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They're just friends. Really close friends.

Narrator: And don't forget the Yaoi Fangirl bait. Wait, what yaoi fangi... ooooh wait, there it is, I see it.


Anime and Manga characters acting "just friendly" with one another? Ha! You wish.

Compare examples of Ho Yay in other media.

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  • Arashi no Yoru ni. Wow. To clarify: the movie is about a very close relationship between a wolf and a goat. Views are divided about whether or not it was intended as a subtextual Queer Romance, but this divide is almost entirely along the lines of people who saw the movie first vs. people who had been reading the children's books for years before. The books since 1994 had (without comment) been intentionally keeping Mei's gender ambiguous, and most readers quietly assumed that Mei was female, and that Mei and Gabu were a heterosexual romance. The film completely erased this ambiguity, and not only was Mei revealed as unmistakably male, but the creator revealed that he'd always originally envisioned Mei as male -- his gender just wasn't all that critical to the story either way. As a result, most fans are entirely comfortable with Mei and Gabu in a Queer Romance, with most of the opposition to this notion coming from more recent viewers of the film who might find it less appropriate to accept a Queer Romance since they hadn't already long since because fans of their epic love.


  • A Certain Scientific Railgun‍'‍s main Ho Yay moments are mostly restricted to Mikoto being openly molested by Schoolgirl Lesbian Kuroko. But there are subtle signs between Saten and Uiharu as well... especially in the third special episode where Saten, under the effects of an aphrodisiac intended for Mikoto, starts behaving like Kuroko... towards Uiharu! And let's not forget all the skirt-flipping and occasional feeling up either.
    • Then there's the crush Miho (the "Dummy Check" girl with the huge eyebrows) is implied to have on Saten, complete with exchanging letters and doing the usual Gibberish of Love/Cannot Spit It Out routine around her.


  • Destroy and Revolution: Yuuki has a bit of a thing for Makoto that he he can't put into words, something that keeps drawing him back time and time again even though he swears he never swung that way before. There's a bit of playful flirting on his behalf, "What do you want from my Makoto?" and the like, enjoying eliciting flustered reactions from Makoto. There's something strangely sweet about it until you remember that the series is about two teenaged terrorists.
    • "Friends? We're not some as fragile as that. We are one, Makoto."
  • In DRAMAtical Murder there's some HoYay subtext in the anime/manga considering the game is of the boys love genre with some of the material being toned down. In one scene Noiz pushes Aoba against the wall from behind and then kisses Aoba on the lips.
    • There's also Koujaku's crush on Aoba. Also, in episode 1 two girls get hearts in their eyes when looking at Koujaku but glare at Aoba jealously when he shows up.
    • Plus, Clear's undying loyalty towards Aoba who he calls his "master" and likes to hug. As well as Aoba taking a shot at a bad guy in episode 5 for Clears sake.
    • Virus and Trip have something towards Aoba ever since he played them in Rhyme.
    • Ren and Aoba are always together.
    • Mink gets really close to Aoba's face and grabs him by the hair. In episode 6 when Koujaku asks him what he intends to do with Aoba, Mink states he doesn't need to know, and Koujaku responds by reaching for his sword and threatening, "You want me to make it so you can never talk again?"
    • In episode 7 Aoba faints into Ryuho and the angle makes his face level with his crotch. Ryuho grabs Aoba's face gently and tells him to stay with him. When Aoba comes to Ryuho states he's going to put a tattoo in Aoba's skin and says that when he pierces his skin with the needle he will put his soul into it. He has also lifted up Aoba's shirt and caresses his lower back and gets behind him but Koujaku shows up. Aoba goes into Koujakus mind to save him, Koujaku carries him home after they have a heartfelt conversation and sits beside Aoba while he's sleeping. Aoba calls him his hero as always and they hold hands and smile fondly at one another.
    • In the episodes focused on each character's backstory Aoba gets this with the other guys.


  • El-Hazard: The Magnificent World: Alielle and Fatora sexually harass many women, particularly Shayla-Shayla.
    • There's also a very good deal of it between the girls in The Wanderers TV series. We have Nanami and Rune Venus, Ifurita and Rune Venus, Ifurita, Nanami and Rune Venus, Nanami and Shayla-Shayla, Nanami and Alielle, and Shayla-Shayla and Afura Mann.
  • In first volume of the manga version of Eureka Seven, Anemone once has Eureka captive and winds up chatting with her while sharing cake with her, talking about "yummy things" and how she thinks Eureka herself is "yummy". She even says that what she's saying sounds like "a sleazy pick-up line". In the second volume, there's another sequence with the two together, sharing their feelings with one another, with the chapter opening with a suggestive artwork of them.
  • Excel Saga plays this oh so much with Excel and Hyatt, more or less unavoidable given that they live together and that they just loved placing Hyatt with all kinds of innuendo. The final episode of the anime, "Going Too Far", brings it to its logical conclusion with a bodyswap, Excel admiring Hyatt's breasts, briefly falling in love with each other's own bodies, and their... attempts to revert the process.
    • The manga gives some one-sided Les Yay from Elgala towards Excel, trying to fondle and kiss her while drunk, and getting clobbered for her troubles. Much later the trope is parodied when the two are trapped underwater, and Excel appears to give Elgala the Kiss of Life. Afterwards it turns out that she sucked all the air out of her lungs instead, and still complains about her passing out.


  • Fate/stay night is already covered under video games, but the anime does far more than the game with one pairing. For quite a while around mid-series, it really looks like Rin Tohsaka has a thing for Sakura Matou. Even the second OP suggests this. Of course, players of the game knew what the anime eventually reveals rather vaguely: they're actually sisters, but in the anime, only Rin knows.
    • If you aren't aware of Archer's relationship to Shirou, his entire death scene, which is interspersed with flashbacks of his younger self, is frankly very suspicious.
    • The prequel novel has a fair amount present as well, which the anime only adds to.
      • For one thing, Saber and Irisviel seem to become very close, call each other "knight" and "princess", and have scenes involving hand-holding in a very romantic way.
      • Kirei's single-minded obsession with Kiritsugu makes him border on being a Stalker with a Crush, with the way he constantly thinks of him in his free time, pines to meet with him, and thinks of Kiritsugu as the solution to all his problem, and gives a brutal beating to both his wife and another woman who has romantic feelings for him.
      • The infamous scene in the end of episode 6 is the most memorable thing in the fans' minds from it, with Kirei coming into his room to find Gilgamesh on his couch in a flirtatious pose, drinking and complimenting his wine, and speaking in a suggestive tone of voice, giving him bedroom eyes while they have a conversation about pleasure. That, and some very suspiciously symbolic hand placement. The fact that Fate Stay Night already established that they live together for the next ten years after Zero ends doesn't help either.


  • Game X Rush: Memori and Yuuki have SO much between them. Also, the judo team ("Can I call you 'Big Brother'?!"), the G-ing bodyguards, and the male kids at the elementary school become big fans of Memori.
  • Ga-Rei Zero: Yomi and Kagura. (later becomes Foe Yay) Especially noticable in this scene in episode 4 where they kiss after eating Pocky. Also, after that scene the Invisible to Gaydar driver Iwahata tells Sakuraba while blushing that he has a nice ass. Sakuraba stutters and tells him not to look at him that way.
  • In Generator Gawl, somehow, with nothing said outright, the English dub manages to convey the impression that Koji and Ryo are married, with Gawl as their Keet boytoy/son.
  • Ghost Hound. This troper cannot be the only one seeing some kind of onesided thing from Masayuki directed at... well, everyone, but mostly Taro.
  • Girls Bravo: There is one episode (episode 6 season 2) where main character Yukinari is forced to dress up as a girl, in order to host a gaming tournament. His disguise is so convincing that even Handsome Lech Fukuyama mistakes him for a pretty girl, flirts with him, and grabs his crotch before discovering he's actually a boy.
    • In that same episode Kirie gropes Koyomi in order to garner attention from the audience. Also, at the beginning of the episode Miharu and Koyomi wash each other, Miharu comments on how beautiful Koyomi is and gropes her.
    • In the anime Kosame develops a Psycho Lesbian-type attraction towards Kirie after she fights her. Also, Hijiri has been obsessed with Miharu since childhood but after being defeated by Kirie in a fight she starts lusting after her instead. They both express their affections towards Kirie by resorting to attempted Black Comedy Rape.
    • The second episode of season two features an all-girl kickbocking tournament set up by ultra pervert, yuri fanboy Fukuyama. Then there's the mud wrestling match between Kosame and Kirie who both wear nothing save for skimpy white bikini's. Lots of muddy groping ensues. Also, Kosame gets close to Kirie, blushes, tells her "I do hope that you can satisfy me" and kisses Kirie on the cheek and later on her lips.
  • Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun: Episode 3 features Reika enlisting the help of her family's special forces (an army of muscular men) who dress up in maid costumes, gowns, and bunny costumes to intimidate Mayu. However her plan goes awry when Shungo comes to save Mayu and each time the weird muscular guys ignore Mayu in favor of Shungo. They crowd around Shungo and swoon with accompanied leering, even touching him flirtatiously, saying such things like, "Ooh, a very pretty boy!", "You must join our bunnies boot camp and become one with us in mind and body!", "This master here is my type!", and "We have to accompany you in any way we can. All of you." Needless to say, Shungo is understandably horrified.
    • Also, Mayu's older brother Mikihiro towards Shungo. He often goes out of his way to playfully tease him by getting in his face (literally), cornering him when no one's around, holding him close to his body so he can't get away when dragging him off to train, and even stalking him.
    • To a lesser extent, Shungo's friends Yoshida and Inoue act like fanboys in regards to Shungo sometimes, are fond of ambushing Shungo and tying him up without his consent, when they want him to participate in one of their many schemes.
    • Ryoko really enjoys molesting Reika and dragging her off, despite Reika's protests that she doesn't swing that way...
    • In the last episode Reika trips, falls on top of an unconscious Mayu, and ends up kissing her which leads to Mayu waking up, asking Reika why she was kissing her and then calling her a lesbian, including accusing her of liking it whenever Ryoko molests her.
    • One of Hinako's favorite hobbies, other than sexually harassing Shungo, appears to be skinship groping Mayu.
    • Hinako takes this Up to Eleven in Episode 8 when she strips and forces Mayu into a swimsuit and apron while cooking ramen. Irori subsequently walks in on them and then the two of them force her into one too. Later when Shinobu shows up, the three of them force her into one as well and at this point they're all doing with way more gusto than required. To top it off just before Shungo returns home with ingredients for the ramen, they've been thinking certain thoughts about how big and hard that wooden spoon they're stirring the ramen with is. And they certainly don't spare many details on the individual stripping of each girl, mind you.
  • Gravitation is a shounen ai but Ho Yay still abounds among the main male cast.
    • Honestly, Shouchi could arguably be shipped with anything with a penis.
  • Guilty Crown gives Shu a lot of Does This Remind You Of Something with everyone he uses his powers on, but his flashbacks with Guy take it up to another level, not that they didn't already have a Foe Yay thing going on from the beginning of the series.


