The Immodest Orgasm

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"You can be as loud as the hell you want when you're making love."

When a woman has an orgasm, it can be very, very loud. As in, loud enough to break glass and drown out any other sound on the audiotrack. The louder the noises she makes, the more she's enjoying it, and hence the better the sex. Can result in hilarious moments when other people start taking notice of the noise.

The inversion of The Modest Orgasm. Often combined with Calling Your Orgasms. Compare The Grunting Orgasm, the Spear Counterpart.

Truth in Television for some people, but particularly over-the-top examples may result in Anatomically-Impossible Sex.

No real life examples, please; we don't care, because it doesn't matter from a storytelling point of view.

Examples of The Immodest Orgasm include:


Anime and Manga

Chachamaru: Still...Th-that sensation was the real thing... Negi-sensei's magical power... was so... so...

    • Asakura, on the other hand, knows exactly what she's doing, and appears very Semeish in doing so. Sayo just looks embarrassed, like she's walked in on them.
  • In the first episode of Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Tylor somehow manages to cause a psych-evaluation AI to have an orgasm, and as a result fries a fairly large sized defensive mainframe.
  • Soyogi from Umi no Misaki joins this trope without a bang, oddly enough.
  • Kanna, from Koe de Oshigoto! has these whenever she gets into her eroge trance, which lends to her becoming a talented eroge seiyuu, but causes extreme embarrassment as her co-workers know full well that her orgasms are both immodest and genuine.
  • Words Worth: Both Nina and Maria have one of these, with Astral. Nina's caused her back to arch and her tail to shoot straight in the air, before literally mewling! While Maria's was intense enough to make her wrap her legs around her rapist as she cried out, and caused her to faint!
  • A borderline case occurs in the One Piece anime, Boa Hancock gets glomped by Luffy (not for the usual reasons) and the result is... Interesting. Observe.
  • Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt's original soundtrack has the tracks "Pantscada" (used in the teaser trailer) and "Juice".
    • Used very frequently with Panty.
      • Gender inversion with Brief in the last episode, yelling Panty's name.
    • Another song from the second soundtrack has the track Beverly Hills Cock Part 2", which consists entirely of a man going, "Fuck, oh", with the occasional gasp.
  • In Kaiba, a woman named Parm is escorting the amnesaic hero somewhere, but borrows his body (not him, in this universe people can be put in and out of different bodies). She uploads her own memories on him and...uh, yeah. She is very loud. Then she explodes!
  • The image at the top is Kasuga's usual reaction when she gets praised from Kenshin. Yup.
  • In Rosario + Vampire, during Tsukune's training with Ruby, the two of them were chained together, and anytime Tsukune lost control over his power, the excess would get siphoned off into Ruby, causing a very painful experience. She loved it!
  • Ranma ½: There's an implied reference in the Fishing Rod of Love arc, a while after Ranma falls in love with Ryoga because of said rod.

Ryoga: You're awake!
Ranma: Of course! And now we're all alone.
Ryoga: Um... Yes... That was all part of the plan. No witnesses.
Ranma: *hugs him* Oh, you put it so romantically! We're in the middle of nowhere. Not a soul for miles around. We can cry, shout, or... scream... and no one will hear us!
Ryoga: *hits him* Down, boy! You're the only one that'll be screaming.

Comic Books

  • Empowered, also thanks to the fact that her super suit gives her multiple orgasms at the drop of a hat.
  • World star soprano Kriemhild Nastrowa in Wie Die Karnickel by Ralf König screams the usual "oh yes" thing during the procedure, and her orgasms are marked by her uttering snippets from arias. The trope is then played with: turns out Nastrowa has just as little restraint in an opera backstage locker as home - but after she has loudly finished, she defies the trope from her partner, warning him to even peep lest someone hears.
  • In Justice it is briefly suggested that Black Canary's orgasms are so loud, Green Arrow routinely wears earplugs during sex. (Canary's voice is a weapon, you see...)

