Grey's Anatomy/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Nightmare Fuel: Some of the injuries suffered—particularly those of the periodic disaster episodes—are truly horrifying. Then, there is the Season Six and Eight Finales, where all hell breaks loose.
  • When the spider crawled out of that guy's... wart... things...
  • When Alex stuck a needle behind that kid's eye.
  • The scene leading up to Nick Hanscomb's blown artery, while Lexie is in the room. You know it's coming from minute one, but the tension is no less unbearable.
  • Did everyone but me forget about not only the guy with the live bomb inside of him which from start to finish was terrifying, but also the episode where Bailey is operating on a patient and she wakes up? The poor woman was scared to death and freaking out any time Bailey went near her, and you could tell it affected her too.