  • Haou Airen: Hakuron and Fuuron's first meeting dripped with this.
  • Hajime no Ippo has Ippo and Miyata (lampshaded when Ippo's friends say he's "gay for Miyata!") and possibly Ippo and Volg.
  • Hanaukyo Maid Tai: While Konoe sees her as a pupil, Yashima herself is hopelessly and rather blatantly in love with Konoe. This often has her daydreaming up various lesbian fantasies with Konoe returning her feelings...resulting in rather embarrassing moments.
  • Harukanaru Toki no Naka de franchise can already count as a Slash Fic Writers' Paradise just by way of having eight beautiful guys who are already paired up with each other for your convenience, and the Hachiyou Shou TV anime seems aware of the implications. For one, there's Tomomasa occasionally teasing Takamichi yet showing that he cares about him a lot. Then, there are a couple of scenes with Inori blushing slightly around Shimon after he finally accepted him as one of his True Companions. And let's not get into possible interpretations of the whole "unlocking the Four Seals" thing, the requirement for which is said to be the two Hachiyou's hearts becoming one...
  • Hatenkou Yuugi: Father Jelice Beliyah (after being questioned once whether or not he was holy by Baroquheat) "Your penance for this remark is bungee jumping, naked."
    • Their are several Father Jelice Beliyah x Baroqueheat moments like this, look at Chapter 18 for an example.
    • There's also some Alzeid x Baroqueheat moments at times.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler: In the manga, one butler falls in love with Hayate, who at the moment is under a crossdressing curse. Although initially devastated when he finds out Hayate is actually a guy, he quickly comes around and tries to convince Hayate to travel with him to the Netherlands, where same-sex marriages are legal. (Cue Nagi's Megaton Kick.)
    • In the manga, Nishizawa comments that she can't help but be a little turned on by Hinagiku. It is also later hinted in the manga that Miki has a crush on Hinagiku.
    • Much later, it's implied that Hinagiku crushed on Athena when they met for the first time. Their encounter is more than a bit reminiscent of other yuri-styled meetings...
    • Also, Ayumu and Hinagiku. And Superintendent Kirika and Sion.

Hinagiku: Now I'll never be a bride...
Ayumu: I'll take you.
Hinagiku: What about Hayate?
Ayumu: That's right... Then how about Polygamy?

    • Chapter 304 reveals that Kotetsu has become a Stalker with a Crush to Hayate when he follows Hayate into the public bath and directly states this as the reason why he is there and states that he loves Hayate. Hayate responds by trying to drown him. Kotetsu Segawa is canonically gay for Hayate, and Azumamiya is almost undoubtedly attracted to him after the Mt. Takao trip (when Nishizawa met him she could literally sense it and moved to grab Hayate right after he introduced himself).
    • The weird part is how Hayate acts around Kotetsu. No other character can get Hayate to show his dark side...which pretty much consists of being a Tsundere. Seriously, whenever they're together Hayate basically acts like a stereotypical tsundere love interest, albeit a particularly violent one with Ranma-esque strength and skill, and has twice managed not to kill him to have a dere moment...which Kotetsu inevitably ruins instantly and gets beaten down HARD.
    • On that note, Father Radiostar has had a few moments as well and did canonically write Hayate a love letter. That creepy, stalker-ish love letter. Tama sort of has his moments but depending on his mood it may be more like Foe Yay.
    • We also can't forget the yuri-tastic friendship between Hinagiku and Athena, where Hina pretty much admired Athena on sight and blushed nervously as she tried to ask for her email address. It was explicitly stated that Athena didn't interact with anyone else like that and that the two were an unstoppable duo that basically ruled the school together.
    • From way back when Hayate went to the Kendo Club to get Nagi interested in sports (because Hinagiku mentioned Nagi tried to join before), we see that Nagi and Hinagiku had an almost identical start with Nagi admiring how cool Hinagiku was and playing out much the same as the above relationship - at least until Nagi realized she would never be like Hina
    • And with the Greece Arc we also have much more Nagi/Ayumu moments with the two being seemingly inseparable friends at times, it even extends after and the two seem quite friendly even after returning to Japan. Also Ayumu told Nagi she loved her during her birthday story. It was very heartfelt.
    • Does Luca and Hayate fit here? I mean she thinks that Hayate or "Maid Star" is a girl, and she did kiss "her" on the cheek thinking that and seemed to be generally enamored of "her". Seems like it's going to fit here until she figures it out.
    • Nagi and Isumi. Nagi outright asked Isumi to marry her when they first met and Isumi actually understood her manga, and Isumi says (regarding Hayate), "But I can see why my Nagi put her trust in him".
  • Hayate X Blade has so much of this, usually between Hayate and Ayana. Hayate constantly refers to Ayana as either a lover or a wife, with rather violent but hilarious results.
  • Heat Guy J: Mitchal & Ian. I don't know if they're supposed to be a couple or just friends, but the fact that Mitchal blew himself up shortly after Ian's death, and the fact that they're almost always together is certainly yaoi fodder.
  • Anna from He Is My Master is a Stalker with a Crush to Izumi.
  • Hellsing: Some fans see this between Seras and Integra, via the finger licking scene and also when the ghouls that Jan Valentine made out of Hellsing's initial guards basically swarm her. Seras promptly goes berserk and kills almost all of them, until Integra intervenes via hugging her from behind.
    • Also, there are people out there who support Alucard/Walter. Especially since The Dawn showed that Alucard could transform into an effeminate version of himself (Appropriately dubbed "Girlycard").
      • And not to mention Alucard saying that Walter's body was "a trillion times more beautiful" before it was rejuvenated by vampirism.
    • In the first anime, a Lesbian Vampire character named Boobanshee/Bubbancy (actually a corruption of a Baobhan sith, pronounced roughly the same way in Japanese) tricks the entire Hellsing organization, save Seras and Alucard, into thinking that she is Integra's sister, Laura (a reference to Carmilla). Later, she attempts to drink Integra's blood, and even bites and licks her chest, after which Integra realizes that she has no sister; shortly after Bubbancy is dispatched and Integra refers to her as Countess Karnstein (another Carmilla reference). She also licks Integra's blood from her hand after stabbing her.
  • Hell Teacher Nube: Nube and Tamamo, though mostly on Tamamo's side.
  • Hen: Chizuru towards Azumi.
  • Heroman has quite a bit between Joey and Psy.
  • "K!" (see 2:35 to 5:04) in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai.
    • The animators just love using the girls for their official art in awkward positions. That includes the three 9-to-11 (their ages are ambigious) year girls, and twins.
      • Mion once said to Shion in the sound novels that if she was a boy she'd probably marry her.
    • In the anime only arc at the beginning of Kai, the second season, there were a lot of Rika x Satoko moments.
    • The endings of Kai and Rei both show Rika and Hanyuu in positions where they're nearly kissing.
    • Lets see what they will do about Rika and Miyo's expies in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
      • You don't even have to go that far. In Umineko's fifth motion graphic, the two are shown all up in each other's personal space, sporting Intertwined Fingers and identical evil grins.
      • That's not even subtext. They're an Official Couple.
    • The Daybreak chapter of Rei has, thanks to the power of a pair of special magatama, Rena make advances on Miyo.
      • And judging by the ending, converts her to a lesbian for good!
    • And then on the male side we have Satoshi and Keiichi.Yes, it is sort of a Crack Pairing, but then again, their Image Song say it's not so crack as we think.Satoshi likes to talk about Keiichi in a very loud manner.And then you notice the CD cover.
      • The first OVA Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira gives us this scene where Keiichi dreams that Satoshi is feeding him yogurt. Complete with Satoshi blushing as he's trying to feed Keiichi yogurt and suggestively stating that the yogurt is dripping and that if it's Keiichi's "yogurt" he'll definitely want to eat it.
      • Also, this scene between Shion and Mion.
      • And this scene between Rena and Takano.
    • On the Ho Yay side in Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Ronove has No Sense of Personal Space around Battler especially.
      • EP3: "I see that to shake hands with you, Battler-sama, I must create a fitting atmosphere in a suitable location, and exchange sweet words and physical language with you that rings true to your heart." Then he gets this smile on his face and whispers, "You know, I also lo-ve these kinds of situations? Pu ku ku ku!" while getting all into Battler's face (whose reaction is to blush). A while later, Beatrice (who gets some Ship Tease with Battler later in that arc) says something among the lines of being jealous that they already get along so well. Jokingly, but still, doesn't stop the implications.
      • Umineko Chiru also give us Les Yay in the form of plenty of subtext between Dlanor A. Knox and Erika, which is more strongly evident in the sixth arc. And in EP7, we have Ho Yay in the relationship between a certain Willard H. Wright and Lion Ushiromiya, if the latter is indeed a man, that is, which has butt pinching and some rather suggestive screencaps.
    • Oddly enough, Irie gets some with Keiichi as well in Tatarigoroshi-hen, when he rubs Keiichi's hands thoroughly while blushing and smiling and talking about how smooth and soft they are and how he'll punish his maids for not having hands like his, and how he'd "love to be served by hands like yours". A while later, in a totally different scene, he thanks Keiichi for "allowing him to enjoy his smooth skin".
  • Hikaru no Go includes, within the first three episodes, Akira making excuses to feel Hikaru's hands and before too long has the pair of them passionately declaring their obsession with one another amongst a cascade of Cherry Blossoms.
    • Hikaru & Akira's mutual obsession frequently tips the line into subtext and much of the dialogue could easily be seen to support this pairing. Kaga & Tsutsui also danced around this trope occasionally.
  • Nono and Mugi from Hitohira tend to be quite affectionate with each other. Mugi gets very flustered whenever Nono gets near her, which happens quite a lot. Actually, Nono uses this to practically seduce Mugi to make her join her Drama Research Club--and then there is the scene in the hot tub. For the largest part it's not clear whether Nono means it, but in the end it becomes evident that Nono has genuinely deep feelings for Mugi.
    • Also, Mugi and Kayo. Nono and Mirei give off this vibe as well.
  • Homunculus: Nakoshi and Itoh.
  • Honey and Clover: Lampshaded by Mayama's coworkers at Fujiwara Design after yelling for Takemoto to stop licking him as Leader wakes him up. Nomiya even says that 'a lot of those types end up in this business'. It doesn't help that Takemoto's spending nights sleeping in Mayama's room due to the lack of an air conditioner making those hot summer nights less restful.
  • House of Five Leaves: Yaichi & Masanosuke; in the beginning of the story you never know if Yaichi is going to kill Masa... or kiss him.
  • Besides the obvious Official Couple in Hyakujitsu no Bara, there seems to be something between Second Lieutenant Azusa and Date (though they're probably just very good childhood friends). Their friend, Moriya was also worried about Azusa when he wanted to go to No Man's Land with Klaus, but Date's reaction was a little more intense. Azusa saying sorry, holding Date's arm and reaching for his face, and Date's distress was very sweet and ambigious. Shipping Goggles can bring out subtext for Moriya/Azusa for some fans as well, possibly because Moriya fulfils many Seme stereotypes quite well.
    • Here is a picture of Moriya on top of a shirtless Azusa by the mangaka herself. Or what about a Moriya/Azusa/Date One True Threesome?
    • Apart from Duchess Theodora, Berkut has his Ho Yay (as well as Foe Yay) moments too: Touching Taki's chin to piss him off (and it works) and his intense, bordering on obsession vendetta against Klaus (even if Klaus' thoughts about him are along the lines of 'Seriously, what the hell is he doing here?').
  • In the second episode of Hyper Police, Sakura-- the kitsune with 8 and 1/5 tails-- chases down Natsuki thinking that eating Natsuki will grant her a full set of nine tails. After knocking her unconscious, Sakura anticipates eating Natsuki. Some of the camera angles and dialogue give off a very rape-y vibe.

