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Asuka's missing father is Kamen Rider Knight in disguise

That explains the girl's doll.

  • If the little girl is about five years old, that means he'd have had to break up with his canon girlfriend, meet the child's mother, and knock her up very soon after the end of Ryuki. Fast worker? Rebound relationship?

Phillip is a Sonozaki

You saw the flashback. He has two sisters, a mother, and a father as his only memory. He could be the Cyclone Dopant.

  • You might be right about that one. There was a third child in the Sonozaki Family.
    • Confirmed. Episode 38 reveals Philip as Raito Sonozaki.

Kirihiko will gain a second generation driver/rider belt

He will see that he isn't strong enough and become an evil rider using his Nazca Memory.

  • Jossed. Kirihiko died.

Kirihiko: Heel Face Turn pending

He's been derided for marrying into the Sonozaki family at least once. Saeko clearly treats him like dirt. It's inevitable. So, maybe he's not an evil Rider in the usual sense.

  • Confirmed.

Phillip is Akiko's brother

Akiko's dad saved Phillip from the Sonozaki with no real explanation. This is a good explanation.

Ryubei's wife is the Man Behind the Man.

There has to be some reason that she hasn't been mentioned yet.

    • Well, Ryubei's wife is Shroud, so...maybe?
      • Pretty much Jossed at this point.

Possible Heel Face Turns.

  • Kirihiko may join Double when he realizes that, for him to be the one to defeat him, he would have to be the last one.
    • You were right on the Face Heel Turn, but he does not join Double. The reason for his betrayal is because of his disagreement with experimenting Gaia Memories on innocent kids and was killed immediately afterward.
  • Wakana, because her not being good just seems wrong.

Kamen Rider Double will end on a cliffhanger.

The Sonozaki family started out as good, but were turned evil by the Gaia Memories

Supposedly the use of a Memory Driver belt prevents being corrupted, but the fact that the Sonozaki's turn into Dopants instead of Kamen Riders could be taken as evidence that their belts are imperfect. Rather than going insane after just a few uses, they were slowly corrupted after years of use.

It would also explain why Wakana and Kirihiko are both ripe for a Heel Face Turn. As the youngest in the family and the new in-law, they would both have had less exposure to the Gaia Memories than Saeko or Ryuubi.

  • So Mick is just naturally that way?
    • As an animal, Mick's simpler mental processes might make him even more vulnerable to corruption. Or maybe he IS that way.

Akiko will get a hold of her father's belt and become a Kamen Rider

Because it would be cool.

  • But then she would have to die.
    • Natsumi and Megumi didn't.
      • Natsumi already died and Megumi didn't look female in rider form so the death of riders probably mistook her for a guy
      • Check the Decade WMG for Natsumi's reasons for survival.
  • Well, she became Double in a dream sequence, although it was partially Played for Laughs.
  • Sadly Jossed.
    • Not quite, see above.

Detective Jinno knows more about this Dopant business than he's letting on.

He practically lets Shotaro have free rein at the crime scenes, which would have gotten him reassigned to some other prefecture if Internal Affairs found out; and he's a textbook case of Bunny Ears Lawyer (much like the ORE boss in Ryuki and the Blue Sky boss in Kiva). Shotaro is definitely going to need his help if rumors of Accel being another detective on Shotaro's case are true.

Philippe is a dopant.

He was used as a test subject in experiment to harness some sort of alternative way to use Gaia Memories. Probably some sort of permanent implantation/fusion or something. His Gaia Memory is Knowledge, Library or something along those lines.

Gaia memory is an alternate reality version of materia

Think about it. Materia is the planet's memories turned into power granting marbles. Going by name, Gaia Memory are most likely memories of Gaia placed into power granting sticks. And they both can be absorbed into bodies through special means. Not to mention that their sources are both forms of The Lifestream.

You cannot grasp the true form of Terror's attack

The DoubleDriver was developed as a way of controlling the power of the Fang Memory

The Fang memory is so powerful it can corrupt a person even if filtered through a regular Memory Driver. The only way to control it is through two separate minds working in sync. The other six Memories are like training to help the two users bond and learn how to work together.

"Gaia Memory" is Exactly What It Says on the Tin

We know Gaia Memories look like USB memory sticks. But, perhaps there's a double meaning: they may contain the literal memories of the Earth. We know the Sonozakis need Philip to create new Gaia Memories, that Philip can access all the knowledge on Earth, and that the Sonozakis have the inspirations for many Dopants in their museum. Gaia Memories must be the memories of the Earth, extracted from Philip's head using the museum's exhibits as keywords.

  • With all the fossils and excavation digs surrounding the Sonozaki, shouldn't this be obvious already?

"Shroud" is Mrs. Sonozaki

According to the other wiki, a woman referred to as "Shroud" is the one that gave Accel his arsenal. Her true identity is unknown, and no explanation has ever been given for Ryuubei's wife not being around. If Shroud is his wife, and also Phillip's mother, should the theory of Phillip being a Sonozaki turn out to be true, it would explain how she got a Gaia Memory as well as any Memory Gadgets Accel has, like his Beetle Phone.

  • Alternately, Shroud is actually Saeko.
  • I think it's possible that Shroud is Philip and Wakana's mother but not Saeko's. It would explain why Saeko resents Wakana, and Shroud doesn't sound (or look, from what little we can see of her) much older than Saeko.
  • In episode 28, she refers to Philip as "Raito," which, assuming the "Philip is a Sonozaki" theory is correct (and it is), would support this.
  • Further supported by the preview for Episode 44; one line of dialogue is, "Shroud is Philip's...". We'll know soon enough.
  • Confirmed. Shroud is Fumine Sonozaki.
    • YES! * insert victorious laughter*

The Nazca Dopant will come back.

Someone else will have the Nasca Memory.
  • My money's on Ryu Terui after a Face Heel Turn. The acceleration-based Kamen Rider appearing right after the super-speed Nazca disappears CAN'T be a coincidence.
    • Oh, yeah. There has to be a connection between Nasca and Accel. Think about it...Kirihiko's last words were about how much he loves the wind and the city, while Ryu's first words on-camera, two scenes later, were about how much he hates the wind and the city. In terms of personality, Ryu is the anti-Kirihiko, and thus someone Saeko might want to replace him. Kirihiko was nominally on the side of the villains but was still a decent man who loved the city; Ryu is nominally on the side of the heroes but is a total Jerkass. Kirihiko's morals lead him to a Heel Face Turn; will Ryu's lack of morals lead him to a Face Heel Turn?
      • So who will replace Accel?
        • Maybe he'll get a Double Driver and we'll get to see AccelNazca.
      • I think that if Weather defeats Accel in battle or does something that touches too raw a nerve for Ryu, that Ryu might decide Accel isn't strong enough to defeat Weather and then he'll want to use a Dopant Memory.
  • Alternately, Dr Isaka/Weather might absorb the powers of Nazca - given that one of his aims is to absorb as many GaiaMemories as possible...
  • Recent magazine scans show images of a red Nazca Dopant.
  • It turns out Saeko is the red Nazca - using direct insertion, she manages to reach level 3...

FangMetal and FangTrigger will show up as soon as the writers get bored of Accel.

  • Jossed. The series ended before they could show those forms.
    • Not just yet. With two straight to DVD movies being released there is always a chance they could make more with the inclusion of FangMetal and FangTrigger.

The 'W' Memory stands for Weather.

The logo on the Memory features rain, a tornado and lightning bolts, and we know he has ice power from the murder of Ryu's family.

  • It's already a fact. So confirmed.

Weatherman isn't long for this world.

He's wearing Kirihiko's robe. That has to be a sign.

  • And it seems that Double and Accel are gonna receive their Super Modes soon. Looks like Weather's days are numbered...
  • Confirmed.

Shroud is Mrs. Narumi.

With all the speculation that she was married to Ryubee, nobody's considered she may have been married to Sokichi instead. Her war against the Sonozaki Family may be to avenge her husband, and her support of Philip may be to fulfill her husband's unfinished business. It would explain why she doesn't like Shotaro; she may very well see him as the man who failed to protect her husband.

  • Not to mention she's familiar with the detective agency's rooms.
  • Jossed. But she did hire Sokichi to rescue Raito.

The Luna Memory was made from Sinestro's Yellow Power Ring

Because WMG isn't Wild enough.

  • So Cyclone Memory was made from Kyptonite?

Akiko will suffer from the Epileptic Trees due to her usage of the Joker Memory.

Confirmed in 48. Though she got better.

The show will be exactly 52 episodes long.

Each two-parter uses a different letter of the alphabet in the episode title. Assuming all 26 letters get used once, that's 52 episodes total.

  • This would make it longer than every New Generation Rider series so far,[1] if it holds.
  • The next season is set to start September 5, so if Double runs an episode every week until then, that totals 49. So you were close, and if you count both movies as 2 episodes a piece, that's 53, so your still close.
  • Well, Double's part in the Crossover Movie with Decade could be considered half a movie, in which case it works out to 52.

