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  • In the credits before Accel joins the cast, catch the brief "fan blade" wipes between how Shotaro imagines his hard-boiled life should be... and how it is around the office with Akiko and Philip.
  • Versus the Money Dopant.

Money: Just how many Gaia Memories do you have?!
Double (Shotaro): Well, let's see; there one, two - Bah! Never mind that now.

Double Driver: Shippuu! Kirifuda!

    • Which is part of a dream sequence. In the subsequent episode, Akiko is dreaming, and she transforms into Double herself. Hilarity Ensues
    • Also, in the beginning of the story arc, Ryu had a dream of his little sister's marriage......... To Mikio.
    • And yet another in the story arc, the Nightmare Dopant turns the Hard Boilder in Shotaro's dream into a bicycle.
  • In "The Likelihood of the G", the Gene Dopant has an...inventive way of disarming Shotaro.

Shotaro:My hand! It's a COW!
Phillip:Calm down, Shotaro.
Shotaro:But my hand is a COW!

    • Ryu's reaction to being ordered to kiss Ai to get a reaction from Toru.

Akiko: We're changing the next scene to a kiss between Jessica and the scarecrow.
Ryu: * horrified* What?!
Akiko: We need to see if we get a reaction from Toru-kun and how he feels about Ai-san.
Ryu: I'm pretty sure the director said he wasn't romantically interested in her.
Akiko: That's what guys always say when they're in love! Now, make a break through! * beeps from Trial form appear* Like...boom! Smooch the heck out of her!
Ryu: Despair is waiting for me at the finish line. * runs like hell*

Ryu: Do not question me! I've made my decision, Aki-P! I can't forgive myself for running back then. I've done my research. I will accept any kiss scene! This time I'll shake it off! No... (grabbing Akiko while beeps from Trial Form sound off again) Please let me shake it...

    • Akiko then tries to shake him off, Shotaro attempting to assist, but the Ryuu just grabs HIM, then we cut to Phillip with a comical kiss sound effect.
  • From the Kamen Rider arcade game Ganbaride, just three words: Joker Big Slipper.
  • In the Gaia Memory Encyclopedia special (created because the Hyper Battle Video, which usually discussed various aspects of the series, forgot to do just that) Philip suddenly has Laser-Guided Amnesia and forgets everything related to Gaia Memories, leaving it up to Shotaro to help him recall what they. Then they get to the Trigger Memory.

Philip: I remember, Shotaro!
Shotaro: Really?!

Philip: It's really fun to press it a bunch of times! Look!
  • Speaking of the Hyper Battle Video, Ryu using the Engine Blade to cut broccoli.
    • And Shotaro taking his "hard-boiled" shtick to its logical conclusion. Let's just say it's not so applicable in practice.
  • The last of the Hardboiled Delusion Diaries involves Akiko, Ryu and Phillip wondering what it would be like if they were all "hard boiled" - which basically amounts to them doing their best Shotaro impression. That's just the half of it - there's also the fact that Renn Kiriyama is trying his darndest not to laugh.
  • In the Double Forever movie:

Double (Shotaro): Now, count up your crimes!

Eternal: There are too many to count![1]

  1. Also Harsher in Hindsight as this is actually explained in W Returns: Eternal