Sakura: Stop resisting!

    • Later on when Sakura is introduced to Natskui as new police recruit, Sakura gets right into Natsuki's face with a seductive gaze. She even licks Natsuki's face.


  • Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou has hints of Hiroshi to Akuto. He thinks Akuto is amazing and always bugs him by pretending to be brothers and calling Sai "Demon King". He often states that he is Akuto's most loyal follower.
  • Ichigo Mashimaro: Miu's behavior toward Nobue is ambiguous. Chika is often a more straightforward victim of Miu's rather..affectionate side.
    • When Miu says that she and Chika have kissed, Chika doesn't deny it.
  • Immortal Rain: Rain and Yuca were incredibly close friends, so much that Yuca made Rain immortal to save his life and to make sure they'd meet again when he was reborn. But Yuca also got all the orphans horribly killed, shot Freya in front of Rain and fed him her flesh, made a cruel bet with him, and then shot himself in the head, leaving Rain traumatized and alone for six centuries.
    • Also, in flashbacks, Yuca seems to enjoy suddenly appearing next to Rain or randomly stroking his face while talking to him. Admittedly, he does this to multiple characters, at least two of whom are female, but still.
  • Depraved Homosexual Jakotsu from Inuyasha has a crush on Inuyasha, flirts with Miroku and Sesshoumaru, and has some subtext with his friend Bankotsu.
    • Shuuga (Myoga the flea's wife to be) possesses Inuyasha and tries to seduce Shippo in episode 65.
    • The one shot villain Suzaku was also quite effeminate and flamboyant and he openly flirted with Miroku and Hojo's ancestor.
    • Sesshomaru's follower, Jaken revealed that the reason he started following Sesshomaru around in the first place is that he thought ol' Fluffy was beautiful (and states it) and followed him, despite being ignored for several days.
  • A Camp Gay character named Motoki from Itazura na Kiss wears makeup, speaks in feminine Japanese, and constantly lusts after the handsome Dr. Irie.
  • THE iDOLM@STER - One of the rivals during the Idol Agency Sports Meet falls instantly in love with Makoto.


  • Early in the first episode of Hell Girl: The Cauldron of Three, Ai Enma appears in front of Hone Onna, licks a moist cherry and smiles in a rather seductive manner. The two are probably not gay, but there's a lot of Les Yay subtext there.
    • Also in the first episode, when Ai Enma makes Yuzuki Mikage susceptible to her Demonic Possession. It involved a hug and a kiss, while naked, in a bathtub.
      • And she kisses Yuzuki again at the end of the season, to show her her past. Seeing as Ai showed her past to both Tsugumi and Hajime before without having to kiss them, one can only imagine why she decide to show it that way...
    • What about Honne-Onna's diehard fangirls? One was ready to send someone to hell because she tought he was dating her! And another actually sent the other girl to hell because she tought she got too close to Onna!
  • There's so much of this in Jyu-Oh-Sei with a good amount of it involving Thor.


  • Kaguyahime has enormous amounts of this, and it's not always just teasing. Akira with Mayu, Chun-Lan, and pretty much any girl; Yu-Ling with any girl; Miller with Nobuo, in volumes 6-7 Julian, from volume 11 on Sutton, and lots of random guys; Yui and Midori; from volume 12 on, Kaede and Mamoru.
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Yukimura and Usui, especially when the latter kisses the former! You either laugh out loud or be disturbed every time this happens. Perhaps both.
  • Les Yay is the only way to describe the entire dynamic between Naeka and Fubuki in Kamen no Maid Guy.
    • You're discounting the actual lesbian, then?
  • Noin and Silk in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.
  • In Kanamemo, even apart from the three canon lesbian characters, there's a considerable amount of les yay between Kana and Mika, particularly in the Furo Scene episode.
  • Mai and Sayuri from Kanon. Note Mai's exchange with Yuuichi after she coldly makes Sayuri leave from one of their sword practices.

Yuuichi: Hey! What are you trying to do?
Mai: I care for Sayuri. I love her. That is why...
Yuuichi: Unable to express yourself, huh...

