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Plastic-wrapped mandrake siren? Your guess is as good as ours.

To whom it may concern.

iamamiwhoami is a six-part Sweden-based electronica group fronted by Jonna Lee. The group is known both for its off-kilter take on electronica and its usage of new media, such as video sites, streaming, iTunes, even the phone. The first videos were released December 4, 2009 and were released on a more or less monthly basis, barring the odd hiatus here or there. Generally the project uses the imagery of the hunting of a mandragora or mandrake, and an exploration of the siren song aspect of the mythology.

The first six videos were short clips with coded numbered titles about the emergence of the mandragora (here symbolized by Jonna) from the earth. The second arc of seven videos concerned the mandragora in captivity amongst humans. The one-letter titled tracks spelled out "bounty."

The project took a different turn when the artists invited fans to choose a representative to participate with them. A German known only as "ShootUpTheStation" was instructed to tape his journey, leading up to a concert that was streamed online in November 2010. The hour-long concert contained new arrangements of the "bounty" singles, showing the seduction and cremation of ShootUpTheStation. All the videos concerning the concert were removed from iamamiwhoami's channel shortly thereafter, but mirrors can be found here. The concert can be watched here. A month later, the concert tracks were released on iTunes.

Mid-2011, ";john" and "clump" saw release, as the first half of an arc which culminated in their first public concert.

Their debut album kin is due June 11th.[when?] All of its tracks have been seeing release as singles on a bi-weekly basis since the album was announced on the first of February.

Iamamiwhoami provides examples of the following tropes: