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Forceful Kiss at its finest. Too bad Yuno's watching...
  • Future Diary: Akise Aru really really likes Yukiteru. He's shown to be immensely interested in him, and follows him around, sticking his nose into Yukiteru's business. Not to mention the new development, which looks like a sort of form of Murder the Hypotenuse, where he tries to get Yuno away from Yukiteru by digging up dirt on Yuno and exposing her secret to Yukiteru. Really, the most probable explanation for why he would go through the trouble of doing that is because he likes Yukiteru. Not to mention the Alternate Universe spin-off, Mirai Nikki: Paradox, in which it's shown outright that he fell in love with Yukiteru at first sight, and sort of "replaces" Yuno as being the Yandere that kills and fights so that Yukiteru can become God. When asked by Murumuru if he's gay, he tells her he's not - he just loves Yukiteru.
    • Murumuru suspects he is gay because of his strange actions around a recovering Yukiteru, and in both the Paradox and original, he thinks Yukiteru is cute. In Paradox, when he sees Yukiteru for the first time, his heart thumps, causing him to wonder out loud "Is this love?" leading to confusion on Murumuru's part. In chapter 17 of Mirai Nikki, Akise admits in secret to Yuno that he likes Yukiteru beyond friendship, leading her to panic momentarily when he purposely wraps his arm around Yukiteru's waist (or even appears to touch his ass) to aggravate her.
    • In chapter 48 Akise admits to Deus that his love for Yukiteru is genuine.
    • As it turns out, his love for Yukiteru was apparently part of Deus's will as his creator. Which really makes you wonder about Deus himself.
    • However Akise is so desperate to prove his independence from Deus' will, that he claims a future diary and gets to remain as a human. He then attempts to convince Yuki that Yuno is using him and is trying to kill him. All out of love for Yukiteru.
      • In chapter 50 Akise tells Yukiteru that he wants to protect him no matter what and for that reason states that he should've killed Yuno when he had the chance, glares at Yuno when she shows up, declares "I won't hand Yukiteru over to you!", and forcefully kisses Yukiteru. He then tries to destroy Yuno's diary when she pulls a knife on him out of anger at seeing Akise kiss Yukiteru.
      • And Yuki didn't react negatively to the kiss either, just surprised.
      • In chapter 51 Akise texts an important message to Yukiteru out of love for Yukiteru despite getting decapitated by Yuno.
        • In the anime while he does that he calls Yukiteru "my beloved Yukiteru."
    • There's also Mao, who's not-so-secretly in love with Hinata - she can't stop looking at/thinking about/lusting after/recording in a diary Hinata's impressive bust (for a 14-year-old).
    • At one point Hinata says "Forgive me. I hope I didn't take advantage of your feelings," when she gets Mao into a bad situation. Mao also teases Hinata a little when she becomes chummy with Yukiteru.
    • Mao taking a picture of Hinata in her underwear.

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