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The first thing you have to realize about the music of Golden Sun is when the game was first released, the only way to play the game was on the very first iteration of the Game Boy Advance. This system only had 1 actual speaker and yet the music managed to sound absolutely phenomenal. In these 3 games, Motoi Sakuraba goes on to compose some of the finest music he has ever done. Sadly, to this day, no official OST of either GBA game has ever been released. There are plenty of direct game-rips out on the Internet though.

Golden Sun and The Lost Age

  • For starters, check the extended main series theme, then experience the second game's triumphantly epic endgame overworld theme. And if the second game's normal battle theme and final boss theme don't blow you away, Brawl's medley remix of the above two songs will.
    • If you thought the main theme was good, check out this very sad, minor version that plays during the scene where the heroes find Vale destroyed. It just suits the scene perfectly... (The video title is a spoiler, so be careful!)
    • The second games also gives us Moving Worlds, an upbeat remix of the main theme, which plays during the password input.
    • The main overworld theme.
    • The first game's normal battle theme kept things interesting while you messed around with and learned all your combat options
  • Battle with Saturos is the gold standard for a boss theme, and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar.
  • Link Battle Scene.. Seriously, if you don't think Golden Sun has genius-music now, than there's something wrong with you!
  • Agatio and Karst Battle Theme for epic unholyness.
  • THIS ENDING THEME combined with the events during which it is played, brought this troper to tears.
    • This troper cried for minutes, and then when actually the citizens were safe, kept crying while smiling and wanting to hug his Gameboy. It should be noted that the music is quite well synchronized with the speech and events if you press "A" in a normal way.
  • The Fusion Dragon Battle from the first one is also pretty cool.
  • First and second game boss themes.
  • On the subject of wasted songs, did you know Briggs gets his own Leitmotif? You do now.
  • Jenna's battle theme must not be left unmentioned!
  • Colosso Battle is really good as well.
    • Most of the battle themes are worth listening to.
  • All this is to say nothing about a lot of the environmental and dungeon themes. For starters, each of the ginormous Elemental Rock dungeons gets its own awesome background music (Air's Rock, Aqua Rock, Gaia Rock, and especially Magma Rock). And then we've got the main menu theme, the thriving merchant town theme, the scintillating Elemental Star Chamber theme, the magnificent Karagol Sea ship theme, the uplifting-yet-relaxing The Lost Age town theme, the haunting town of the werewolves at night, the sort of idyllic hometown theme that makes you never want to leave unless you're planning to go to a town with music like this, the Shifting Sand Land theme of the games' deserts, the Tundaria Tower theme that puts a somewhat foreboding twist on the Slippy-Slidey Ice World aesthetic, the truly dark and foreboding cave/dungeon theme in the second game... The list goes on and on.
    • If you think the original version of the Elemental Stars Chamber theme is CMOA, just wait until you hear this version of it.
    • One of the most epic tunes in the first two games is the one that plays in the Venus Lighthouse.
      • This happens to be this tropers favorite final dungeon music in any video game ever created. I thought it was so damn good it was the ringtone on my phone as soon as cell phones started having the capabilities to have music files uploaded to them. Yes, it is that good.
      • The best part of the Venus Lighthouse music is that they use it at the very beginning of the second game. When this troper started the second game, that music started playing and suddenly all the memories of the long, epic crawl through the lighthouse came flowing back. This was a brilliant way to bridge the two games.
      • Venus Lighthouse is one of the greatest song ever. Period.
      • The Venus theme just makes you want to be all Felix-y.
    • Ditto Jupiter and Mars. Mercury must feel rather left out.
    • This editor thought the Mercury theme was pretty awesome as well.
      • This troper's personal feelings is that Mercury sounded pretty good, had a 'strangeness' quality to it. Venus is just EPIC. Jupiter likewise, for different reasons...though I have to say I reckoned Mars fell a bit short of the mark.
    • The Apojii Archipelago is really uplifting too!
    • Forest's Requiem is a very beautiful, very sad song. Haunting, too.
    • Tvtropes, I am disappoint. How could this track have been left out for so long? The tense beginning, the timid flute urging for your progress before some unspeakable catastrophe falls upon you or your village... It's short, yet it's incredibly efficient in setting a feeling of urgency and hovering danger.
  • While Garoh-at-night is indeed beautiful, I only wish they had the version with the occasinal wolf howls. I swear I could have listened to that for hours... But he best songs will always be the second game's ending, and the Karagol ship.
  • Prox. A gloomy, grim, cold theme. It fits Prox perfectly.
  • Freezing Kalt. Everytime This Troper hears the segment between 0:33 and 1:04, he cant help but burst into tears. It's THAT moving.
  • When you start up the first game and this fires up, you know it's serious business.
  • The Sailing Music
    • And speaking of sailing, crossing the Eastern Sea would've been tedious if it hadn't been because this upbeat battle theme whenever you stumbled with a random encounter.
  • The file select screen music. Between 0:33 - 1:27 is some of the most beautiful music in the series.
  • Lemuria's theme music
  • And if you haven't noticed it: This is a GBA game, yet the sound-quality of the tracks could easily be used for more advanced consoles. Seems like they really used the GBA to the max with that game!
  • I honestly thought I was the only one obsessed with these game's soundtracks. Seriously, finding the sound test feature in Lost Age was abosultely awesome, and was the reason I always had one clear data save so that I could listen to all the songs. I would spend ages with the volume to the max listening to the soundtrack, especially the freakin' epic opening theme for the second game.
  • No love for Yallam's theme music? I thought that one was just sad enough to convey the plight of a struggling town.
  • TUNNEL RUINS. Dark, forboding, confrontational. Amazing contrast between the base/chant lines and the flute solo.
  • "A Little Friendship", more casually known as "Ivan's theme", really inspires this troper to practice her flute more.

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