    • Also, when Sayuri is injured by a demon and hospitalized, it causes Mai to completely break down and even try to kill herself. Mai also gets really mad upon seeing Sayuri get attacked by the demon.
  • Pedro of Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru towards Minoru.
  • Kare Kano's Arima Soichiro has the power to inspire blushes and dreamy feelings in any male he sees. No joke.
    • Arima and Asaba have their moments...
  • Karin: The boarding school episode. So much.
    • In the manga, Chapter 24.
    • The manager at Karin's second job once groped Karin's Gag Boobs in an attempt to cheer her up. Didn't work.
    • Karin and her friend Maki have a bit of this. In one episode she stayed over Karin's house and they took a bath together where Maki playfully groped Karin's boobs. Also, in the first episode Karin's vampiric attraction to Maki is reminiscent of a lesbian attraction. She even leans in to bite Maki's neck, which looks very much like an attempted kiss.
  • Karneval certainly has ample amounts of Ho Yay, from Gareki's looking after Nai all the time (Nai's innocence particularly effects him, and he obviously holds him higher than most "kids," whom he seems to believe should all rot) And when Nai first meets Gareki, he saves Nai from a mansion where a Varuga woman named Mine is keeping him captive.
    • Yogi's perceived friendship with Gareki (to the point of groping his chest, overdramatically weeping with Gareki forcibly in his arms when the teen has some variation of Naughty Tentacles preformed on him, thinking of him as cute because of the deredere side of Gareki's definite Tsundere characteristics, and then SPOILER! -> saving him in Chapter 19 because of circumstances currently too much of a spoiler to reveal), to Hirato and Akari's Foe Yay (though mostly one-sided and amusing when they're not being serious), to Yogi practically being Hirato's right-hand man, to Yogi's fear of Doctor Akari, to Hirato's "self-defense training" with Gareki in an extra, and so on...
    • Whoops, forgot the more blatant Les Yay, because much like Hinoe from Natsume Yuujinchou, Eva dislikes men and prefers the cute softness of girls, like Tsukumo.
    • Also, Nai and Yanari.
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl essentially is about a lesbian Love Triangle between Tomari, Hazumu, and Yasuna, plus a fourth girl, but there's also some Les Yay between Ayuki and Tomari. The Les Yay is different in the manga and anime, but it's still there, be it coincidental or not (Ayuki does say she likes someone).
    • Not to mention that, especially in the anime, it seems that only the girls want Tomari. "I was surrounded by reporters, and just when I thought it was all over... Tomari-chan leapt to my rescue!" "KYAAAAA!"... "Tomari is so cool sometimes that she makes my heart skip a beat." "She's even received love letters from girls before." "Ah, my wonderful prince!" "I'm also attracted to her!" "She's like a prince!"
    • Before Hazumu got turned into a girl he and his best friend Asuta had some Ho Yay going on, and after Hazumu's Gender Bender change, Asuta develops romantic feelings for Hazumu.
  • Kaze to Ki no Uta: Aside from the Official Couple (and other obvious in-text examples), there's a fair amount of this going on as well.
  • Kekkaishi: Yoshimori was extremely adamant in his attempts to get closer to Gen and Hiura at times. Then there's Kakeru's extreme devotion to Michiru. Also, Yoshi's male bonding moments with Sen can get downright confusing sometimes.
  • The Keroro Gunsou anime is filled with this, thanks to rampant Flanderization. Tamama's obsessive crush on Keroro was already in the manga, but the series ramps it Up to Eleven. Then there's Kururu/Giroro... next to nonexistent in the original series, yet Ship Teased throughout the anime, complete with Kururu getting Blush Stickers around Giroro, giving him (suitably twisted) gifts, even hacking into his brain and replacing fond memories of Natsumi with memories of him. Dororo's Flanderization into The Woobie also makes him... a bit overly desperate in trying to get Keroro and Giroro to remember him...
    • The manga has also recently spotlighted Zoruru's obsession with Dororo in rather... questionable fashion, leaving it open to interpretation just what he's after beyond recognition.
    • All the girls at Natsumi's school seem to idolize her obsessively, and Koyuki actually has a crush on Natsumi (though this is far less blatant than in the manga, where it dives headfirst into the realms of Schoolgirl Lesbians).
    • In the dub, one of Natsumi's friends critisizes Saburo, and tells her: "You can find a better boyfriend. Or girlfriend."
  • Kimi ni Todoke: There was a bit of this when Sawako and Kurumi had their first conversation. The fact that Sawako used to see Kurumi as a female version of Kazehaya, says much.
  • Kiniro no Corda has Hihari/Yunoki on the Ho Yay side and Fuyuumi/Hino on the Les Yay side.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Dedede and Escargon. Episodes 42, 55, and 88. That is all.
  • Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? features Seraphim and Haruna.
  • Kujibiki Unbalance, there is a significant level of Les Yay, little of it subtle;
    • In particular the manga, in particular the relationship between the Vice President and the President; while strenuously denying it, only when the subject comes up does the Vice President blush, and furiously at that. The President seems well aware of it, even subtly teasing her. Perhaps the only times Kasumi Kisaragi gets flustered or looses her cool are when Ritsuko Kübel Kettenkrad is involved.
    • Anime and manga, but most overtly in the manga, Yamada's relationship with Renko, obviously; in the manga, she enjoys Renko's physical abuse just a little bit too much, and asking for more with delight.
    • Then there is a hint of it between Tokino and Ranko in the manga; judging from Yamada's reaction, causing a something of a brief Les Yay Love Triangle.
    • Lastly, due to the unfortunate intersection of Shinobu, a love potion, and half the student body, in the anime we see Shinobu ardently pursued by Tokino, until it wears off, and a female member of Shinobu's old gang who has more than the usual level of loyalty, under the influence, doing the same.
  • Kuroko no Basuke has notable amount of this, despite its shonen sports genre.
    • Kuroko and Kagami. Kuroko chooses Kagami as his 'light', depicting himself as the 'shadow' that will support the 'light' to rise to the top. There are also several instances where Kagami stares at Kuroko for quite a long time. The scene in episode 5 where Kagami angrily intrudes Kuroko and Kise chatting in the park sparks jealousy between them.
    • Kuroko and Aomine. Aomine was Kuroko's 'light' before he met Kagami and before Aomine changed his attitude for the worse.
    • Kuroko and Kise. Kise repeatedly asks Kuroko to join his team, only to be refused by Kuroko because of his promise with Kagami. Kise also seems to admire Kuroko to an abnormal level, and seems to be very concerned when he's hurt. The picture at the end of episode 4 is full of Ho Yay between Kise and Kuroko, with Kise lifting Kuroko with his hand. Fangirls instantly rejoices.
    • Kise and Kasamatsu bickers like an old married couple. Assuming that the picture at the end of episode 4 is intended as Ship Tease for Yaoi Fangirls, then the episode 3 picture that features Kise and Kasamatsu bickering over the phone is also this.
    • Hence also the end picture of episode 1, which features Kuroko laying down besides a sitting Kagami, holding a basketball together.


  • Land Of The Blindfolded starts smacking the reader around the head with Les Yay between female lead Kanade and her best friend Eri partway through volume 7... unfortunately, too late in the manga for a sudden shift into a Girls Love manga to be practical.
  • Last Exile: The engineer Gale admits to a crush on Claus, and Dio seems awfully fond of him, with all that glomping and whatnot. Of course, everybody loves Claus in this series. And who does Claus get that doughy-eyed look of love for? His vanship. There's also considerable subtext between Tatiana and her navigator and between Dio and Luciola.
    • The ending of the series may promote Tatiana and her navigator to full text. The other people shown are the musketeer and his ex-enemy girl, Claus and Lavie (who clearly have unresolved issues throught the series but seem to have paired up) and the two girls.
  • Legend of Galactic Heroes: Say anything you want, the subtext between Reinhard and Kircheis is pretty obvious even to those who are not into slash. (Once upon a time some male Japanese fans complained about LoGH doujinshi with "please, no more gayness, having Reinhard and Kircheis is enough!") The manga version and Michihara Katsumi's illustrations crank up the Ho Yay considerably. (Yes, this is official. Sparkles and all.
  • Ayumu and Hatori from Life have a very close, Les Yay-filled, friendship in the manga.
  • Litchi Hikari Club's Zera seems to favor childish, do-nothing Jaibo above all other subordinates for no apparent reason for the first two chapters of the manga adaptation, frequently touching him and showering him with grandiose promises or allowing him to slack off noticibly. Then it becomes apparent in chapter three that the two are actually lovers, and the favoritisim is at least partially justified.
    • Throw in former leader Tamiya's Foe Yay undertones of challenging Zera to regain his place as head of the club, and Jaibo's lack of personal space when tailing Tamiya on Zera's orders, and there are the makings of a pretty good hatesex threesome.
  • Love Hina: Naru and Mutsumi in the shower shortly after Mutsumi is first introduced in the manga.
    • While Keitaro is away, Mutsumi "dresses up" as him (by putting on glasses, rearranging her hair) in the hot springs and puts the moves on Naru. While the reason she gives is to merely try and make it easier for Naru to express her feelings for Keitaro, she seems to enjoy the resulting steamy action WAY too much for that excuse to hold much water.
    • Motoko has a trio of girls who follow her around, begging for her attention, ganging up on anyone who says anything negative about her, and — on at least one occasion — being upset with her because she spends so much time in male company (since Keitaro moved in).
    • On one occasion Motoko gives her cloak to Shinobu after her sword technique shreds Shinobu's clothes.
    • When Kanako first arrives in Love Hina Again, she disguises herself as Naru and feels up a number of the residents of Hinata Inn as research for her disguises. Motoko's "examination" takes place in an alleyway, and draws quite a crowd of nosebleeding men.
      • Much more discreet in the manga, where Kanako-as-Naru attacks Motoko inside the Hinata House, using the convenient pretense of privately teaching her about what could be in the entrance exams.
  • Lovely Complex: In episode 14, the extremely Bishonen student teacher named Maity-sensei decides to wake up Otani, who's sleeping in class, by placing his hand in his hair, and leaning in close to whisper "time to open your eyes" before lightly blowing in Otani's ear, complete with a rose background and sparkles. In response, Otani jumps up screaming and recoils in shock when Maity playfully taps him on the face and says "Good morning, sleeping beauty."
    • And then there's Seiko, a boy who regularly crossdresses and makes a convincing girl. He fell in love with Otani after Otani saved him from being attacked by a dog and even kissed him on the lips once. Otani later found out Seiko was biologically male when he took off his shirt when tending to Otani's injury in the school infirmary. Seiko feared that Otani would find him disgusting but Otani reassured him that he didn't and they remained good friends.
    • Episode 9 has some of this between Risa and her best friend Nobu. Nobu comforts Risa over Otani basically being oblivious to Risa's love for him, and feels it's her fault things aren't going so well because she's the one who pushed Risa to confess to Otani. Risa reassures her not to worry about it, and that's she's grateful to Nobu for motivating her to confess her love to Otani. In response, Nobu makes the total out of the blue decision to glomp Risa to the ground, and grope her as she's hugging her. Nobu releases lots of heart marks and Risa freaks out, telling Nobu "don't touch me there!"
  • Ludwig and Wilhelm of Ludwig Revolution.


  • Magic Users Club: With Ayanojyo Aburatsubo's passionate declarations of love for the extremely reluctant Takeo Takakura, it leaves very little to the imagination... also be on the watch for the rather sweet "friendship" between Sae and Nanaka.
  • Maison Ikkoku: Occasionally played around with, such as in episode 36 when a drunk, horny Akemi tries to make out with Godai and, when Kyoko tries to interfere, briefly makes out with her. Moments later both Godai and Kyoko have to remove Akemi's lipstick.
  • In Majokko Meg-chan Meg and her rival Non are damn near the closest to an Official Couple there is with their interactions.
  • Mao-chan has the very obvious Mao/Yuriko (which might technically be considered Foe Yay, except Yuriko isn't a villain by choice), as well as Misora's (unrequited) feelings for Mao.
  • In Marmalade Boy, when perpetual loner Yuu suddenly starts hanging out with exceedingly popular school president Satoshi Miwa, their female classmates and the school newscasters immediately conclude they're getting it on. Hilariously enough, Yuu himself thinks Satoshi is gay for him when he suddenly starts trying to hang around him for no discernible reason. The real reason is because Satoshi believed Yuu was his half-brother, as his father was something of a philanderer and he was interested in Yuu's mother, Chiyako. Yuu reached the same conclusion independently, and was shocked when he learned Satoshi's surname. Of course, we don't find that out before hilarity ensued, including Miki overhearing them having a conversation that sounded a lot like Satoshi pressuring Yuu to have sex with him out of context. Satoshi's whole act of pretending to have the hots for Yuu works so well that Miki sees Satoshi as another rival for Yuu's affection, and at the same time Meiko seems to ship them a bit.
    • There's hints of Meiko and Miki as well.
  • Mawaru Penguindrum: Yuri loves Momoka and tries to rape Ringo because they're so much alike.
    • Also shows up between Kanba and Shouma at times.
    • The seventh audio drama reveals that Shouma's friend Yamashita has a crush on him.
  • Medaka Box invokes Les Yay by having Medaka redeem Swim Team member Kikaijima through The Power of Love... By making out with her.
  • The Mega Man Star Force anime had a surprisingly large amount of Ho Yay between Geo and Omega-Xis, to the point where it became an in-joke among the group subbing it. Got particularly bad in one episode that had all the EM aliens suffer shifts to recessive personality traits (Ophiuchus became fangirlish, Wolf acted dog-like, etc.) Omega-Xis, however, immediately comments to Geo that the comet they're watching 'reminds me of your lovely eyes.'
  • Mekakushi no Kuni: Arou-kun with Namiki-san (doubles as Foe Yay) and Honma, his classmate from junior high.

