adaptations, the trio themselves fit this as Hermione is blonde, Harry brunet and Ron redhead. The secondary trio also fits the bill with Neville (brunet), Ginny (redhead) and Luna (blonde).
    • The Fanon grouping of Albus Potter (brunet), Rose Weasley (redhead) and Scorpius Malfoy (blonde) counts also. (Note that Rose's hair color is never stated in the book, though.)
  • From the novelization of Iron Man: "One was a blonde, the other a brunette. Stark glanced around, hoping that he could find a worthwhile redhead in order to complete the set..."
  • The Adepts at Magic in Glinda of Oz.
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe:
    • The three women Luke describes as the greatest loves of his life: Callista (blonde), Gaeriel (brunette) and Mara (redhead).
    • This seems to be something of a trend, as well. Obi-Wan-Kenobi has had three major women in his life: Duchess Satine Kryze (blonde), Asajj Ventress (brunette, thanks to a recent Retcon) and Siri Tachi (canonically blonde, but famously dyed her hair red for an undercover operation). Obi's Angels, anyone?
    • Ben Skywalker, Luke's son and Obi-Wan's namesake, has officially picked up on this tendency. So far, he's been involved with one canonical love interest (Vestara Khai, brunette), had one off-hand flirtation with another Jedi (Seha Dorvald, redhead) and been the recipient of one really twisted molestation attempt as a part of a Sith plot ( Tahiri Veila, blonde). Hopefully, his options will get a little better with time...
  • Yasmine Galenorn's Witchling series has three full sisters with very different hair colors. Camille, the eldest, has black hair, Delilah has sunny blonde hair and Menolly, the youngest, has bright red hair.
  • The It Girl series by Cecily Ziegesar features power trio Callie (blonde), Tinsley (brunette) and Brett (redhead). Newcomer Jenny is also a brunette. Guess which of the three feels most threatened socially and works hardest to try to tear Jenny down (at least to begin with).
  • Pauline (blonde), Petrova (brunette) and Posy (redhead) in Ballet Shoes.
  • Emily (redhead), Adriane (brunette) and Kara (blonde) from the Avalon: Web of Magic series.
  • The Wheel of Time: Elayne (blonde), Min (brunette) and Aviendha (redhead).
  • In the Deepgate Codex, we have Rachel (blonde), Carnival (black hair), Mina (brunette) and Alice (redhead).
  • Circle of Magic: Sandry (light brown), Daja (black) and Tris (redhead). And Briar (boy) is the odd man out.
  • Betsy (brunette), Tacy (redhead) and Tib (blonde) in the Betsy-Tacy books. Plays with the hair types a bit: Tib is definitely not dumb—she's generally the most sensible and practical of the group and Tacy, far from being fiery, is fun and charming with her friends, but suffers from crippling shyness. Betsy may be brainy in that she's a good writer, but she's generally average at school work. Also somewhat subverted as a cliche in that the three characters are based on three real women, who were a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.
  • The Doctor Who Expanded Universe Eighth Doctor Adventures feature a blonde (Sam), a redhead (Compassion) and a brunette (Anji, who happens to be of Indian descent) who travel with the Doctor, just none of them at the same time. There's also Trix, who's sort of mousy-blonde but usually wears wigs. And if we were counting the guys, Fitz has dark brown hair and the Doctor's hair is chestnut brown and, if backlit a certain way, looks practically orange, so there would pretty much be two full sets.
  • In Percy Jackson and The Olympians, Annabeth is a blonde, Thalia has dark hair and Rachel is a redhead. However, Annabeth is smart, Rachel is a bit ditzy and Thalia's the one with the fiery temper.
  • In the Gone (novel) series, the three main girls are Astrid (blonde), Diana (brunette) and Lana (unspecified hair color). However, none of the girls fit Hair of Gold or Dumb Blonde. Lana fits the typical redhead personality, but Astrid is one of the most intelligent characters in the series, while Diana is a snarky, sarcastic Dark Chick.
  • On the cover of Saving Zoe, Echo, Janay and Abby are depicted this way. Janay is the blonde, Echo is the brunette and Abby is the "redhead" (which is really more of a dark blonde/strawberry blonde).
  • Lestat (blonde), Louis (brunette/jet black) and Armand (redhead/auburn) from The Vampire Chronicles.
  • The starting premise of Aimee Bender's short story "Off", where the protagonist makes a goal to kiss a blonde, brunette and red-haired man in one night.
  • Cupcake Diaries is about Katie (a brunette) and her three new friends, Emma (who has blonde hair, Mia (who has black hair) and Alexis (who has redish hair).
  • The boys of the Spy High series: Ben (blond), Jake (brunet) and Eddie (redhead). For the girls, there's blonde Lori, brunette Cally and Bex; who dyes her hair a variety of bright, unnatural colours, sometimes red.
  • The trio of Bess, George, and Nancy in the Nancy Drew series. True to form, Bess is the ditz, George is the smart, practical, athletic and tomboyish one, while Nancy is the series Canon Sue.
  • The Hatter sisters from Howl's Moving Castle. Sophie (redhead), Lettie (brunette), and Martha (blonde).

