Lupin III/Recap/S4/E1

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Lupin is spying on the Frauline Hoyle Cult's wedding ceremony. The cult leader produces ash from his fingers that drive his followers into euphoria. However, the buxom bride drugs the cult leader by feeding him a pill during their kiss. She is making her way, with the cult leader, toward his inner sanctum when Lupin announces his presence by blowing up a few chandeliers as a distraction. The bride draws a pistol on Lupin, but he reacts as expected. Unfortunately, the cult leader traps them and hits both with his ash.

They wake up in a cell, both to be executed the next morning. The bride is, of course, Mine Fujiko, and they already know each other by reputation. Both are after the drug and find a rivalry more interesting than a partnership. Fujiko distracts Lupin by stripping, only to summon the guards and have him removed. She then seduces the remaining guard. In the morning, both fake their executions; Lupin uses a dummy while Fujiko had the guard take her place. Lupin finds and disarms Fujiko, proposing they race to see who can get the drug first, and they escape separately.

Fujiko infiltrates the cult leader's harem disguised as one of his wives. At gunpoint, she forces him to lead her to the drug manufacturing plant. However, she gets ambushed by mooks and only to be saved by Lupin, who smuggled himself back into the island compound in a crate. Fujiko tags Lupin with glow-in-the-dark lipstick and shoots out the light. Despite the initial advantage, Lupin gains the upper hand in their duel and tackles her. However, the imminent arrival of Zenigata means it's time to escape; Lupin called the Old Man here with a calling card. Lupin has attached rockets to the giant statue made of the crystalline drug and uses it to smash his way out. A battle of oneupmanship lands both Lupin and Fujiko in the drink while the statue dissolves on its way to the bottom of the ocean. Zenigata has captured the cult leader as he tried to sneak away, but Lupin is lost among the cultists who jump into the spreading pool of happy drugged water.

Fujiko rumbles off on her motorcycle only see that Lupin has drawn a calling card on her left thigh: he will steal Mine Fujiko. Lupin has finally found a cure for his boredom.