Shroud is Narutaki or is related to him.

Hatred for the rider? Sorta a check with the whole "Shotaro can no longer be Double" and her shock to him achving Xtreme form. Appears mysteriously and watches the battle unfold? Check. Conspicuous Trenchcoat? Check. Gives the Second Rider a belt (Yes, I just made Kuuga the Second Rider to Decade)? Check. Crazy WMG? Check.

Shroud is an Energy Being.

Shroud is actually long dead, but she managed to live on as an Energy Being, with her outfit as a containment suit. The glow surrounding her and the fact that every inch of her body, including her face, is covered points to this.

  • Jossed.

How the Terror Dopant will lose.

Cyclone-Joker-Xtreme will use a sextuple Maximum Drive combo: Xtreme, Prism, and four other Memories in the Bicker Shield, all concentrated into either Double's leg for an ultimate Rider Kick, or into the Prism Breaker sword for a spectacular lightshow of a sword attack.

  • Jossed. Just a simple Rider Kick from CJX.
    • CJX had it easy, it was Accel who did most of the work.

Ryubei never considered Isaka a threat.

He considers Isaka and his use of multiple memory ports as just another experiment for the museum.

Skull will return in the final few arcs.

Because he's just that awesome.

A new character/Dopant will replace Isaka

Much like how Isaka replaced Kirihiko.
  • The new guy from Foundation X who keeps dropping things looks like he may be a good candidate for this.
  • * Confirmed? He pretty much became the replacement for Terror, of all people.

The series is set in an alternate continuity of Neon Genesis Evangelion where Gendo Ikari won.

Gendo successfully crushed Rei's will and merged with Adam and Lillith, gaining control over Instrumentality. Why else would the Gaia Memories have his voice?

  • Another thing of note: The Terror Dopant's ability involves goo called the Terror Field. In EVA, AT field stands for Anti-Terror Field. Something for you to stir in.
  • Again, another thing to note: The Gaia Impact is an Assimilation Plot, just like Instrumentally.

CycloneJoker Extreme has a form of Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

Ryougi Shiki gained her Mystic Eyes after being connected to the Akasha, allowing her to fully understand the nature of everything around her. The power levels of Mystic Eyes are Color Coded for Your Convenience with the strongest being "Rainbow", followed by "Jewel". And the MEoDP let the user inflict cuts which cannot be healed. The effects of the eyes are somewhat diluted by being shared between two hosts, however.

The series takes place in a universe where much of the Toei Heroverse either exists in exile or is Brainwashed and Crazy.

  • Spielban: Now grown from his days of fighting Wahrer, he is now a teacher.
  • Inazuman: Has been turned into Kamen Rider Eternal through a strange turn of events.
  • Kaiketsu Zubat: The Zubat suit was remodeled into Accel's armor once Ken Hayabusa retired it.
  • Uchuu Keiji: Disbanded.
  • Kamen Rider Ichigo: Used as a template for a Dopant.

Shroud is the client that sent Sokichi to save Phillip

It makes sense if Shroud was a Sonozaki, and if she values Phillip like she values Terui, then I can see that Isaka is right about her being the end of the Kamen Riders. Because she planned it all along.

  • Confirmed. Actually, I did saw this coming.

Phillip was meant to be the Nazca Dopant.

  • In episode 2, Ryubee pointed out that the Nazca memory was meant for a member of the Sonozaki Family. And seeing as The second WMG was correct...

In Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z Gaia Memory of Fate, Phillip will be the Cyclone Dopant

  • Phillip gets kidnapper at some point (fact), and he'll be brainwashed and end up being the user of the T2 Cyclone Memory. There will be an epic fight between Phillip as the Cyclone Dopant and Shotaro as Kamen Rider Joker.
    • Further supported by pictures on the movie's website showing Phillip's actor in the same NEVER uniform as the other "Double Dopants". And damn, does he look good in it.
    • Jossed. Maria S. Cranberry is the Cyclone Dopant.