Live-Action TV

  • Dinah, Helena and Barbara in Birds of Prey.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy (blonde), Willow (redhead) and Faith, Cordelia, or Dawn (brunette), depending on the situation.
    • If one allows male participants, the most commonly seen Blonde, Brunet, Redhead trio on Buffy is Buffy, Willow and Xander. Rather amusingly, the traditional traits associated with each hair color exist in this trio, but palette-swapped; Buffy is the Fiery Blonde, Willow is the Brainy Redhead and Xander is the Dumb Brunet.
  • The leading ladies of the three CSI shows: Catherine (redhead -- Vegas), Calleigh (blonde -- Miami), Stella and, later, Jo (brunette -- New York).
  • Charlies Angels:
    • During the fifth (and last) season of the original 1970s series, the Angels were Cheryl Ladd (blonde), Jaclyn Smith (brunette) and Tanya Roberts (redhead). The producers had wanted to use this trope since the beginning.
    • The 2011 revamp has blonde, brunette and African-American.
  • Married... with Children in the early seasons had the female half of the cast fit this trope. Marcy was a brunette before her hair started to get lighter at Season 3 and just became blonder and blonder from then on. Kelly and Peggy, however, remained blonde and redheaded respectively from beginning to end. Al, Bud, Steve and Jefferson avert this trope, since the male half of the cast all have plain brown hair.
  • The Tudors have this with Henry's children, with Mary being a brunette, almost a ravenhead as a child, Elizabeth being a redhead, although her hair looked more blondeish in her toddler years, and Edward being a blonde. The six wives almost fall into this with the series banner making Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard's hair look like red hair, despite how, on screen, they were blonde, along with Jane Seymour and Katherine Parr, while Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn were brunettes.
  • Charmed generally avoids this since the Halliwells are brunette siblings, but Phoebe occasionally favors blonde highlights and Paige dyes her hair red.
    • In the fifth season finale, when the sisters become Greek Goddesses, Phoebe's hair is turned blonde, thus invoking the trope as Paige was red-haired at the time. Phoebe became the Goddess of Love and thus making her a little ditzy, Paige became a God of War to increase her temper ,while Piper became Goddess of Earth and was thus more grounded and mature.
  • Laurie, Ellie and Jules on Cougar Town. True to form, Laurie's a Dumb Blonde, Ellie's a Fiery Redhead (although she's more of a light brown with reddish highlights) and while Jules isn't exactly brainy, she's smarter and more calm and collected than the other two.
  • Susan, Jane and Sally on Coupling. Jane is the Ditzy Brunette, thus avoiding the usual personality trio. Plus, Sally can't exactly be called the fiery one, nor is Susan a dumb blonde.
  • For a good portion of Season 5, Criminal Minds gave us JJ the blonde, Prentiss the brunette and Garcia, whose hair was red for approximately half a season before she returned to her traditional blonde. This is also the hair color scheme of the UnSub's doll collection and thus her victims, in "The Uncanny Valley".
  • Desperate Housewives:
    • The 4-girl version with Lynette (blonde), Susan (brunette), Gabby (the Latina) and Bree (redhead).
    • Their children sort of do this too, but change the combination: Bree's kids are brunettes, Lynette has redheaded twins, and Susan's daughter is blonde. Maybe they all traded babies?
    • You also get this with former or secondary women. Edie (blonde, dead), Katherine (redhead, left the country) and either Betty (brunette, left the show) or Mary Alice (brunette, dead).
  • Doctor Who:
    • The three main companions in Russell T. Davies-era: Rose (blonde), Martha (brunette) and Donna (redhead).
    • The Fifth Doctor (blond), Tegan (brunette) and Turlough (redhead) Trio count, even though two of them are guys.
  • The three witches of Eastwick, which makes sense since the movie it is based on did the exact same thing.