Kanade: Arou-kun, you actually have a yukata, too?
Arou-kun: ... I borrowed it from Namiki.
Namiki-san: And I was the one who dressed him!

    • Examples of Arou-kun/Honma as well:

Honma: I was sooo happy at that moment! It was kinda like being with an unfriendly cat that you suddenly manage to win over! I wanted to give him a hug right then and there!

      • + blushing and a background full of flowers.
    • And then again:

Kanade: You must have... really liked him!
* pause*
Honma: Arou is... special.

    • There's also Kanade and Eri-chan.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. Rina angsts about not being able to save Noel for, like, half of the first season. Luchia also tends to cry into her chest. She also happens to be very popular with classmates of both genders; in one episode, two girls give her love letters. Being an (informed) Bifauxnen probably helps. And don't get me started on Sheshe and Mimi, who are possibly canon...
    • Lanhua is disappointed that the mermaids aren't as beautiful as she was told. Doubles as Foe Yay.
    • Lady Bat is a crossdressing boy, but certain dubs didn't pick up on it and refer to him as a girl. This is the result.
    • Alala calls Luchia cute and the latter blushes and is flattered. Also Foe Yay.
    • Certain fans couldn't help noticing the over-the-topness of the reunion of Caren and Noel. So much that the author actually created Subaru, Caren's Love Interest, to stop fans from shipping the sisters together. Not that it worked much.
  • Michiko Malandro from Michiko to Hatchin has quite an intense encounter with Elis, one of the ex-girlfriends of her former boyfriend, culminating in a kiss that leaves little to the imagination.
  • Midori Days: Kota, Kota, Kota.
    • in the manga there's a lot of Ho Yay from Kota as he gets to know Seiji; also some Les Yay between a couple minor characters.
    • Kota seems to be a bit sweet on Seiji...
      • For example, on one occasion Seiji unknowingly turns Kouta on a lot when he sucks Kouta's injured finger. It's all enough to make Midori feel very uneasy...
      • And in another instance when Seiji dresses as a girl to catch a pervert on the train, his buddy finds Seiji "just his type". Likewise, when Kota cross-dresses, Seiji finds him incredibly attractive, enough for Seiji to become afflicted with The Dulcinea Effect towards... him] drag. Unfortunately for poor Kouta, such feelings don't transfer over when he's dressed normally as a boy..
  • Mnemosyne: Cranked up from subtext to text-text in the second episode. And it goes beyond that later, up to and including a full-blown lesbian orgy, with Mimi at the center.
    • Ironically, the most that ever happens between Rin and Mimi onscreen is some kissing and groping.
  • The ending of volume 2 of Moyashimon, in which Hazuki and Aoi get all touchy-feely after getting drunk and hopped up on aphrodisiacs, ending with Hazuki waking up naked next to Aoi.
    • Kei Yuuki turns out to be transgender, and to have a crush on his childhood buddy Tadayasu Sawaki.
    • Followed by a scene where Haruka kisses Hazuki to make a point that same-gender kissing is no big deal.
  • Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation has this in spades. The most obvious comes towards the end of the series, with a tear-jerking love confession from Enchu to Muhyo. There are subtler hints between many other pairs, such as Muhyo and Roji, Enchu and Yoichi, Goryo and Ebisu, and even some Les Yay with Imai and Busujima.
  • Mobius Doumei, though it's about two best friends crushing on the same girl, has enough Ho Yay between hot-blooded Kaguya and cool Takemasa to entertain the fangirls. If the first chapter ending with the have-nothing-to-do-with-each-other-in-school guys having a super-friendly secret meeting at the park - and call each other by their first names, confusing the female lead - doesn't do it for you, then all the totally platonic physical contact will. Kaguya's heart goes doki-doki around Takemasa when he gets flustered, and Takemasa comments to himself on the obvious parallels between Matsuri (the heroine) and Kaguya. They make it perfectly clear that their feelings for Matsuri aren't going to get in the way of their shared dream, and post-confession Matsuri thinks to herself that their friendship with/feelings for her is nowhere near the strength of their own bond.


  • Najica Blitz Tactics shares Les Yay moments between the two female leads, plus the usual occurrence of Fan Service through a Panty Shot.
  • Never Give Up: Tatsuki and Akira, Riku and Kanou.
  • Nightwalker: Cain and Shido. Cain stalks Shido has kissed him on the lips, and said that he loves him. There's also a Does This Remind Of Anything moment between them where they're on a bed and Cain's on top of Shido giving him blood.
  • Ninin ga Shinobuden has tons of Les Yay between Kaede and Shinobu. Of course, on Shinobu's part, it practically borders on Schoolgirl Lesbians...
  • Nodame from Nodame Cantabile seems to have an interest in Saiko during their chance encounter in a karaoke bar. Truth be told, Nodame is very drunk at the time--and it's rather short-lived, since Saiko shows her disapproval by smacking her down hard.
    • The Camp Gay character Okuyama has a crush on male lead Chiaki. Since Nodame started to hang out with Chiaki and has a crush on him herself, Okuyama considers her as a rival and often bullies her and anyone else who tries to get close to Chiaki.
  • Nora, as a Kid with the Leash-fighting-series, has a metric ton of subtext. To wit:

Nora: What? My magic's been damaging you?! Why didn't you tell me?
Kazuma: * flatly* It's not all that big of a deal.

Nora: Don't lie! You're really losing blood! Why don't you just revoke the contract if it hurts that much?!

Kazuma: Because I'm having fun.

Nora:... what...?

Kazuma: I've never had a pet before. It's worth the pain to have a dog of my very own.



  • Ojamajo Doremi has a lot of these, and with little girls to boot. For one thing, there's a lot of subtext between Nobuko and Aiko, and later Nobuko and Miho as well. On the other hand, Aiko has quite a handful of subtext with Momoko, in particular in the third episode of Motto and the same season's movie.
  • Riku and Kogenta from Onmyou Taisenki.
    • That doesn't even begin to cover it, there's also Riku and Teru the former of which will go traipsing around Japan to save the latter whom often uses (even more) formal dialect when referring or speaking to Riku. Teru also attracts some of this with Mutsuki: they instantly connect with each other and spend much of the rest of the series together even locking hands before going unconscious. Ryuugi and Riku the former of which instantly takes to the latter and shows interest in making sure he keeps his body fit (through exercise and making him supper with lots of vegetables). Souma(9-10) and Riku(13) also attract some: most of Souma's initiative is for Riku's sake, they sleep in the same room, Souma is most relaxed and open around Riku (using Boku rather than Ore solely with Nazuna[his canon love intrest] and Riku) and one character-a nun who watched over Souma for an undetermined amount of time-stated that the one who 'brought back Souma's smile' was Riku. And to get back to the original and most outstanding case Kogenta once delivered this gem of a line: "I like either one of you" both "you's" in question are Riku and he got all jealous when Yuuma referred to Riku without honorifics.
  • Ookamikakushi: Issei towards Hiroshi, of the way-too-creepy variant.
  • Onegai Twins: Kousei towards Maiku.
  • The most obvious example in Outlaw Star is Fred's crush on Gene and his flirting with Jim.
    • Aisha is overly affectionate towards Suzuka, calling her Suzu much to the latter's displeasure. Of course she is somewhat childish, so maybe it's her immaturity that causes her to disrespect personal space.
    • Ron and Harry is another one-sided example, with Ron's entire motivation helping Harry get laid.