Fan Works

  • My Immortal gave us "Oh mi fuking gud Draco!" among others.
  • Deserving is full of these, most notoriously "Dumbledorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!"
  • Nearly every fanfic with a sex scene involves this trope, often with capital letters, extended shouting of the other person's name as noted above, and not a little profanity.
  • Any Warhammer 40,000 fanfiction involving Howling Banshees.


  • In Delicatessen (1991) a couple is having sex on very creaky, noisy bedsprings in a large decaying wooden apartment block. The rhythm is infectious and as the camera (discreetly) jumps from room to room we see other activities, such as painting a ceiling, all take on the same beat. The climax comes in an orgasm audible throughout the building, loud enough to knock the painter right off his ladder.
    • The rhythm-imitating activities include a man pumping a bicycle tyre, an old woman knitting and rocking on her rocking chair, the butcher's daughter playing the cello and two brothers making sheep-imitating toys.
  • In Blazing Saddles, Lily Von Schtupp breaks into one of these during her Sex Face Turn with Sheriff Bart.
    • A cut line reveals she was sucking his elbow. There's probably a good reason they cut that.
  • Also from Mel Brooks and Madeline Kahn, parodied in Young Frankenstein by Elizabeth who is so pleased she starts singing.
  • At the beginning of Cabin Fever, the cliché horny couple retire to the bedroom for some horizontal aerobics. As the man's countdown gets close to blastoff, the woman flips on top of him. Though not explicitly show, it's implied she does some finger spelunking to the guy from behind. She asks him if he likes it, until he very loudly responds in the affirmative.
  • In When Harry Met Sally..., Sally proves to Harry the ability of women to effectively fake orgasms by doing one of these while she's eating breakfast with him. This elicits stares from the rest of the patrons; one woman (played by the director's mother) tells her waitress "I'll have what she's having!"
  • Warm Water Under A Red Bridge by Imamura Shohei features a woman whose orgasms are so spectacular, her vaginal fluids pour out like flowing water (hence the title).
  • In Fight Club, Marla begins to shake the house when she screws Tyler.
    • Well, in her defense, she hadn't been fucked like that since grade school.
  • In Amelie the heroine imagines how many women are having orgasm at a particular moment. This is represented by a montage of women moaning and wailing loudly - all except the last, who quietly mutters "ooh!"
    • "Quinze!"
    • Not to forget Georgette and Joseph having sex in the cafe's lavatory room. They are doing it so intensely, that the electric lights are flickering and the glasses on the bar are shaking. There is a loud scream, too. A textbook case of the trope.
    • Also, Amelie and Delicatessen? Same maker.
  • In Porky's, Ms. "Lassie" Honeywell (Kim Catrall) earned her nickname for a reason. She howls. Loud enough to disrupt class, even.
  • In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, two couples trying to outdo each other in loudness.
    • It's also subverted towards the beginning with the one-night-stand woman who just goes, "Mm. Mm. Mm," in a monotone, then says flatly, "I just came." She's not being sarcastic, she's just not that excited about it.
  • From Hong Kong, the early Stephen Chow movie All's Well Ends Well, already chock full of blatant references to Hollywood movies, manages a subtle but effective one of the 'I'll have what she's having' scene from When Harry Met Sally.... An Immodest Orgasm that resulted from a foot massage, no less.
  • Creepy (or hot) in The Stepford Wives, given that the woman in question was a robot.
  • In Gunmen starring Christopher Lambert and Mario van Peebles, Lambert's character has sex with a prostitute who is very, very loud. She is also credited as "Orgasmic Hooker". What, you think I'm lying?.
  • The Spanish horror film The Blood Spattered Bride includes a scene where two lesbian vampires make love very loudly. Justified in that the lesbians are offscreen, so the sex sounds are the viewer's only way to know what they're doing.
  • Baby Boy. Memorable since they were in the middle of a screaming argument and the scene cut directly to them having sex afterwards.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street: Tina and Rod climax, and Glen has to listen to it through the walls after he and Nancy decide not to have sex.