  • 8 Simple Rules has Cate (brown), Bridget (blonde) and Kerry (red). Paul and Cate's children can also count, with Rory being the brunette. In an interesting case, Bridget and Rory are the Dumb Blonde and Dumb Brunette respectively, while Kerry is both a Brainy Redhead and a Fiery Redhead.
  • Rachel on Friends was a kind of reddish honey-blonde, placing her between brunette Monica and blonde Phoebe.
  • Mrs. Howell, Mary Ann and Ginger in Gilligans Island.
  • Shelby Corcoran, Emma Pillsbury and April Rhodes on Glee. Shelby is a talented, hard working and methodical show choir instructor and April is an unreliable but well-meaning drunk, but Emma isn't quite that fiery (except for that one time...).
  • Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens and Meredith Grey in Greys Anatomy.
  • H₂O: Just Add Water has a light blonde, strawberry blonde and dark brunette, and in one episode, the strawberry blonde tried to go full-on red but couldn't because of her mermaid powers. Charlotte from Season 2 adds a redhead to the spectrum.
  • iCarly: in "iReunite with Missy", there's blonde Sam, brunette Carly and redhead Missy. Wendy, a recurring character, can be considered as the show's resident redhead.
  • Mad Men has Betty (blonde), Peggy (brunette) and Joan (redhead). The stereotypes associated with each color define the women.
  • In the 1980s television miniseries North and South, the three most important women in Orry Main's life are his youngest sister Brett (blonde), his mother Clarissa (brunette) and the love of his life/wife Madeline (redhead). One could say that his (brunette) younger sister Ashton, (an eviler version of Scarlett O'Hara) could be important too, but it is clear throughout the series that Orry recognizes Ashton's cruelty and even disowns her. Twice.
  • The first season of One Tree Hill had Peyton the blonde, Brooke the brunette and Haley the redhead. Later, Haley dyed her hair blonde and then brunette, so Season 3 introduced us to the redheaded Rachel.
  • Shirley (blonde), Laurie (brunette) and Tracy (redhead) on The Partridge Family. Was also inverted with the boys Keith (brunette), Danny (redhead) and Chris (blonde) during Seasons 2-4.
  • Power Rangers has done this one more than one occasion, often replacing red with pink.
    • Power Rangers in Space could be argued, since Ashley's hair is so much lighter than Cassie's that it often looks blonde by comparison, and Astronema settled on being a redhead for the latter half of the season.
    • Power Rangers Ninja Storm has Tori (brainy blonde), Marah (dumb brunette) and Kapri, who generally has pink hair.
    • Power Rangers Mystic Force has Madison (brunette) and Clare and Leelee (blonde) and Vida dyed her hair pink in the finale to complete the trio as a fiery redhead.
    • The adults of this series fall under the co-gendered version with Niella (blonde), Leanbow and Daggeron (brunet) and Udonna (redhead).
  • Privileged had Megan (redhead), who is often shown to contrast her relationship with her real sister, Lily, (blonde) and her tutees, the Baker twins (brunette), who she becomes more of a big sister to as the series goes on.
  • Cleverly lampshaded in The Office when Dwight asks Jim to help pick a stripper for Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration's bachelor party. When Dwight asks Jim to pick between a brunette and redhead, Jim wisely suggests blonde, to Dwight's obvious approval.
  • Sabrina (blonde), Roxie (brunette) and Morgan (redhead) in Season 5 onwards of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Subversions of roles again, as Sabrina is the Brainy Blonde, Morgan the Dumb Redhead and Roxie the Fiery Brunette.
  • The three ladies of the original Saturday Night Live cast were Jane Curtin (blonde), Gilda Radner (brunette) and Laraine Newman (redhead).
  • Scrubs: Carla (brunette), Elliot (blonde) and Jordan (occasional redhead). Also The Three Faces of Eve.
  • Carrie's closest friends of Sex and the City are Samantha (blonde), Charlotte (brunette) and Miranda (redhead).