  • Paprika: Himuro, seems to have fetishized Osanai, since we briefly see dirty magazines in his apartment with a younger Osanai on the cover, and his dreamscape features a towering statue of Osanai as a Greek god.
  • If it's possible to have Ho Yay between a boy and his parasitic limb, Parasyte is it. Only Shin has ever had to deal with his right hand asking if it could see his dick in a public bathroom.
    • That's only because Midori would faint at the very thought.
  • Peacemaker Kurogane: The whole series is like the living incarnation of Ho Yay. There's hints of Okita and Hijikata, Hijikata and Tetsunosukie, Suzu and Tetsunosuke (also overlaps with Foe Yay in the sequel manga), Susumu and Tetsunosuke, Tatsunosuke and Tetsunosuke, Okita and Tetsunosuke, Heisuke and Tetsunosuke, Suzu and Yoshida, Heisuke and Shinpachi, etc.
    • Actually, most of much the characters are pretty strongly implied to be gay or bisexual. Off the top of my head Heisuke makes more than a few references to men and boys he finds attractive or may or may not have slept with. Saitou, while he may or may not actually be interested in men (who knows with him?), is willing enough to pretend to be for information. And Hijikata and Okita always seem just one step shy of being an Official Couple (with Hijikata's voice actor going so far as to respond to a remark about his character having given up romantic pursuits for his mission with, essentially, ""). In fact, given that the whole thing is set in the more-or-less privileged classes of late-Edo period Japan, one could make the argument that historical context rather suggests an Everyone Is Bi situation.
    • In the manga, the character Ito is openly attracted to Hijikata and wants to dominate him both physically and through a very Foe Yay uprising within the Shinsengumi.
    • Then there's this manga cover of Tetsunosuke and Suzu.
  • Peach Girl gives us hints of Sae/Momo what with Sae's Foe Yay-tastic obsession with messing with Momo and making her life difficult. They eventually become good friends.
  • Perfect Blue: In one part at the beginning of the movie, while Rumi and Mima's agent are discussing the future of Mima's career, there's a TV in the background playing a scene Mima tried out for. In the scene Mima collapses onto a bed and ruefully says "I can't do this"...while a woman wearing a red and black teddy leans over her.
  • Pet Shop of Horrors: Leon and D, subject to interpretation.
    • Both of the above tropes apply also to D's dad and FBI agent Vesca/Weskar Howell, rubbing off on readers on an almost Generation Xerox level.
    • In the original manga series, D almost gets raped 3 times by men & Leon prevents two of them, one of those rape attempt included a kiss & getting to second base, Leon tries to feel-up D's identical twin sister & proclaims that she's beautiful because boobs made all the difference, D gets 5 marriage requests from men, in an extra chapter Leon admits that D looks better in "dresses" than western men's clothing, D gets really pissy if Leon is near women, Leon spies on D's date with a girl, Jill insists that Leon was jealous when D went out with Wong, Jill & other coworkers tease Leon about D, Leon blames everything on D as an excuse to see him as often as possible, Leon eventually ends up eating most meals at D's, Leon is easily flustered by D & often blushes, Leon & D go to the beach together & a picnic, Leon tried to convince D to strip down at the beach, Leon brings D sweets even when he's not trying to interrogate him, Leon abandoned his friends/home/family/work & spent 20 years chasing D, D cried when he parted from Leon for the last time, D once said to himself that he enjoyed Leon's company & didn't know if he'd be able to let him go.
  • Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle: Very, very blatant between Rook and Kaito.
    • Cubic also counts, with his possessiveness and obsession with Kaito.
  • Potemayo has Kaoru, one of Those Two Guys, being increasingly gay for the other, who doesn't notice because he's crushing on someone else (that someone else being the series' eponymous moeblob).
    • Considering Kaoru references Brokeback Mountain and says, "Isn't friendship between men beautiful?"...
  • Princess Princess is essentially a series set in an all boys school where the most feminine boys are forced to dress up as girls and accept the adoration of the rest of the school. Some don't mind, most adjust. A good majority of the Ho Yay can be found between Tooru and Yuujirou, what with the fact that they get along pretty well, spend their free time talking about their deep concerns/emotions with each other, Yuujirou playfully hinting on occasion to be in love with Tooru...Heck, early on, Tooru's cousin, who's a Stalker with a Crush, shows up to harass him. After several unsuccessful attempts to get rid of her, Yuujirou puts his arm around Tooru's shoulders, gives the stalker a very catty look, and says "Sorry, he's taken." ...He then proceeds to kiss Tooru on the lips to drive the point home. Tooru and Yuujirou's relationship beyond that is up in the air, but there are plenty of further hints. This is to the point where Yuujirou's mother once assumed that Yuujirou and Tohru were an item.
    • It's also insinuated that Akira is Tooru's type. Also, in the live-action drama, Mikoto and Otoya are hinted to have feelings for one another after being Locked in a Room. Helped along greatly by the fact that the mangaka moonlights as a yaoi dojin artist.
    • The sequel, Plus, basically runs on Ho Yay. Seriously, the whole thing is about the relationship between the two new princesses.
    • And the anime ending. Oh god, the anime ending. Basically a slide show of Tooru and Yuujirou doing... Funny stuff.
  • Princess Resurrection also titled Monster Princess has lots of Les Yay between lesbian vampire Reiri and Hime. There's also some Les Yay/Foe Yay between Reiri and Riza.
  • Princess Tutu has Mytho and Fakir for this trope. Thanks to Mytho being heartless, he does what anyone tells him to do -- which leads to Fakir being overly protective of him. At several points he pushes Mytho against the wall and gets oddly close to him while giving him orders. He also caresses Mytho's face a few times, but never orders him to put on pants. Later on Ahiru notes that "Fakir might care about Mytho even more than I do." This is possibly Lampshaded in the second season when Mytho hugs Fakir, and a schoolgirl who's watching faints at the sight.
    • The outtakes found on DVDs 1 and 2 of the English dub blatantly making fun of the pairing (mainly due to Chris Patton's (Fakir's) ad-libbing).

Mytho: I wonder... what it is that I think of you, Fakir?
Fakir: You want my ass.

    • Duck and Rue have subtler, but still noticable subtexts between each other in the dialogue. Also, Duck shows a bit of an attraction to Freya, the flower girl in Akt 16. The victim of the week who continually painted pictures of Rue also counts!
  • Puella Magi Oriko Magica gives us Kirika and Oriko. The only thing that stop them from being outright lesbian is that their love isn't explicitly stated to be romantic. It's just very likely.
  • In Puella Magi Kazumi Magica, Kaoru and Umika seem very close; in the first chapter they leave a note telling Kazumi they're out dating. We later see them together in a coffee shop, and there aren't any boys around. The third chapter also has some moments; Kaoru doesn't seem to mind being trapped in a witch with Umika.


  • Rave Master likes to avoid this, but there's one example where it played Ho Yay for laughs. Musica, while headed to a mermaid village, muses that it will be like a harem (complete with him imaging himself surrounded by gorgous mermaids). Celia tells him that she's actually the only female from he village. Cue Musica instead seeing himself surrounded by body builder mermen.
  • There's tons of Les Yay between Kate and Paula in Red Garden, which only gets stronger as the series goes on. Paula even says she loves Kate near the end, though it's unclear if this is just really strong friendship or not.
  • Rio -Rainbow Gate!- has Rio and Rina, two childhood friends who are awfully close to each other. As in, sleeping in the same bed naked, be all touchy at the pool side, and taking a bath together at a hot springs Rina embraces Rio while both are naked.
  • Romeo X Juliet: Francisco certainly loves teasing Curio. There's also a bit of it between Benvolio and Romeo, and arguably some more with Romeo and Petruccio. With the ladies, Emilia admits attraction to girl!"Odin".
    • Episode 17, IIRC, saw Francisco and Curio sharing a candlelit dinner rife with homoerotic Subtext. Also, who can forget this little gem, said someplace between episodes 7 and 9:

Francisco: (to Curio) Unfortunately for you, I'm not interested in men.

    • Also worth noting the Les Yay of the more Squicky variety between Ophelia and Juliet in one of the last episodes. It's even lampshaded in the commentary track of the English dub:

[Paraphrased] "And here we have Brina Palencia, [voice of Juliet] who's um...having a special moment with Jamie Marchi [voice of Ophelia].

  • Rose of Versailles: When Marie first meets Oscar, she mistakes her for a man, and states she prefers Oscar over her betrothed. Rosalie is also flat-out in love with Oscar for a good portion of the series and apparently retains some feelings for her into the Distant Finale.
    • All of the ladies in the court think Oscar is very handsome, also.
    • Charlotte also seems to have feelings towards Oscar.
    • Oscar also appears to return Rosalie's feelings, to an extent.
  • Kenshin and Sano from Rurouni Kenshin become the unlikeliest of friends after Kenshin kicks the crap out of him--in the manga, Kenshin even explictly says Sano is one of the few men he trusts with his life. The anime even adds an extra duel after Sano foils his old childhood friend's plot to blow things up, and Kenshin cradles Sano's unconsious body with a very tender smile on his face.
  • Rozen Maiden actually shoehorns Hoe Yay in one of it's drama CDs between Laplace no Ma and Detective freaking Kun Kun. This is wrong on so, so, many levels.


