Kuso Miso Technique

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Kuso Miso Technique literally translates to "shit soup technique" referring to when your soup is so bad it's hard to tell the difference between it and... well, feces.[1]

The 10-page manga story follows Masaki Michishita, who is rushing to use the public toilets in the park when he sees a good-looking man, Takakazu Abe, on a park bench. Abe suggests they have sex. Then they do. And... let's just say it's not called "shit soup" for nothing.

What's so special about this one-shot bara manga? Nothing... the story was not all there, but this one little manga reached meme heights even 10 years after its original print when 2ch got a hold of it and decided the facial expressions were hilarious. The images of the characters' faces edited everywhere, "yaranaika" got voted as the most popular Japanese internet slang in 2007 and it even got a song.

Tropes used in Kuso Miso Technique include:
  1. In other words, when something is "fucked up beyond belief".