Mr. Big: (to Carrie) I know your friends just fine. Charlotte is the brunette, Miranda is the redhead and Samantha is trouble.

  • The current female leads of Smallville, Chloe (blonde), Lois (brunette) and Tess (redhead).
  • Tawni, Sony and Zora on Sonny With a Chance.
  • As of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Lucy Lawless completes the trio after playing a brunette and a blonde (her natural hair color, amazingly).
  • Star Trek: The Original Series first pilot "The Cage". The Talosians, who want Captain Pike to breed them a race of slave workers, offer him blonde fellow captive Vina and, later, his own crewmembers—the coldly intelligent Number One (Brainy Brunette) and his pretty female yeoman (a redhead with "unusually strong female drives").
  • The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation had Tasha Yar (blonde), Counselor Troi (brunette) and Dr. Crusher (redhead).
  • Star Trek: Voyager had red-highlighted Captain Janeway, brunette B'Elanna, and blonde Kes, who was replaced by fellow blonde Seven of Nine.
  • That '70s Show had Laurie (blonde), Jackie (brunette) and Donna (redhead). They even did a Charlie's Angels sequence at one point. This cycle was broken when Laurie's character was officially written out and Donna went blonde.
  • Hannah, Alana and Kayla from That's So Weird.
  • Sarah (blonde), Jackie (brunette) and Muriel (redhead) on Too Close for Comfort.
  • Emma, Zuri and Jessie.
  • Austin and Ally: Austin's the blonde, Ally and Trish split brunette duties, and Dez is the redhead.
  • In the "A Nice Place to Visit" episode of The Twilight Zone, even though it's in black and white, you can tell that the three girls hanging around with Valentine are the obligatory tri-color trio.
  • In What I Like About You, there are Val and Lauren (blondes), Holly (light brunette) and Tina (redhead from mid-Season 2 onwards).
  • In one episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Indy is simultaneously dating a sweet blonde, a talented redhead and an ambitious brunette. Until they all find out.
  • Pan Am has Laura (blonde), Maggie and Colette (brunettes) and Kate (redhead). Now that she's returned, Bridget also fulfils the blonde aspect.


  • Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears each have music videos where they switch among the three hair colors. In fact, in Christina Aguilera's case, she's on camera as all three at once in the music video for "Candyman", as an Homage to the Andrews Sisters. So does Britney, albeit very briefly.
  • For Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim and Mya's cover of "Lady Marmalade", Christina and Lil' Kim are blondes, Mya is brunette and Pink is, well, pink (it's lightish red!).
  • The Belgian girl group K3 and their German spin-off Wir 3
  • Girls Aloud has Sarah (blonde), Cheryl (brunette) and Nicola (redhead); Kimberley and Nadine tend to waver between blonde and brunette.
  • The Spice Girls have this going on with Scary (minority) and Baby (blonde), Sporty and Posh (brunettes) and Ginger (redhead obviously).
  • In Tom Smith's song "Lars Needs Women", the eponymous hero "want blonde, brunette, redhead -- heck, whole set!"
  • The German girl group MeKaDo, known for placing third at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. The group name comes from the first two letters of each member: brunette Melanie Bender, blonde Kati Karney and "redhead" (more light brown) Dorkas Kiefer.
  • The Sugababes had this with Heidi (Blonde), Mutya (Red) and Keisha (Minority).
  • Atomic Kitten started off with Natasha (red), Kerry (blonde) and Liz (brunette), but eventually became three blondes and then Natasha dyed her hair black, leaving Jenny with the lighter blonde hair and Liz with a darker shade.
  • The girls in S Club had this as well. To start off, Jo and Hannah were blonde (Jo being ash blonde with Hannah being honey blonde), Rachel was brunette and Tina had black hair. At the end, Tina had reddish blonde hair.
  • The Bangles: Vicki (medium blonde), Debbi (pale blonde), Susanna (brunette) and Michael (redhead).
  • The country music group SHeDAISY consists of three sisters: Kristyn (a blonde), Kassidy (a brunette) and Kelsi (a redhead).
  • Radio Disney's Pop Dreamers: Ella (blonde with pink highlights), Gabrielle (brunette) and Ari (redhead).
  • The Brooklynn indie band Vivian Girls.
  • Destiny's Child went for this in the video for "Bootylicious", where Beyonce was the blonde, obviously, though with a much lighter shade than usual, Michelle remained brunette and Kelly was the redhead.
  • And before all of the above, we had The Andrews Sisters.
    • Deliberately modelled on them, there are The Puppini Sisters.
  • Girl Punk band The Slits had this with guitarist Viv Albertine as the blonde, bassist Tessa Politt as the brunette, and lead singer the late Ari Up as the redhead(although she was more light brown haired than red.). In one video, it even shows the three riding on horses matching their hair colors with Viv on a white/palomino horse, Tessa on a black horse, and Ari on a chestnut horse!

