King's Quest/Trivia

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  • Fan Nickname: Among fans, the games are almost exclusively referred to as "KQ [roman numeral/#]"-- with the exception of "Mask of Eternity." Fans generally call it "MoE", both because it's not officially numbered (see Numbered Sequel in the Main tab) and because it's the series' Scrappy.
  • The Other Darrin: Out of all four members in Graham's family, only three members are voiced by different numbers of actors: Alexander (Barry T. Smith in KQV, Robby Benson in KQVI), Valanice (Sheryl Bernstein in KQVI, Carol Bach y Rita in KQVII), and Rosella (Diana Wilson in KQV, Bernstein in KQVI, Maureen McVerry in KQVII). Cassima can also count as a new member of Graham's family, since she is voiced by Dianah Pressley in KQV, and Louise "Stevie" Vallance in KQVI.
  • The Wiki Rule: King's Quest Omnipedia