Fan Nickname

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    A name given to a character by fan communities. It is sometimes possible to read an entire forum about a show and never see a direct reference to the character's scripted name. A natural result if the producers take too long in providing a character with an official name.

    Sometimes fan communities give nicknames to entire groups of characters, if the series doesn't already give a name. Anime fans often use [Main Character]-tachi, or "the group associated with [Main Character]". Another option is -gumi, meaning [Main Character]'s (metaphorical) troop. These can also be applied in jest to Western fandoms: Harry-tachi, Frodo-gumi, et cetera.

    Note that these aren't specifically limited to characters. Common sets, props, and special effects can also earn nicknames from the fans. Even (parts of) the series itself can be referred to with a nickname. Works suffering from Recycled Title syndrome are very common to have a fan nickname to avoid confusion.

    See also In-Series Nickname, Sobriquet (when the characters do this), Portmanteau Series Nickname (a sub-trope), and Portmanteau Couple Name (a Shipping sub-trope). Not to be confused with Fan Community Nicknames, which are names for the communities themselves. Actual canon nicknames used onscreen, however witty, also don't count, unless they were adopted by the producers as a Shout-Out to the fans, or are used far more extensively in the fandom than in-Canon. Also compare Hello, Insert Name Here, which is a Fan Nickname applied to a nameless hero who was given that name in adaptations. Depending on how closely held a Fan Nickname is held by its fandom, it may be a Fandom Tic.

    Television Without Pity is a fertile breeding ground for Live-Action TV nicknames.

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