  • Saint Seiya, having a Cast Full of Pretty Boys for the most part, can have a lot of this if you look at their manly warrior bonding with the right slash goggles. The most infamous is probably the "House of Libra" moment between Shun and Hyoga, which is staged very much like a love-making scene. The fact that Shun is making a Heroic Sacrifice to save Hyoga's life, and Hyoga is next seen carrying an unconscious Shun in a moment of Pieta Plagiarism only adds to it.
  • Saiunkoku Monogatari is rife with Ho Yay, as might be expected from a series which takes place in the Cast Full of Pretty Boys that is the Saiunkoku Imperial Court. The most obvious example is Heterosexual Life Partners Ran Shuuei and Li Kouyuu, but there are also plenty of other moments... such as the fit Kou Reishin throws when Tei Yuushun accepts promotion to Prime Minister, asking Yuushun to "choose me!", in response to which Yuushun smilingly tells Reishin that he'd prefer it if, instead, Reishin were to choose him. And then there's the remarkable amount of Ho Yay between Shou Yosei and Sa Enjun, both of whom are old men.
  • Sakura Gari , written by Yuu Watase, contains some explicit Yaoi and Shonen Ai. It's interesting to note that Watase tends to write Shoujo romantic dramedy series, so this manga series is a rather large departure from that. In addition to the obvious Yaoi relationships (Souma/Masataka) there's also a lot of hints that some male side characters are attracted to Souma. Plus, there's the fact that Souma is a Depraved Bisexual who is pretty much willing to sleep with anyone he can get, and while most of the people he sleeps with/gets involved with fall in love with him and pretty mucch become his stalkers after he's done with them, he's only interested in the one pereson (Masataka) who has absolutely no interest in him. (At first anyway.) As a matter of fact, it's addressed that the main reason he fell in love with Masataka was because Masataka was "different from the others." And Souma, of course, unaccustomed to not getting sex from someone he wants, proceeds to tie Masataka up and rape him repeatedly.
  • The first episode of Samurai Champloo apparently has Mugen dream of a naked Jin taking a bath, and ep21 has him bolt off in search of Jin after he's presumed dead, despite them just having found his firmly-established Girl of the Week in a weak state. Fuu also mistakes their conspiring as something less innocent.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei: There's a bit in episode 10 of Zoku, with all of the boys in the class directing it towards Nozomu.
    • One episode has a segment looking at chicken/egg issues and giving just-so-story explanations. For the issue of whether underwear proceeded modesty, Jun and Kino are shown as Adam and (St)eve in the Garden of Eden and "check each other out" before opting for fig leafs.
    • In regards to the Les Yay there's Chie-sensei and Kiri Komori on occasion.
    • The official art is a good provider of Ho Yay. Take this magazine picture for example that features Kafuka spreading sunscreen in a almost sensual manner onto the stomach of a blushing Chiri.
    • The OP sequence features lots of bondage. And three shots of girls in sexual positions.
  • School Days features some Ho Yay at times between close friends Makoto and Taisuke. This is taken Up to Eleven in the Valentine's Day OVA which has Makoto receiving a giant heart-shaped box of chocolates from a lip stick wearing, madly blushing Taisuke complete with sparkles in the background behind him.
  • School Rumble: Eri and Yakumo make up after the play in the second season with a fast-paced dance that ends up with Yakumo coming out on top in a surprise reversal. The crowd goes wild.
    • Not to mention Itoko being very close with fellow teacher Youko Sasakura.
      • Gets lampshaded in the valentine's Day issue when Harima said they should just get married already.
    • Yakumo is a frequent victim of Les Yay courtesy of Akira and Sarah.
    • A Running Gag is Harima and Tani-sensei getting Mistaken for Gay.
  • Scrapped Princess: Pacifica and Winia hit it off almost immediately during their first meeting in Episode 3.
    • Most of the fanbase thought this when seeing Seness and Eirote.
  • Student Council's Discretion: This is the main point of Mafuyu's Ken/Nakameguro delusions, but in episode 12 it becomes "real" along with Nakameguro.
    • Chizuru loves to cuddle and "abuse" Kurimu in a little sister kind of way. Sometimes, she hints to wanting to be involved with Kurimu.
  • Sekirei: Same sex Ashikabi/Sekirei. They've already kissed, most likely due to reacting to their future partner.
    • Also used with Minato and Homura for a while, after Homura started turning into a woman but before most of the cast found this out.
    • Even afterwards, when Tsukiumi complains that Musubi is the only one kissing Minato, asks Homura "Don't you think that isn't fun?", and Homura starts blushing and acts... more embarrassed then squicked. Later, he notes (again, blushing) that now even he feels "left out" when Minato comforts a crying Musubi.
    • Musubi piles on the Les Yay on Tsukiumi, in particular.
  • Sensual Phrase: Atsuro and Towa, in the anime.
  • Sentou Yousei Yukikaze is actually nicknamed "Brokeback Air Force" in some fan circles because of the very obvious subtext between Rei Fukai and his commanding officer and only (human) friend, James "Jack" Bukhar. The two are as close as Rei's personality allows, and share a number of strangely tender moments. Jack is very attached to Rei, tries his best to protect him and bring him "back" to the human world, and is willing to openly go against military protocol for him. Rei obviously likes Jack and is shown relaxed and maybe even happy around him, but ultimately he's even closer to Yukikaze and chooses it in the end. Jack's CO even comments on this weird Love Triangle between two men and a fighter jet AI:

General Cooley: Are you afraid that Yukikaze is going to take him away from you again?

  • Serial Experiments Lain: Alice's attitude toward Lain involves a slight romantic tint.
    • Lain's confession of love in the penultimate episode make her feelings fairly clear.
    • The anime toes the line between text and subtext with a lot of Lain and Alice's relationship, but it's hard to read Lain deleting herself from existence for Alice's peace of mind, arranging things so that she can marry her high school crush, and spending eternity watching over her from the Wired in a way other than I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
  • Seto no Hanayome plays this between Nagasumi and Masa. A poll of the fans revealed Masa/Nagasumi to be the 2nd most popular pairing.
  • Shiki: Tohru and Natsuno have this a lot. Tohru is the only one who the usually aloof Natsuno opens up to. After Tohru dies and becomes a vampire, Natsuno is willing to risk his life to convince him to escape the village with him. When Tohru says he can't Natsuno lets him drink his blood and eventually is killed by Tohru, willingly. Also, when Tohru does drink Natsuno's blood in one scene, it looks like he's straddling him.
  • Shin Angyo Onshi: Won Sul seems to have strong feelings for Munsu.
  • As if Kitaki didn't have enough Foe Yay with Kagetora in Shinobi Life (there's even a scene where Kitaki has Kagetora chained to a bed!), the Ho Yay between him and Rihito is pretty much the definition of the trope.
  • Shinshi Doumei Cross has Ushio's canon feelings for Haine and Maguri's canon (and very obvious and unabashed) crush on Takanari. If you don't consider Maora transgender or of two different genders at once, s/he and Maguri are yaoi guys.
  • Shonen Onmyouji: Plenty of it between Masahiro and Guren.
  • Skip Beat!: Moko and Kyoko, in pretty much every scene they have together.
    • In the Angel/Devil arc, Kyoko had to act all lovey-dovey towards an actress she hated, but she pulled it off by pretending that the other girl was Moko.
    • When Kyoko discovered that Moko had acquired a boyfriend, she reacted like a jealous Love Interest: following the two of them around, debating about whether to curse the boyfriend or let them be happy together, and watching Moko feed the boyfriend french fries while wishing that Moko would do the same to her.
    • A couple of times, Kyoko has used her grudge-Kyokos to tie up and immobilize Moko, in a manner reminiscent of Tentacle Rope.
    • There's also the Tsundere-ish way that Moko acts towards Kyoko, often blushing and claiming that She Is Not My Best Friend.
    • In Chapter 101, Kyoko actually has a Nosebleed when Moko asks her out for ice cream in an over-the-top tearful manner.
    • Kyoko was incredibly... devoted to Ruriko.
  • Gateau Mocha's flirtation with Marron in Sorcerer Hunters is blatant enough in the manga, but in the dubbed version of the anime Marron is implied to flirt back a little.
    • There's also Marron's brotherly (?) affection for Carrot in the manga.
    • Milphey's shameless flirtations with Carrot and Onion.
  • Space Battleship Yamato (AKA Star Blazers) has the pretty, pretty villain Desslok. In the second season, he and the Comet Emperor Zordar jump into each other's arms to greet each other. Zordar also praises Desslok constantly, to the infuriation of his (Zordar's) girlfriend. Not to mention how Desslok, in New Journey, is outright stated to be sulking and constantly thinking about a "strange friendship" he feels for Wildstar. Also, Desslok spends much of the second season obsessed with Wildstar, only (temporarily) ending the obsession when he discovers Wildstar has a girlfriend.
  • Speed Grapher: Besides Bob being in love with Saiga, Tsujido is really attached to Suitengu. Played with more subtlety than in many anime, though.
  • The eponymous Kurumi from Steel Angel Kurumi 2 shows the same admiration for her master as her predecessor did for hers in the prequel--only this time her master is a girl. Yes, this also involves hopping into the bath with her and copious amounts of fawning and cuddling. Of course, the fact that the girl's female best friend also has a crush on her only raises the Les Yay even more.
  • Strawberry Panic. Oh, wait...
  • Sukisho has official yaoi couples and additional Ho Yay abounds among the cast.
  • In Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Zentraedi leaders Britai and Exsedol intercept a broadcast of Max Jenius and Milia Fallyna wedding on the Macross. Britai is puzzled by the motivation behind such an act, and Exsedol explains to him the human concept of love (which is extremely alien to Zentraedi). Then Britai suddenly says, "Love? Maybe I can understand that after all," with a knowing smirk on his face. From the context it makes it seem as if he had the hots for Exsedol. More amusing than anything else, as Britai has blue skin and a metal prosthesis over half his face and Exsedol is... deformed, to put it lightly.
  • Susume! Kitakou Housoubu: Toyama is very protective of Noto, and even asks Noto to marry him and kisses him in Chapter 8. Hinaji had a crush on Noto.
  • Sword of the Stranger: Fuugo seems to be attracted to Luo-Lang; this is lampshaded by another character at one point while the latter is on a mission)

"You almost look like a wife who has lost their husband."