Glen: Morality sucks.

  • Played with in Enemy at the Gates; during the sex scene, Rachel Weisz's character is clearly experiencing a powerful orgasm which would normally lead to one of these, but because she and Jude Law's character are having sex in a crowded barracks surrounded by hundreds of soldiers it would be somewhat inconvenient and embarrassing for her to 'release' it, so he covers her mouth with his hand.
  • The events of Pleasantville take place in the world of a TV show. This world is rather flexible and responsive to strong human emotions, so when a female character has an orgasm for the first time on her life (it's a very tame show), a tree outside of her house spontaneously combusts (and the fire department knows not what to do, since there was never a fire on the show). Funnily, she never actually says anything dirtier than "Oh my goodness!"
  • In the early Michael J. Fox film The Secret of My Success, Fox's character Brantley has moved to the city and is living in a crappy apartment, complete with incredibly loud, horny neighbors. At one point, when they're getting it on while he's trying to work, he goes to the fridge for a beer, grabs a stick, and conducts them as if they were an orchestra. We know that they do this a lot because he can mouth along with their dirty talk, and cracks his (overflowing) beer right at the moment of climax. Then he sits down at his desk and says, "You guys were good tonight."
  • Disturbingly inverted in The Dirty Dozen: Maggot is surprised infiltrating the chateau by one of the German officers' lady friend. She tries to seduce him, but bad luck for her, it's the crazy misogynist of the bunch. She screams, he stabs her slowly, every German soldier in the house hears... but they all assume someone's having fun and laugh about it.
  • Stu and O.T. and the girls in the Corvette in Spring Break.
  • The Mädchen Mädchen films feature this:
    • In the first movie, Inken (who has, at this point, never had an orgasm) discovers that her bike has a serendipitously high seat.
    • The second movie has this happen to Inken again: after being thoroughly unsatisfied by a neighbour, she invokes this (by yelling and banging herself against the wall) to trick him into thinking she's having the best sex ever.
  • In 100 Girls, Patty has very loud orgasms, complete with screaming "Sweet leaping Jesus!".
  • Ruthless People: The prostitute having sex with Chief Benton:

Chief Benton: I like a woman who makes a lot of sound.
Prostitute: Well, i'll scream my head off if I want to, honey. It's your money.
Chief Benton: Yeah, my wife just lays there like a gunnysack.

    • Then when they proceed to 'get it on', her screams are so loud that it annoys Earl Mott who's taping them.
    • It gets worse. Throughout the film, her lusty screams inadvertantly get people thinking that the tape is of a murder! (It doesn't help that them man goes "More!" in a depraved voice as they lean out of the car window, either.)
  • In Beetlejuice the ghosts are trying to scare the mother by dressing in sheets and moaning loudly. The daughter in the next room yells to her parents to quiet down.
  • In The Fifth Element, the huge beam of light shooting out of Leeloo's mouth to stop the dark planet is essentially this turned Up to Eleven, as it turns out that the fifth element is not (as many assumed) the Power of Love; it was revealed by Word of God that the fifth element is in fact sex.
  • The two lovers in the airplane bathroom in Snakes on a Plane. Then the snakes attack and her screaming is for a different reason.

Stewardess: Man, he is good.

  • In My Super Ex-Girlfriend, the sex scene at the end finished with a hole in the wall.
  • In What Lies Beneath, the next door neighbors are having what Norman refers to as "Sexual Olympics".
  • Brazilian movie De Pernas pro Ar has it twice. First, when the protagonist, an unhappy workaholic, uses a bunny sex toy to get her first orgasm (complete with a dream sequence where she is a roller coaster with said bunny!). Then, when she goes to her son's soccer game wearing panties that vibrate with music. (starts at 2:02)
  • Nekromantik 2 plays with this a little, as the main character works in a studio that is dubbing grunts and orgasmic screams onto porn movies.
  • In I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, the cops are called to a report of sounds of animal abuse. When they arrive, they find Tucker Max having sex with a deaf girl.
  • Spoofed in Easy A, when Brandon wants people to think he's straight, so he asks Olive to fake having sex with him at a party. Humorous sound effects ensue.
  • In Network, Diana emits a bizarre squeal.
  • A couple of them occur in Hysteria, including to an opera singer who hits some very high notes.