Newspaper Comics

Print Media

Pro Wrestling

  • The trio Extreme Expose had Kelly Kelly (blonde hair), Brooke (brown hair) and Layla (Middle Eastern).
  • Team LayCool has Michelle McCool as a blonde and Layla (mentioned above) and Vickie Guerrero a brunettes.
  • Team Xtreme often had this dynamic as Matt Hardy had black hair, Jeff was blonde by default, but often had his hair other colours and Lita was the redhead.
  • Trish Stratus and Lita often teamed up together with Trish as the blonde and Lita as the redhead. In six diva tag matches, they would be joined by Ivory (brunette).
  • One episode of Monday Night Raw in the late summer of 2004 pitted the team of Stacy Keibler (blonde), Nidia Guenard (light brunette) and Victoria (dark brunette) against their Evil Counterparts, Trish Stratus (blonde), Molly Holly (medium brunette) and Gail Kim (dark brunette).


  • The recent Encores production of Merrily We Roll Along played this, and according to stereotype no less: Beth is blonde, Mary is brunette and Gussie is a redhead.
  • As mentioned above, Amber, Tracy and Penny in Hairspray (Penny has auburn hair).
  • Kendra, Lucy and Patrice in 13.
  • Elle's Girl Posse in Legally Blonde: The Musical is composed of the blonde Margot, African-American Pilar and the in between light brunette Serena. Elle, meanwhile, is the blonde of the interns chosen for Callahan's internship, along with brunette Vivienne and light-haired Enid.
  • In the version of The Pirates of Penzance with Jon English, Mabel (black hair) has three sisters that are blonde, brunette and redheaded.
  • Mary the Dumb Blonde, Kathy the Brainy Brunette and Joanne the Fiery Redhead in ACT's production of the musical of Vanities. In the original play, Joanne and Mary were both blonde and Kathy was a brunette. Also, in previous productions of the musical, Joanne was the brunette and Kathy the redhead.
  • In Wicked (at least with the original cast), the Witches of Oz would work. Elphaba is the Brainy Brunette, and later gains the seductive aspects of Shiny Midnight Black in the As Long as You're Mine number, G'linda is a Dumb Blonde, but by the end, she gets better and Nessarose fits Fiery Redhead, since she's such a Yandere.
  • The current trio of Chorus Girls in the cabaret musical Modern Luv: Madison = innocent blonde, Hillary = Brainy Brunette (since she's the dance captain/choreographer), and Kimmie = Fiery Redhead. Include Opal, the pale-skinned dark brunette lead actress/character, and you have a Four-Girl Ensemble.