Very few of the Gaia Memory's are unique, most of them are mass produced

The best proof of this comes, oddly enough, from a Dopant we haven't seen. In the first episode Shotaro explains what Dopants are to Akiko along with a picture of an intact "Injury" Memory. There are also some measurements ruled next to it. In This Tropers opinion the image looks like it's been taken by Futo's police and Shotaro got an image to take back with him because he's on good terms with Jinno. Thus implying Futo Police either have the first Injury GM in storage, or have had it destroyed. In the same episode, Kirihiko appears to Marina and Togawa selling them the T-Rex and Magma memories, if you look closely, you can see that one of the Memory's in his suitcase Injury. You can probably see it in episode 3 (after he's fired on Phillip + Shotaro and is wondering why he hasn't heard about any of Double's Memories) as well but I'm not sure. This means that Kirihiko has the second Injury GM (if he hasn't sold it already) You can also see several memories that were in Kirihiko's case in the first episode. Then in Episode 12 during Sachi's flashback, one of the Gaia Memories that she is offered by the salesman is Injury. Therefore Nezu has a third Injury Memory. You can also see some other memories that

  • This explains how Phillip is able to identify each Gaia Memory after performing a Lookup, he and Shotaro have already fought every Dopant at least once. For example, in episode 14 Phillip knows that the Dopant is "Violence" despite not seeing the memory being used, or anyone mention it. They knew it was Violence the moment they saw him in the park.
  • It has been shown for a fact that Masquerade is mass-produced, so it may be possible for others, too.
  • Further evidence from episode 20, Phillip doesn't know what the "W" memory is and so starts looking it up. He mentions "Winter" and then "White" before saying that no other Gaia-Memories beginning with "W" match what the Ice-Age Dopant is doing. To me, that implies that Gaia-Memories can be encountered more than once, otherwise he wouldn't even be considering the "White" and "Winter" memories.
  • Pretty much confirmed by episode 49, when we see new Anomalocaris and Cockroach Dopants, despite these two Memories having been destroyed very early on.

The yeti at the end of episode 42 was a Dopant.

How else would you explain such a bizarre creature from out of nowhere, thought to be the stuff of legends, showing up in Futo?

Museum is related to Shocker. Or a spin-off of Shocker itself.

That's how a Shinigami-Hakase Gaia Memory exists, in the past Ryubee was Dr. Death's friend. When Dr. Death was defeated by Kamen Rider No. 1, Ryubee had backed up Dr. Death's memories and powers until technology advanced enough to create the memories. In the meantime, Dr. Death lived as a regular human, and as Natsumi's grandfather.

  • This would also explain the similarities between the Masquerade Dopants and Shocker Soldiers, including the skeleton motif and the fact that they're plentiful but incredibly weak Mooks.

Kirihiko, Isaka, and Jun were just to signify when one act ends and another begins.

At the start of Double, we are introduced to Kirihiko, among the rest of the cast, when he dies the first act ended. Accel, Shroud, and Isaka appeared, begining the second act. More depth was added to the show and soon, as Isaka dies, the second act comes to an end. When the third act began, we are introduced to Jun, Foundation X, and NEVER. It was when Jun shows up that everything begins to hit the fan at once, everything that was foreshadowed in the two acts until it all boils down to the climax. When Jun and the overall big bad, Ryubee, dies, the show ends with a Where Are They Now? Epilogue. Jun, Isaka, Kirihiko weren't just shoutouts to the generals of the Showa Kamen Rider series, but place holders, to warn us when the next level of the story is taking place.

Many of the characters are Geniuses.

Shroud is a Grimm, Ryubee is a Hoffnung, Shotaro is a Klagen (he channels his Mania into detective work), Saeko is a Neid, and Philippe as well as Isaka are Staunens.
Also, Akkiko is a Beholden, the Library is a Bardo, and the Gaia Memories - and by extension the Drivers - were developed so that the Uninspired could use Wonders without triggering Havoc.

Phillip does not exist and Shotaro is really a schizophrenic who imagined him up

The case to find the child of light was all for nothing and Narumi's death was in vain. After the events of Begins Night, Shotaro began to imagine a companion to match the weird voices he is hearing when he became Double. The Gaia Library was all in Shotaro's head, not knowing that it's just Genre Savvyness that helps him through the cases. Usually he hits a Heroic BSOD after remebering Begins Night and blames it on something else (As seen in the Money Dopant and the Cockroach Dopant episodes).

  • So what explains Phillip's interactions with people like Akiko and Wakana?
    • It's all Shotaro. Sometime during that one year gap, he began to adapt a Kevin Baugh style in which he starts dressing up as Phillip.
  • Speaking of Wakana, explain that whole Raito thing?
    • That was Shotaro deciding to give his imaginary friend a backstory by tying together random people and making a family tree.
  • Also explain the times in which Phillip became Fang Joker?
  • Explain the interaction between any character and both Phillip and Shotaro; how can they both be on-screen with a thrid party?
  • This theory is too hard to explain/justify, but it's an interesting idea. I'd like to see a "What If It was all in Shotaro's Head?" fanfic.
  • Alternatively, Phillip is the schizophrenic who imagined Shotaro up.