  • In Michael Moorcock's Gloriana the titular queen is forever bemoaning the fact that she can't have orgasms, and because of the palace's peculiar acoustics the entire court can hear her. Of course, when she finally does the entire court gets to hear that as well.
  • In John Irving's The Hotel New Hampshire, there is a Running Gag about "Screaming Annie", the Viennese hooker who fakes very loud orgasms. It would later come out they were not fake.
  • Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series is all about the immodest orgasms. This woman shrieks like a banshee every time a man so much as looks at her, and it's amazing nobody near her home or the Circus has complained yet about the bloodcurdling orgasm screeches.
  • In The Culture novels, the titular Culture's members sometimes have body modifications that allow them to intensify their orgasms, sometimes drawing them out for tens of minutes to hours. One man who had only recently joined the Culture and was learning first hand about their promiscuity was horrified by the protracted writhing and screaming, imagining that his semen acted like some kind of acid to her species.
  • Frank Yerby's novel The Voyage Unplanned has a hilarious bit of comic relief when the hero's love interest accuses him of having induced this in another woman the night before. But the supposed other woman was a terrorist who tried to murder him, and the orgasmic screams actually came from the hotel room next to his. He proves this by banging on the wall and calling:

John: Hey, kids! Time's a-wasting! Or are you going to let one night wear you out?!
Unnamed girl: Eric! Oh my Gawd! The man next door! He - he heard us!

  • Anne McCaffrey's The Rowan give us a telepathic variant: The Rowan and her lover, Jeff Raven, are having "a late breakfast" in her quarters. Then Afra, her second-in-command, discreetly informs her that she's "broadcasting". (Most Primes like The Rowan live and work in the same complex)
  • The whore near the end of Michael Crichton's Pirate Latitudes uses this as a signal when she is being used to distract the villain.
  • One of the interviewees in David Foster Wallace's Brief Interviews With Hideous Men is compelled to shout "VICTORY FOR THE FORCES OF DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM!" whenever he achieves orgasm.
  • The title character of F.M. Busby's Rissa Kerguelen series is prone to this with her husband, and a bit self-conscious about it. At one point, she refuses to make love with him because someone else is bedding down fairly near to them. She tells hubby something along the lines of, "Only you have heard me in full response," and she means to keep it that way.
  • In Death series: Innocent In Death has Eve and Peabody being told that Craig Foster, a murder victim, and his wife, Lissette, had a lot of sex, and Lissette tended to do this a lot!

Live-Action TV

  • On one episode of QI (first episode of season B) Alan Davies had this sound effect as his buzzer, in that show's tradition of (almost) always giving him the embarrassing buzzer sound effect.
  • Occurs at various times on Sex and the City, usually with Samantha (also played by Kim Catrall) who hit a high note that transitioned into an Opera scene. Something of a male version occurred when Charlotte was seeing a guy who, when coming, shouted "You FUCKING bitch, you FUCKING whore!" He was actually completely unaware of doing so until Charlotte pointed it out.
  • In Farscape John bangs on the wall and makes shouting sounds to annoy Rygel. Aeryn tells him he was actually louder than that.
    • No mention of the time John walked in on D'Argo and Chiana while she was screaming? (He might not have made that mistake if the walls on Moya were thinner.)
  • Played with in Rome, where Titus Pullo and Cleopatra (yes, her) are both pretty damn noisy during sex—but they're completely drowned out by Cleopatra's slaves, who set up an incredibly loud ululation to celebrate the occasion (and, presumably, to drown out the noise).
    • Atia is also quite loud. Her daughter imitates this at least once when she's gotten irritated with her mother's shenanigans. There's also at least one scene where the camera cuts to different rooms of the house and the various house members reacting to her moans and screams.

