Kamen Rider Double/Recap/E21 E22 The T That Came Back

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  • T stands for Triceratops, a reference to the Monster of the Week, and transfer.
  • Part one's title is "A Melody Not Intended For Women".
  • Part two's title is "The Man Who Cannot Die".

Ryu Terui, also known as Kamen Rider Accel, and Makura prepare to arrest Himuro, a police inspector who leaked information to Gaia Memory dealers. As they make the arrest, however, Masquerade Dopants ambush them, with Terui transforming into Accel to defeat them. Terui finds Himuro dead, killed by the Triceratops Dopant who eludes the police Rider. He is then saved from a Masquerade Dopant by Aya Kujo, a Futo officer who worked for the LAPD.

Makura then approaches Shotaro to aid in Himuro's case in order to impress Aya, and given the rivalry between Shotaro and Ryu, he accepts. With Watcherman and Akiko accompanying them, Shotaro learns that Himuro's partner was another corrupt cop named Ken Akutsu. Shotaro and company find Akutsu just as Ryu and Aya find him, until Makura blows the operation, allowing Akutsu to flee. Ryu chases after Akutsu until the Triceratops Dopant appears. Shotaro assumes Double form, transforming into HeatMetal and hitting the Dopant on the leg. Akutsu, while still at large, drops a clue that Ryu finds: a keychain with the name Catherine on it. Everyone returns to the Agency, and as Aya Kujo briefs everyone on her former partner Masaki Mizoguchi, who disappeared and was discredited, Philip notices something amiss with her leg. Ryu also learns of Kujo's love for Mizoguchi.

Meanwhile, as Saeko scolds her sister Wakana, she is contacted by Akutsu, requesting her help. With Philip's help, the group learn that Catherine is the name of Akutsu's boat, whereupon he is cornered. He confesses that with Himuro they sent criminals as Gaia Memory test subjects, with Mizoguchi being killed after he learned too much. The Smilodon Dopant arrives and distracts the Riders, allowing Akutsu to escape on his boat. However, the Catherine is destroyed by the Triceratops Dopant, who is revealed by Philip and Ryu to be none other than Aya Kujo.

It is revealed that Philip guessed it was Aya because of him noticing her leg, as Ryu tells her to give up the Triceratops Memory. Accel then attempts to get the Memory by force but is interrupted by Double, allowing Aya to escape.