Wakana and Terui are both dead

It appears likely that Wakana's Face Heel Turn and ability to access the library are because Ryubee killed and resurrected her like Philip/Raito. Also possible that Terui is dead, explaining why he isn't affected by the Terror or Old Dopants, but for some reason he can't access the library - perhaps he was killed by Isaka but Shroud found a way to bring him back so he could fulfil her plans to become Cyclone Accel Xtreme?
  • Or, perhaps, being resistant to Dopant powers is just like being resistant to a disease. Maybe Dopant powers are actually illnesses?

The Great Leader from the original Kamen Rider is the real leader of Foundation X.

Aw, come on, if Museum MIGHT be related to Shocker, why can't Foundation X be the real new representation of Shocker?

  • Foundation X is pretty much Shocker. Evil-looking logo? Check. Secretive operations? Check. Mooks? Check. Dabbling in all sorts of weird stuff? Check.
  • So, maybe in the Decade X Double Crossover, Foundation X commissioned Ryubee to create the Shinigami memory and find Natsumi Hikari's grandfather who was once the original Dr. Shinigami and bring him back to Shocker, either as Foundation X or the latter as its front. So it might make sense.

Jun Kazu Came Back Wrong.

As one of the earliest test subjects for Foundation X's ressurection technology, Kazu's revived body had some 'bugs' in the form of neurological disorders including facial pareisis,[2] dysprosody,[3] and focal hand dystonia.[4]

  • Jossed, that how he normally is

Philip is going to revive somehow

He needs to be alive for Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO & Double: Movie War 2011, so yeah
  • Confirmed. Wakana sacrifices herself to bring him back.

While he was Kamen Rider Joker Shotaro had the powers of Trigger and Metal as well

Because we see that he still has the memories in episode 49, it would be silly not to use them in the fight against the Dopants.

Phillip was meant to be a girl

The Ho Yay, the Cross Dressing, it makes sense to me...

Phillip is a girl!

Seeing how Wakana gave him her body...

A "Dopant" Gaia Memory exists

In which case, we'd get the Dopant Dopant. There has to be a base for everything right?

  • The upcoming W/OOO movie does reportedly feature the Memory Memory (as in, personal memories)

The Badass Memory could beat Terror

Because badass cannot be affected terror

Foundation X will be the Big Bad of a several series arch

They funded the villains of this series and they're funding research into O Medals (possibily the Kougami Foundation). They'll have a role in OOO, then the next series. After several series, there will be a series were their ultimate plan comes to front and all the Riders in the arch will team up against them. Not exactly series, but Movie War Megamax does feature Foundation X as its Big Bad - and the Legendary Seven Kamen Riders (1 and 2, V3, Riderman, X-Rider, Amazon, and Stronger) fighting them around the world.

Joker goes with everything

I thought this was obvious, but it doesn't seem to be confirmed canon. Joker is the wild card. Whenever there's a combo outside of the 9 usual ones for W, Shotaro uses the Joker memory because there's never any drawbacks with it. FangJoker andCycloneJoker Xtreme's forms are admittedly less flexible because of this, but even they change the Joker half a bit. FangTrigger for example could be unstable or just not work.

Phillip and Shotaro both have super-compatible memories

Shotaro's is Joker, in keeping with his wild card persona and the above WMG. Philip is more difficult. His seems to be Cyclone, since he uses it the most and, when his power was increasing, it manifested in the Cyclone memory (see when Terui uses it). However, Fang was custom-made for him, extra-powerful like the other super-compatible Dopants and it is always used with his body as the base. It may be artificially super-compatible with him while Cyclone is naturally so.

    • Confirmed with Joker kind of. The T2 Gaia Memories sought out the person they were most compatible with. Who did the Joker Memory seek out? Shotaro.

The Fang Memory is derived from AbareKiller's DinoGuts.

Hence its color, spikes, and being a berserker.

The Sonozaki's Gaia Memories effected them even with their Drivers

They used extremely powerful memories and the Nasca Memory hurt its user even with a Driver. This was why they were all mostly psychoatic in some way and why even Ryubee was redeemed after death, Wakana was only spared (for the most part) because she was compatible with it. This would explain why Ryubee went completely insane afterwards, he'd probably been using his longer than the others since the show made it seem like he was responsible for everything.