Mark Antony: (to Atia) She has you exactly.

  • There's a variety show in Taiwan[context?] with a cooking segment, where the guests' reactions upon tasting the good food is accompanied by a romantically-charged Korean theme song. It's more of a ploy to get O-faces out of the predominantly attractive female guests.
  • Hilariously spoofed on Spaced when Tim and Daisy make fake "sex noises" in order to keep up the ruse that they're a couple.
    • At one point, Tim starts doing this while Daisy is on the phone with her long-distance boyfriend from HellHull.
  • It's been spoofed on numerous shows when the couple in question (often faking that they're in a relationship) for whatever reason wants others to think that they're having sex. Example: Beverley Hills, 90210. David and Valerie are pretending to get back together in order to make Donna and Noah, respectively, jealous enough to want them back. So they take her headboard and spend what seems like hours banging it against her wall.
  • Slightly inverted Spin City. Mike apologizes to Stacy that his amorous neighbors can be heard Right Through the Wall. We hear said neighbors for a second. Stacy is filled with pity when she says "You think that's loud? Oh, Mike."
  • In The Newsroom episode "Slow Leak", it is revealed that Jim Walcott's fiancé has such loud orgasms she lost her apartment due to noise complaints.
  • Happens often in Rescue Me. Of particular note is the episode in season 5, when Tommy and Janet make so much noise that everyone in the bed-and-breakfast comes out to the hall to see what's going on, just in time to see them break down the door.
  • The self-censorship of Ted in How I Met Your Mother results in the description of The Immodest Orgasm with the Unusual Euphemism of "playing bagpipes". So instead of loud grunts and headboards hitting walls, the audience just hears bagpipes.
    • "Shut the bagpipes up!"
  • In a Caroline in The City episode, Richard complains that he hasn't gotten any sleep for a week because the couple in the apartment above him has been having loud sex practically nonstop. He finally gets to talk to the man who lives above him and asks if he and his wife can tone the volume of their sex down a bit because he hasn't gotten any sleep for a week. The man replies that he's been out of town for a week. One dawning realization later, Richard scampers away embarrassed while the now angry man goes back into the apartment to confront his wife.
  • In Star Trek: Voyager, B'Elanna catches Seven making notes about her relationship with Paris, and demands to know how Seven knew when they were having "intimate relations". Seven replies that everyone in that section of the ship knew.
  • Played with by Commander Ivanova in an episode of Babylon 5, when she needed to fake having sex with an alien ambassador. Cue Ivanova in a sexy piece of eveningwear dancing in circles around the confused ambassador singing nonsense before screaming YES YES YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!
    • You can tell if someone is a Babylon 5 fan or not by casually mentioning "Ivanova's sex scene". If they start snickering, they're a fan.
  • Doctor Who: River Song alludes to this when she claims in "The Impossible Astronaut" that she can be quite a screamer, adding "Now there's a spoiler for you."
  • Ross from Friends is implied to be an offender:

Monica: (to Rachel, wanting to distract Ross from something they did) The second that Ross walks in that door, I want you take him back to your bedroom and do whatever it is that you do that makes him go "reeee!!"
Rachel: (talking about how Ross refuses to check out of a hotel early) One time Ross and I were at a hotel and we got a late check out. Ross was so happy, it was the best sex we ever had! ...That is until he screamed out "RADISSON" at the end.

    • And Phoebe seems to be this as well—they actually overhear her with the guy upstairs at one point, much to their discomfort.

Rachel: Pheebs, the ceiling tiles were falling down.