Video Games

  • Mario's three Distressed Damsels: Peach (blonde), Daisy (redhead) and Pauline (brunette in Game Boy Donkey Kong and Mario vs. DK 2).
  • The original three girls in Soul Blade have Sophitia as the blonde, Seung Mina as the redhead and Taki as the brunette.
  • The three heroes of Shining Force III: Medion, Synbion and Julian.
  • In an odd twist, the various Princess Zeldas throughout the series have filled this trope. The Zeldas of the first two games were redheads; The Legend of Zelda a Link To T He Past, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker all featured blonde Zeldas; and the Zelda from Twilight Princess, though sort of a dishwater blonde in the final version, was originally designed to be a brunette and is depicted that way in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    • Similarly, Link has also embodied all three parts of this trope. In the first two games, he had reddish-brown hair and morphed over subsequent installments to different shades of blonde, but his hair in The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is more brown than anything, although he appears blondish in Brawl. If you throw supplemental material into the mix, he was a full-on redhead in the Zelda comics and a definite brunette in the animated series.
    • The three main female characters of Twilight Princess: Ilia (blonde), Zelda (brunette) and Midna (redhead).
  • Skies of Arcadia gives us Fina (blonde), Vyse (brunette) and Aika (redhead).
  • If you could actually see Visas' hair at any point in Knights of the Old Republic 2 and you count the Handmaiden as blonde, your younger female party members count.
  • The Seijyun High team in Rival Schools manages to barely scrape by the requirements of the trope. While Biker Babe Akira and Delinquent Zaki clearly fit the brunette and redhead respectively, gothic Musical Assassin Yurika is the blonde only because her beige-esque Princess Curls are noticably lighter than either Akira or Zaki's hairdos.
  • In Super Robot Wars J, the Fury Girls - Melua, Katia and Tenia - fill this trope out nicely.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy VIII has blonde Quistis, brunette Rinoa and redhead Selphie (though Selphie's hair is more of an auburn color).
      • The Sorceress War Machinima adaptation of the game plays it straight with Selphie becoming a redhead.
    • Final Fantasy XIII has Lightning (light pink hair), Fang (brunette) and Vanille (redhead).
    • Variation in Final Fantasy X-2 with Rikku (blonde), Yuna (brunette) and Paine (White-Haired Badass Girl).
  • Harvest Moon:
    • The "Wonderful Life" series has Muffy (blonde), Celia (brunette) and Nami (redhead) for the girls, and Rock (blond), Marlin (brunet) and Gustafa (redhead) for the boys.
    • The original three female protagonists. Brunette Pony, blonde Claire and reddish-brown Sara.
  • The trio of Ninja from Sengoku Basara - Kasuga (blonde), Sasuke (brunet) and Fuuma (redhead).
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • Kairi (redhead) has two lookalikes, Namine (blonde) and Xion (black-haired).
    • There's another two combinations: Riku (white), Sora (brunette) and Kairi are the main trio, and Roxas (blonde), Axel (redhead) and Xion are the mirror group. In fact, before Xion, most people added Demyx (brunet) to Roxas' group.
    • Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep then gave us Terra (brunette), Aqua (blue hair) and Ven (blonde). In the same game, we got Vanitias as a black-haired version of Sora, pushing the brown-haired Sora up to the "moderate color" column with Roxas and Ventus as the blonde.
  • Slight variation in the Jak and Daxter games, with Tess (blonde), Keira (Green hair) and Ashelin (redhead).
  • In The King of Fighters, Iori Yagami, Mature and Vice fill in this trope whenever they form the Yagami Team.
  • Devil May Cry:
    • While not all appearing in the same game, the series has Trish (blonde), Lady (brunette) and Lucia (redhead).
    • DMC 4 plays it straight with Trish (blonde), Lady (brunette, though she only shows up in flashbacks) and Kyrie (redhead).
  • The four female character options in Darkstone are a blonde (the Amazon), two brunettes (brown-haired Thief and black-haired Sorceress) and a redhead (Priestess).
  • The Rival of Pokémon Red and Blue has brown hair, the rival of Pokémon Gold and Silver has red hair and the rival of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl has blonde hair.
  • Street Fighter IV (both vanilla and Super) has Cammy (blonde), Chun Li (brunette) and C. Viper (redhead).
  • In the first Advance Wars, we have Nell (blonde), Sonja (brunette) and Sami (redhead).
  • Mega Man Legends 3 features Roll (blonde), Tron (brunette) and Aero (pink).
  • Touhou series has Luna Child (blonde), Sunny Milk (redhead since Fairy Wars) and Star Sapphire (brunette).
  • BlazBlue has Noel (blonde), Makoto (brunette) and Tsubaki (redhead).
  • Tales of the Abyss:
    • Guy (blonde), Jade (brunet) and Luke (redhead).
    • The party's female members also fit in the looser sense of blonde (Natalia), brunette (Anise) and something in-between (Tear, who has light brown hair).
  • The iDOLM@STER 2 - Project Jupiter is an odd case where the redhead has green hair here.
  • Chrono Trigger has Ayla (blonde), Lucca (brunette), and Marle (redhead).