The Fang Memory never recovered from the Eternal Requiem

This explains why FangJoker was never used again. Look at the memory, doesn't it scream "Dead" to you?

The winds empowering W in the final battle of The Movie were truly Kirihiko.

I mean, think back of the scene in which he died in the show—then consider it's the winds doing the powering-up.

Philip is an alternate universe Archive

He has access to the totality of human knowledge and accesses it via books. The archive has access to the totality of human knowledge and knows it via the written word. Connection?

Wakana would've replaced Phillip if the dissapearing had been a little worse.

If Phillip had fallen in battle or to dissapearing before Utopia was defeated, I personally think that Shotaro, in desperation, would discover the lost driver. Then, as in Canon, he goes and rescues Wakana. He they get outside, and he henshin's trying to fight off Utopia as Joker (And not doing badly as, unike Accel which has fire as a theme, Joker is a literal Wild card, so the Utopia powers are resisted. Meanwhile, Phillip appears in the Gaia Library and asks Wakana to take his place, giving her his memories. It could take a long battle, and probably involve a purified Claydoll memory, but eventually the two would manage to get in syn when they realise that they both felt as if Phillip was family, allowing them to go Xtreme and finish it.

Shotaro will try using Xtreme when he's Kamen Rider Joker at one point

And it will rock!

  • Not before he's tried out Trigger and Metal with the Lost Driver... also the Xtreme Memory apparently dissipated at the end of ep. 48 and never showed up gain till the end of #49.

HeatMetalXtreme and LunarTriggerXtreme were actually tried out at some point...

...but they replaced the sword in the Prism bicker with a spear and a rifle, and the guys decided it was impractical for general Dopant combat, not to mention rather uncomfortable. Shout Outs to 300 and Gundam be damned.

Terui Ryu's compatibility with Phillip's Memories is tested again within the year between #48 and #49

Kamen Rider Heat initially fails from the temperature buildup, and Kamen Rider Lunar's effects were... freaky, so Ryu saves them for the Engine Blade while using the Cyclone memory to become Kamen Rider Cyclone, with a racing bike form (not to mention that the addition of a green form lets the theme coloring mimic the better-known red-yellow-green international traffic light system).

  • It's also possible that the using Lunar in the Accel Driver lets Ryu turn into a lightcycle.

The Weather Memory only gives the power to control the weather on its own

Pretty much, if he hadn't absorbed other Gaia Memories, all Isaka would've been able to do was control the weather itself, not generate ice or the like from his own body. The reason he could was he absorbed Gaia Memories to give them those powers. He only absorbed those types because his Weather Memory could control weather, allowing him to control the power of so many Gaia Memories being used at once. That's why wen the Weather Memory, he was consumed by the Living Connectors, without it to control them, he suffered the fate of someone trying to directly use multiple Gaia Memories at once.

The world of Kamen Rider W that we know from the show is a Decade AR World and the World of the Rider War.

This explains how W met up with Decade so easily in Movie Wars 2010; Decade's battle was just out of Futo. Then there's the discrepancies between the OOO TV series and OOO in A-to-Z and Movie Wars CORE. The events of Nobunaga's Ambition take place in W's World, but not in the OOO's TV series world.

  • It also explains why Kamen Rider is considered a mantle of honor, the world of the Rider War was all the AR Worlds merged together, so all of the Riders exist in W's world. Let's Go Kamen Rider also takes place in this merged world.

Possible American adaptation guesses

  • To keep the setting of a "windy city", it would be set in Chicago.
    • The show will get a subtitle:

Kamen Rider Double: Windy City Warrior Detectives

  • In a nod to Sonic Colors, the Gaia Memories would be redubbed by Roger Craig Smith.
  • Kamen Rider Skull would be played by Jason Narvy.
  • Shotaro Hidari's adaptation equivalent would have the surname Sinister,[5] have the nickname "Lefty," and is left-handed.
  1. Kamen Rider Agito had 51 episodes, Ryuki and Faiz had 50, Kuuga, Blade, Kabuto, and Den-O had 49, Hibiki and Kiva had 48, and Kamen Rider Decade had a run of 31 episodes
  2. Partial loss of movement in the face.
  3. Inability to control the tone of one's speaking voice.
  4. Involuntary muscle spasms in the hands during certain specific activities, such as trying to hold something.
  5. which means "left"