    • Monica once did it without any stimulus whatsoever when teaching Chandler about female erogenous zones:

Monica: Seven... four-five... seven... SEVEN... SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN

  • Seinfeld. George gets to hire a secretary. Despite choosing the least attractive applicant for the position, they end up having sex behind George's desk anyway. "I'm giving you a RAAAAAAISE!"
  • 1000 Ways to Die: Whenever there's a sexy female in "interesting" activities, this will happen.
    • Deconstructed in one sequence, featuring a girl named Lucy with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. While she was still a very attractive girl, we see that going into these in a regular basis due to her problem is very much a liaison in her normal life... even more so when Lucy's abusive boyfriend Seth took to provoking her into having those for his own amusement. Needless to say, Seth became the Asshole Victim of the case: when he sent Lucy into a spasm while atop of a flight of stairs, Lucy accidentally hit him across the face and sent him down to a Death by Falling Over.
  • An episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! was all about orgasms and how to achieve them. Needless to say, this episode was littered with this trope.


  • "∞" ("Infinity") by Aphrodite's Child. Five full minutes of actress Irene Papas chanting and moaning and screaming in ecstasy. (It's supposedly edited down from a 37-minute continuous take!) "I was, I am, I am to come," indeed.
  • "Love to Love You Baby", in which Donna Summer moans, sighs, and screams ecstatically as the song reaches its climax.
    • "Twist" by Goldfrapp is a similar case.
  • One of the songs from Cradle of Filth mixes a woman having an I.O. with the same woman screaming in terror, all with a bunch of gothic music playing in the background. The effect is... interesting.
    • That's Venus in Fear. The concept album on the whole was about Countess Bathory, who as rumours have it was a bit inclined to her own gender. She was a mass murderer for sure.
  • Pink Floyd's "The Great Gig in the Sky" is considered to be one by a few people.
    • It may not be Freudian at all. Although feedback is mixed, it's believed that the band told Clare Torry (the original vocalist in the song) to sing as if she were having an orgasm.
  • "Stab Me In The Back" and, of course, "Orgasm" by X Japan. Toshi primarily on lead vocal for either of these songs, and more so on Stab Me In The Back. That said, in live performance, hide could definitely hold his own on backing vocal for either of these songs. Though the panting on the recorded track of "Orgasm" is actually Yoshiki's.
  • "Black Sunshine" by Rob Zombie/White Zombie, but that's because it's part of a recording of rape.
    • Also, "More Human Than Human"
  • "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin. It has an orgasm section with the moans of Robert Plant which, according to Wikipedia, begins at 1:24 and lasts until 3:02.
  • "The Whipping Haus" by William Control; the song has an orgasm going on constantly in the background. The same "ongoing orgasm" thing was revisited in the song "All Due Restraint" in the second album.
  • Dance Dance Revolution actually has a few of these sprinkled in if you listen carefully...
    • "Oh Nick Please Not So Quick" by E-rotic is full of moaning and breathy vocals ending with an orgasm cry of "NICKY!"
    • "Sexy Planet" by Crystal Aliens uses female orgam cries as a musical instrument over synthesizers
    • "So many Men so Little Time" by Me & My is punctuated by suspicious gasps and moans between vocals.
    • "Do it all night" by A-Team, oh yeaaaaaaah.
  • The slow part of INSERTiON has this.[context?]
  • Guns N' Roses' "Rocket Queen" features actual orgasmic moans, by a woman having sex with Axl in the studio. The one responsible for the recording is jokingly credited in the album's liner notes as "Victor 'the fucking engineer' Deyglio".
    • As does "Welcome to the Jungle", cut from the same recording session.
  • Jackyl's "Dirty Little Mind."
  • "The Astronomer" by Vermillion Lies has the singer do an Immodest Orgasm at the end. Especially funny because she's getting off on thinking about the solar system.
  • "Horny As Hell" by The Neon Judgement has a male, somewhat distorted Immodest Orgasm at the end.
  • Any given live version of "Ghost of You" or "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" by My Chemical Romance. Also, the "crying" at the end of most live versions of "Mama" turns into those kinds of noises too.
    • The studio and live versions of "Destroya" have moans similar to this.
  • The last two minutes of the song "HEROIN" by the Jrock band Vidoll are basically this.
  • On Blue Amazon's Javelin album, "The Runner" and the beginning of the title track have orgasmic moaning. Btw, the album title is a potential euphemism for the male private part.
  • One of the most erotic recordings ever made prior to 1970 is "You're the Boss" by Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret in which Ann-Margret purrs like she's having an orgasm throughout the song. Little surprise RCA refused to release it until the 1990s.
  • German Punkrock band Die Ärzte have a song called 'Sweet Sweet Gwendoline which basically is about bondage and has a woman expressing pleasure in loud screams throughout the second half.
  • Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf. It starts by inserting some heavy breathing in the middle of the song, then it goes into full-blown background moans.