Web Animation

Web Comics

  • CRFH has a double-set example for both genders. Technically, there are also not one but two sets of brunettes, a pair of brown-brunettes and a pair of black-brunettes.
  • In Penny and Aggie, both of the titular characters' core groups have this:
    • Penny (blonde), Sara (brunette) and Michelle (redhead).
    • Daphne (blonde), Aggie (brunette dyed blue) and Lisa (redhead).
    • The Omegas also fit the trope, with Helen (dark blonde), Tharqa (brunette) and Charlotte (redhead).
  • Lampshaded in Supermegatopia—after the appearance of blonde Buxom Gal and brunette Dark Buxom Gal, the public's reaction is to wonder whether a redhead will show up too. (Later, one does.)
  • In The KAMics, ex-valkyries Gertrude (blonde), Brunhilda (brunette) and Nikki (redhead).
  • The original three female leads of Red String.
  • Elia (blonde), Dores (brunette) and Vandi (redhead) of What Birds Know. In a variation of the standard trope, Dores is the fiery one and Vandi is serious.
  • The three female housemates in Catena almost fit the trope. Patches is blonde and Treiss is brunette, but Belle's hair is actually pink, not red.
  • The three female leads of Out There: red-haired Miriam fits the Fiery Redhead trope reasonably well, but also has some Dumb Blonde tendencies; the usually dark-haired Sherry (who sometimes bleaches her hair blonde) can be seen as the Brainy Brunette; and the dark-haired Araceli, despite her occupation (she's an attorney) and hair color, is somewhat of a Shy Blue-Haired Girl.
  • The two main characters and the first major villain they encounter of Wayfarer's Moon.
  • Currently,[when?] Blip has moody brunet K, redhead Cloudcuckoolander Hester, blonde Cyborg Mary and blue-haired Liz.
  • Questionable Content: one could say this applies to the ladies working at the Coffee of Doom. Dora has black hair, Raven had a blonde streak and Faye's hair colour could qualify as being between the two. Later, after Raven gets Put on a Bus, Penny shows up to fulfill the blonde requirement, though she defies the trope in personality...
  • The three female leads of LCD: Julianne McIntyre is the blonde, Raven Svoboda is the brunette and Terry Sligh is the redhead.
  • Survivor Fan Characters has this represented in Season 8 by the last three members of the Yrsa'ka tribe: Melanie is blonde, Hannah/Oehda is brunette and Kiara is redheaded.
  • The major female characters in Arthur, King of Time and Space are Guenevere (redhead), Morgan (brunette) and space/contemporary!Tristam (chestnut). Originally it was Morgan (brunette), Guenevere (redhead) and space/contemporary!Bedivere (blonde), until Bedivere was retconned as male in all the arcs.
  • Geoff (blonde), Drucilla (brunette) and Pibgorn (redhead). Alternately: Pigorn, Drucilla (black hair) and the hair fairy (brown hair).

