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Mànhuà (Traditional: 漫畫 Simplified: 漫画) is the general term for Chinese-language comics and print cartoons, and is applied both to works originally written in Chinese, and translated comics. The Chinese characters for manhua are identical to those used for Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa.

Although manhua were widely published and read in China from the 1920's, often with political or satirical content, modern works have mainly been published in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Today, manhua can be found on sale anywhere with a large Chinese-speaking population.

The art style in manhua is generally more naturalistic than is typical of Japanese manga, and normally drawn in full colour. Like manga, but unlike manhwa, Chinese manhua are normally read from right to left.

Subtrope of Sequential Art. Compare with Comic Books, Manga, Manhwa, and OEL Manga.