Music Video

  • Spoofed in Jizz in My Pants by The Lonely Island.
  • Evan Rachel Wood demonstrates this (albeit with music covering up the sounds) during the sex scene that opens the uncensored version of Marilyn Manson's "Heart-Shaped Glasses". The clip, shot while the two were a real-life couple, joins the storied list of sex scenes that have sparked endless debate as to "did they or didn't they" do it for real.


  • A piece in The Vagina Monologues was about various ways and means women moan during sex, featuring an array of all orgasms immodest.
  • Avenue Q: "You can be as loud as the hell you want when you're making love."
    • Also an example of the male variant, as hilariously demonstrated by Princeton.

Princeton: Don't put your finger there -- Ooooouuuooohhh! -- PUT YOUR FINGER THERE!!

  • In Out Of Gas On Lover's Leap, the sex happens entirely off stage, but the audience knows what's going on thanks to this trope.
  • In The Well of Horniness, every time the title of the play is mentioned—which is often—the line goes, "The Well--[immodest orgasm noise off-stage]--of Horniness."

Video Games

  • One of the early mods for Unreal Tournament allowed you to change the nature of the Announcer's voice. One of which was "Orgasmic", which consisted of a lady getting more and more excited as your 'performance' improves....
    • Of course, we later find out that she's a spy working for the CIA, and was assigned to befriend Niko due to his illegal entry into the country, and his ties with Organized Crime and Terrorism.
  • In the Æon Flux video game, Sithandra is somehow altered by Trevor Goodchild so that she interprets pain as pleasure. The lethal electric shock Aeon gives her gives her a long, loud orgasm.
  • During one of the missions in the final chapter of the Aribeth's Redemption Neverwinter Nights module series, Aribeth (the player's wife) is forced to fake being raped by an undercover agent by making very loud noises to keep up both their disguises.
  • In Mafia, player character Thomas Angelo is tasked with visiting a brothel and performing a hit on the brothel's manager and one of its girls. Players who approach locked bedroom doors closely may hear...interesting things.
  • Madison fakes one of these in Heavy Rain in order to prevent a guard from entering the room where she's interrogating their boss. The sound, combined with the face made by said boss, makes it into a Crowning Moment of Funny
  • A cut line in Dragon Age has Leliana insulting Morrigan by suggesting that the Grey Warden is attracted to her because she "screams like a genlock being murdered", presumably during sex. During the player's relationship with Zevran, Wynne will also comment that half the camp hasn't been getting any sleep.
  • The A Weekend in Paradise version of Postal 2 includes a semi-hidden porn clip. If you go to the college and enter one of the offices, a TV showing a clip of Tera Patrick having sex can be seen (and heard).
  • One Optional Sexual Encounter in The Witcher occurs in a supposedly-haunted mill at night. The woman is loud enough that we get a scene of a couple of dockhands speculating on what sort of monster has moved into the mill, and whether they should send a Witcher in after it.
  • The first Deus Ex game: in a rundown hotel, someone having a moaning good time can be heard behind one of the doors. Not even the sounds of explosions and pitched battle (caused by the player) seems to affect this.
    • Go back and re-visit that same area the final time you're in New York City at all. Nothing changes.
  • Haunting Ground: If Fiona is done-in by Daniella's impalement attack, you get treated to this game over screen. Unlike the other examples here, it's Nightmare Fuel, what with the blade and flesh sounds and all.
  • The censored cutscene when walking into a prostitute's room in Jagged Alliance 2.
  • In Portal 2, after returning to the present-day Aperture Laboratories and being press-ganged into performing tests within the now-crumbling complex by Wheatley, the completion of the test chambers has Wheatley outright moaning and remarking on the experiences, later saying that the player character needs to do more tests because he's not "feeling it" after a while. GLaDOS explains that the main computer is programmed so that any AI placed into it experiences a euphoric high for completing scientific testing, complete with addiction and a gradually increasing tolerance that requires testing to more extremes to reach the same high. She claims that she was "only in it for the science" and that she has the intellect needed to resist it. Sure, GLaDOS, whatever you say..
    • And then there was GLaDOS's YEAH! YEAH YEAH! during Johnson's epic lemon rant...
    • And who could corget about the memetastic shouts of the Space Core?
    • Space? Space!? SPAAAAACE!
  • The Announcer (Helen) in Team Fortress 2, during the end of a Payload map. YEEEEES! THE CART HAS ALMOST REACHED THE FINAL TERMINUS! HAHA!
  • A very creepy version of this occurs in FEAR 2. As Alma is raping a restrained and hallucinating Becket, she makes sounds that are somewhat like these, but hideously distorted and inhuman sounding. Listen here and then go change your undies.
  • In Klax the female AI would react this way to certain moves sounding more orgasmic for each subsequent response.
    • 4 Klax: Ooh!
    • 5 Klax: Yeah!
    • 6 Klax or a crossing the board X formation: OOOH YEAHHHH!!!!
  • In Mass Effect 3, Shepard in a romance with Tali hints at this during some Casual Danger Dialogue.

