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  • And the Fandom Rejoiced - Liz releasing a disc of Girlysound songs with the physical release of Funstyle. It was the first official release to include material from the tapes since Juvenilia.
  • Big Name Fan – Ken Lee, who runs a fan site that Liz is very fond of. He interviewed Liz twice, and sent her a list of what songs she should include on the upcoming Girlysound disc. She almost entirely used it.
  • Broken Base - Those who only like her indie phase, those who only like her pop-rock phase, and those who like both.
    • "Bollywood." Naturally, there are people who hate Liz's odd foray into hip-hop. Others find it a clever and witty song about how she became a scorer.
  • Critical Dissonance - Liz Phair made her a piñata for critics, but "Why Can't I?", the album's lead single, gave Liz her only Top 40 hit to date. Oddly subverted, considering that it's popular with people who aren't/weren't familiar with her indie queen past.
  • Crosses the Line Twice – "White Babies", which is about the protagonist getting someone to bring her white babies from the black market.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny:

Ken (the interviewer): For the record, when I first heard "U Hate It", I immediately thought of Chicago critic Jim DeRogatis.
Liz: Well I am absolutely positively 500% sure he does, in fact, hate it.

    • We can't find out though, because DeRogatis never reviewed the album...
    • Also this:

I keep threatening to do "Bollywood" in between songs, if something goes wrong with the equipment or if the guys are busy behind me. Then I’d be, like, "I was trippin’ lookin’ at my port-foh-lee-ah …" Half because it would make people laugh and half because for people who can’t handle that sound, they’ll be like, "(Gasp), She isn’t!"

  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Exile in Guyville didn't get mounds of critical praise for nothing. whitechocolatespaceegg is awesome too.
  • Ear Worm
    • Everytime I see your face, I think of things unpure, unchaste. I want to fuck you like a dog. I'll take you home and make you like it.
    • Fuck and run! Fuck and run! Even when I was se-ven-teen.
    • Give it to me, don't give it away!
      • Gimme your hot white cum~
    • Let's smoke all night!
    • Wanna take a look? Take a look.
    • He's got a really big tongue. It rolls waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out.
      • I am just your ordinary average everyday sane psycho supergoddess.
    • Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you?
    • "Do you wanna be a polyester bride?"
    • Johnny Feelgood, Johnny Right On...
    • Oh baby, know what you're like?
      • You're like my favorite underwear! It just feels right, you know it.
    • If you asked me why I lie to you...
    • The six dick pimp is just doing his job...
    • Baby, baby, baby, if it's al-riiiiight,
    • 'Cause you're a human supernova...
  • Fan Dumb - Let's just say that "fans" conveniently forget that whitechocolatespaceegg is also a form of pop.
  • First Album Wins
  • Misblamed - Matador Records dumped Liz onto Capitol Records, who wouldn't give her money to record an album unless she worked with mainstream producers and made a pop album. Despite this, "fans" still whine about how she willingly and completely "sold out."
  • Needs More Love - If you were to look at Liz Phair & Somebody's Miracle for what they are instead of what they "should" be, then they are in dire need of being appreciated & loved.
  • Painful Rhyme - In "U Hate It":

Uh oh, I think I'm a genius
Uh oh, you're being a penis [1]

  • Sophomore Slump - Whip-Smart wasn't as critically acclaimed as Exile in Guyville.
  • Tear Jerker
    • "Little Digger". It's about her son coping with her new boyfriend after she splits up with his dad. 'Now you're thinking little thoughts about it, taking every inch of him in. What does it mean when something changes how it's always been? And in your head you keep repeating the line, 'My mother is mine.'."
    • "Divorce Song".

And the license said you had to stick around until I was dead
But if you're tired of looking at my face, I guess I already am

  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks - Pretty much every post-Exile in Guyville album, but 2003's blatantly, unapologetically commercial Liz Phair especially alienated her established fanbase.
  • Tough Act to Follow - After Exile in Guyville, critics certainly think so.
  • What the Hell, Casting Agency? – Liz, known for singing songs about fellatio and sexual promiscuity, appeared on The Body Rocks, an album about teaching bodily functions to kids. She was asked to perform by her friend and main driving force of the album Doc Dauer, though. She's not a stranger to singing about bodily functions either.
  1. 'Penis' is pronounced "penius" to rhyme with 'genius.'