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Clover, Alex and Sam in Totally Spies!
  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man, now that they're all part of the same clique (sort of), there's Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane and Liz Allan, though Gwen, the blonde, is the brainy one and Liz, the brunette, is the cheerleader.
  • Fireman Sam: Penny (blonde), Elvis (black) and either Sam (red) or Station Officer Steele (white). Sam, Elvis and Penny are notable for actually being the opposite of their hair colour stereotype tropes (Dumb Blonde, Brainy Brunette, Fiery Redhead). Sam (redhead) is very even tempered, Penny (blonde) is very brainy and compident, while Elvis (brunette) is, well...not.
  • Melody, Valerie and Josie in Josie and the Pussy Cats.
  • The Kanker Sisters in Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy. Although Marie was technically a blue-haired all-right-looking girl.
  • Gwenevere, Fallon and Tamara in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. Of course, the so-called redhead is a shy girl, whereas the purple-haired black girl is the sports loving genki type.
  • The Chipettes in Alvin and The Chipmunks.
  • The Hex Girls in some Scooby Doo films. Also, Fred (blond), Shaggy (brunet), Daphne and Velma (redheads).
  • The titular Lady Lovely Locks and her friends, Maiden Fair Hair and Maiden Curly Crown.
  • Storm (White-Haired Pretty Girl), Rogue (brunette with Skunk Stripe) and Jean Grey (redhead) on Fox's animated X-Men.
  • Pebbles (red), Penny (brunette) and Wiggy (blonde), from The Flintstones Comedy Show.
  • Fin (blonde), Lo (brunette) and Emma (redhead) from Stoked.
  • Caitlin (blonde), Nikki (naturally black, dyed purple) and Jen (redhead) from 6teen.
  • The short-lived Comedy Central animated series Kid Notorious (which starred real-life film director Robert Evans) had one episode in which Evans is posing as a Nazi to expose a fellow filmmaker. While throwing a party at his mansion for a skinhead group, Evans says (in a German Accent) "It's entertainment time! Take your Pick! In all your favorite flavors! Blondes, brunettes, redheads, all with matching collars and cuffs!"
  • Nara Burns (blonde), Rita Torres (brunette) and Maggie Weston (redhead), the three female leads from Exo Squad.
  • The three Batwomen in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman: Kathy (brunette), Rocky (blonde) and Sonia (reddish brown). In a subversion of stereotypical roles, Rocky is a genius metallurge, Kathy is a fighter and Sonia is the stoic leader.
  • A rare male version can be found in the founding members of the Young Justice team with Aqualad being the Darkskinned Blonde, Robin as the brunette and Kid Flash as the redhead.
    • The cycle continues when they added Superboy (brunette), Miss Martian (redhead), and Artemis (blonde). With the addition of Zatanna (Shiny Midnight Black) the girls of the team become this trope as well.
      • Season two adds Batgirl (redhead), Wonder Girl (blonde), and Bumblebee (brunette) to the roster.
  • Stella (blonde), Flora (brunette) and Bloom (redhead) from Winx Club also count. Of the six Winx girls, they're the more popular ones.
  • An episode of The Simpsons showed that Pattie & Selma are respectively blonde and redhead but turned dark blue because of cigarette ash and smoke. Marge is the brunette. So how'd Marge's hair turn blue? She dyes it. "She's been gray as a mule since she was 17."
  • Patti (blonde), Connie (brunette, but more blue-violet) and Beebe (redhead) from Doug. However, Patti and Connie swapped their hair stereotypes, as Patti is the brainy one and Connie's more naive. Beebe's still a Fiery Redhead. Funnily enough, Connie was blonde in the show's first season.
  • Sarah, James and Henri from Liberty's Kids fall into this trope.
  • Sharon (blonde), Maria (brunette) and Nina (redhead) on Braceface.
  • On Gargoyles, the Weird Sisters are a variant—identical except that they have black, golden and white hair. They respectively represent fury, grace and fate, according to Word of God, though act much like Single Minded Triplets in order to bring all three forces into fruition. It also isn't clear what their Grace aspect is truly like, since they never had any episodes when that aspect was "ascendant".
  • Bionic Six: Meg (blonde), Madam "O" (Brunette) and Helen (Redhead).
  1. traditionally Hikari Horaki or, occasionally, Mana Kirishima from the Iron Maiden game; Mari, the third female Eva pilot from Rebuild of Evangelion is a brunette, but can't be considered normal by any means