Shepard: Let me know if it gets too quiet on the Normandy and I'll find you someplace louder
Tali: Hmmmm...

Web Comics

  • Xkcd: Loud Sex. The One With... the elliptical reflector dish.
  • The Widow (spinoff of Dreamwalk Journal): as part of their ritual combat, a humanoid wasp gets a pleasure-inducing sting from a humanoid spider (while a humanoid fly looks on... BTW, they all happen to be female). The result is not only immodest but results in explosive secretions. Totally NSFW, as if you hadn't guessed.
  • One morning in Fans, Rikk and Rumy try fingering. Cut to Ally in the next room, being woken up by "OOOOOOH! OHHHH!" and deciding to go to work early that day.

Web Original

  • The creators of Beautiful Agony claim that they made their site to counteract the extreme, over-the-top, faked orgasms that they commonly found in porn (see "Porn" above). However, they don't entirely avert this trope, as some of the videos on the site do indeed feature the uploaders engaging in immodest orgasms.
  • In one chapter of Tales of MU, protagonist Mack orgasms so spectacularly she sets herself on fire! To be fair, she's a half-Horny Devil.

Western Animation

  • Parodied in Drawn Together, where Foxxy Love's orgasm is approximately equivalent to a nuclear explosion.
  • In Moral Orel, Bloberta uses a hand-held jackhammer to help get off. Her screams are a mix of pleasure and pain.
  • The Simpsons: The episode "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love", has one scene in which Homer injects himself with Mr. Burns' aphrodisiac. Then it cuts to Homer rushing up the stairs carrying Marge in a lustful manner. Then cuts to a post-sex scene:

Marge: Oh, Homie that was amazing. Oh, I hope the kids didn't hear us.
[Bart and Lisa in their bedrooms looking shocked with their eyes open]
Ned: [also shocked with his eyes open] Wow.

    • Happens again in "Homer the Father". Only now Ned, Rod, and Todd are affected.
  • Pickles in The Oblongs. JIMINY CRICKET!