  • Tactics. The characters are so gay that the authors themselves have made yaoi doujinshi of them. (Specifically, "Lovesick".) Kantarou and Haruka in particular are the most notable example, and its more apparent in the manga than in the anime but still there.
  • Tantei Gakuen Q: Kyu and Ryu, especially in the anime. Ryu's theme song is an extremely romantic theme song. Whenever he appears there is sparkles. When do the sparkles and music show up? Whenver Kyu is talking to him.
    • Episode 10. The music, sparkles, and atmosphere of Kyu staring at Ryu and then being unfocused after that, gazing at Ryu again... They find out they both have the same deductive skills, stare at each other in astonishment to some really romantic theme music, and when are confronted about them harmonizing, Kyu BLUSHES and gets all flustered. And Megumi is thinking somethings' up. Yup, Kyu's in love with Ryu.
  • The Tatami Galaxy: Ozu rubs up against the narrator when they're about to sabotage a romantic night for several couples with fireworks from across a riverbank. "But it's so cold..."
    • In episode 2, they kiss in a movie.
    • The so-called "black string of fate".
    • "It's my way of expressing my love!"
  • Tears to Tiara has the Les Yay variant, between Defrosting Ice Queen Octavia and Genki Girl Morgan. Actually more blatant in the anime than the original video game. In the anime, Octavia even gives Morgan a necklace with Octavia's name carved into it, and says that she's keeping one with Morgan's name on it. They then proceed to vow that if they die fighting, it will be by each other's side.
    • It's also strongly hinted between Octavia and her wannabe rival/UnluckyChildhoodFriend Lydia.
  • Tenchi Muyo! has this by the bucketload, especially between Ryoko and Ayeka. There's even a scene (albeit in an alternate-alternate universe) where the two of them come under the effects of a love spell and nearly kiss!
  • Texhnolyze: Ichise and Touyama.
  • Tenshi ni Narumon: Raphael and Mikael. They are pretty much an official couple, even though it's never explicitly stated anywhere an eye-catch from the last episode with both of them, which replaced the former one with Noelle and Yuusuke pretty much states the obvious
    • They sleep together naked in the same bed while holding hands - how much more straightforward can it be?
  • Togainu no Chi: The anime is based on a boys' love game so Ho Yay abounds, in practically every episode. In fact certain scenes in the anime are even more HoYaytastic than their R18 PC BL game counterpart, probably as compensation for not including certain other scenes.
    • Episode 4... just episode 4. Starts out with Keisuke x Akira, then moves right along to Rin x Akira, and then wraps it up with Shiki x Akira. There's also Arbitro stating to have an interest in Akira, a blue haired guy gets all up in Akira's personal space, and another guy comments on how pretty Akira is.
    • Nano carries an unconscious Akira like in a Bridal Carry in Episode 10. Akira then carries Keisuke in the same way at the end of the same episode.
    • in episode 6 Akira gets manhandled by a guy taking Line and thrown against the wall where he grabs Akira's face and licks blood from it while telling him he should show him a good time.
  • To LOVE-Ru features an Accidental Kiss between Rito and Ren, and other shippy moments.
    • Risa and Mio, to everyone.
    • Lala/Haruna as well.
    • And Lala/ Yui too.
    • Yami and Mikan.
  • Minto from Tokyo Mew Mew has a hero-worship for Zakuro that definitely verges into Les Yay at times (she even confesses her love at one point, though in context it's ambiguous what kind of love she was talking about).
  • In Tona Gura, there is enough of this to occasionally border on Ship Tease between Kazuki and Chihaya. Hatsune also seems to be highly enamored of her sister's cuteness, even moreso than Ui for Yui. This may be in part because Hatsune knows how much it freaks out the staid Kazuki.
  • [There might be a bit of this in Toradora! from Yuusaku to Ryuuji. In Episode 9, Yuusaku enters the kitchen naked after hearing Ryuuji's voice. Sure, guys hang out together in towels, but completely naked? A bit questionable.
    • And then, of course, there are the numerous hints that Minori has feelings for Taiga which, by the end, are dropped in favor of hints of feelings for Ami.
  • Toriko has the best friends forever/partners for life between Toriko and Komatsu. Also worth mentioning is Sani, an almost Camp Gay guy who's really touchy feely towards anyone he considers beautiful, and Komatsu happens to be one of them. In fact, it seems anyone who gets to know Komatsu seems to get a crush on him (platonic or otherwise).
    • There's also this page from chapter 125 where four of the male cast members slow dance on a cruise ship.
  • The Touch anime and manga has some Ho Yay moments with Koutarou (mostly one-sided). Koutarou almost seems to be in love with Kazuya. It should be noted that Koutarou is Kazuya's catcher on the baseball team.
    • Let's not forget Yoshida, whose idolization of Tatsuya ends up with Tacchan telling Yoshida that he's "just not into that kind of thing". And it almost becomes Foe Yay when Yoshida becomes one of Tatsuya's rivals.
  • Toward the Terra has quite a bit. The first OP has what looks like a near-kiss between Jomy and Soldier Blue; Keith's self-appointed rival, Shiroe, has some ambiguous moments with him; and later episodes turn it up to eleven with Keith and Matsuka.
  • The Tower of Druaga: When Jil first sees Utu without his helmet on, he blushes and says he didn't think Utu would be that good looking.
  • Training With Hinako Volume 3: Bathtime with Hinako and Hiyoko makes few false pre-tenses regarding its subject matter and target audience, laying down the Les Yay pretty thick. Half the OVA is the nude Hinako and her breast friend Hiyoko washing and massaging each other, often in some very erogenous places (however, Censor Suds and the characters' inexperience prevent things from going full Hentai). There's evidence of sexual arousal as well, including blushing and pleasurable gasps and moans. Also, Hinako implies that they've been doing Bathtub Bonding for a while.
  • The Transformers Energon comic villain duo Snow Cat and Demolishor spent the latter part of the series being very, very close. They were almost never seen apart from each other and found excuses to hug in several scenes. In addition, the Decepticon Mirage had about as obvious a crush on Galvatron as you can find in a children's television show, mourning that Galvatron "doesn't know how much I care about him", swooning when he gained another powerup and grew to greater heights and on one very strange occasion spoke of him in loving terms after transforming in a ballerina-like pose with a glowing pink heart displayed in the background behind him. This was stressed even more in the Japanese pre-dub, in which the previously mentioned line was originally "Nobody loves Galvatron more than I do!". It doesn't help that Mirage is purple.
  • Trigun has Vash and Wolfwood; Legato's fanboying over Knives; in the magazine version of the Tri Max manga, Legato telling Vash that he is beautiful. After beating him to a bloody pulp. And in case Legato's antics aren't sinister enough, there's also Knives's Twincesty vibes towards Vash.
  • In The Third the Girl With The Blue Eye it is made rather clear that Paife has feelings for Honoka, which might even have been mutual if Iks hadn't been around, considering how Honoka enjoys Paife's presence.


  • Ryuunosuke Fujinami of Urusei Yatsura seems to be a lightning rod for this trope. Apart from the large group of fangirls that she amasses in Tomobiki High from her first day onwards, she also has a lot of this with Shinobu in certain episodes, and even went on a "fake date" with her once. And then she meets Benten and the Ho Yay goes off the charts...
    • Thanks to a lipstick that draws the lips of the people using it together, Ataru and Handsome Lech Mendou end up in a full-frontal smooch by mistake. Both are promptly disgusted -- a dappya fish monster even offers the readers three panels to recover from this shock. The participants of the kiss think they require more.
  • Uta Kata has Sei and Kai, whose meaningful gazes and Last Kiss may leave one wondering how anyone mistook them for brothers. Ramped Up to Eleven in the epilogue episode, which in which they cooked dinner together in a distinctly newlywed way, enjoy a romantic dinner with candelight and wine, and watch the snow before Sei (knowing that Kai's going to leave again) breaks down, Kai hugging him from behind.
    • And then, of course, there is the relationship between main Ichika and Manatsu, which becomes ever more intense as the series progresses and, like with Sei and Kai, culminates in a very intense Last Kiss.
  • Uta no Prince-sama would be bordering on BL if you took away the female main character.


  • Vampire Doll: Vincent and Guilt-na-Zan, Kyoji and Kyoichi, Tonae and Shizuka, Hugo and Dante, Dune and Fahrenheit. Even all the side characters...
  • Vampire Knight's Kaname and Zero display mild Foe Yay, what with bloodsucking being a sex metaphor, and all. Meanwhile, Zero and his younger twin brother, Ichiru, have more Incest Subtext than you can shake a stick at.
    • In addition, Takuma Ichijo and Senri Shiki. There is one scene in the manga, at Ichijo's birthday party, where Shiki "accidently" cuts Ichijo with the knife while attempting to cut the cake. Cue Shiki, who prefers real blood over blood tablets, commenting on how they shouldn't waste it, licking Takuma's blood off his hand. With an almost lustful expression on his face. Also, their behavior towards each other in general.
    • Also in a bonus manga in volume 4 Shika is sleeping on Ichijou's shoulder.
    • There's also Aidou x Kaname and Yuuki x Shizuka.
    • On top of all this Kaname has a very one-sided bromance with Hanabusa, and if you look closely there's a guy in line to give him chocolates in the Valentines Day chapter.
  • Vampire Princess Miyu: In the TV series, pretty blatant between Larva and Garline, especially from the latter's side: he acts like a spurned lover, mentions Larva's "beauty", takes his hand, caresses his cheek...Also, in regards to Les Yay in the manga, the difference between how Reiha treats Ranka and Miyu is very... extreme. When Ranka is injured in the process of sheilding Miyu from her wrath, Reiha becomes very courtly and kisses her wounded hand. Ranka's reaction to this is a shudder.
  • It should be a blatant Trope Crime for this not to have been included, but Vassalord is practically Nanae Chrono's experiment as to how much Ho Yay could be crammed into a series without actually diving straight into the Boys Love shelf line. With sexy vampire cyborgs and other crazy hotness and plotlines.
    • But that doesn't mean it skirts around the Shounen-Ai when it gets around to it though, even when Charley "kisses" Rayflo everywhere but the lips...
    • Particularly memorable was the scene where Charley fed from Rayflo by kneeling in front of him and sucking on his... inner thigh. All with Rayflo blushing and breathing heavily.
  • Venus Versus Virus is made of Ho Yay. You can't go a few chapters, or scenes in the anime, without finding Lucia/Sumire subtext.
  • Violinist of Hameln: Done very intentionally in the manga with Hamel and Raiel - the other characters flat out accuse them of being gay a few times. And let's not even get into Olin harassing Hamel. And then there's that scene when Clarinet is introduced, and the heavily implied crush Clari may have had towards either Lute or Horn (or both? It's never truly clarified) for most of his life.
    • Watanabe hangs so many damned lampshades in the manga that it's a wonder no one's mistaken it for some kind of deranged chandelier. He draws roses in the background during the yaoi parodies, for crying out loud.
    • Examples of Ho Yay above at no point go beyond gags, though. In Schelkunchik, on the other hand, you cannot help but suspect this, when Schel and Great fall into the same roles that Flute and Hamel played in the original series.
  • Vision of Escaflowne: Nariya and Eriya in VERY skimpy clothes while dueling. Then they start straddling each other and one Catgirl almost kisses another. The context is spoilerrific.
  • This Vocaloid flash of Hatsune Miku and her "creator" is brimming with bittersweet Les Yay.


  • Weiss Kreuz: There's a lot of this between the four main Bishonen characters.
  • Wild Adapter. Kubota and Tokito, full stop. There's the hand holding, the hugging, the assumptions the rest of the cast clearly makes, the sharing a bed... The manga was actually published as yaoi in Japan. So it's pretty much canon, actually.
  • Wild Life: Way too many to count. Ryoto constantly hits on Tesshou, and is explicitly stated to be either gay or bisexual. Ryoto hitting on Tesshou is a running gag, and henceforth, the one-sided Ho Yay moments are piled on throughout the manga.
  • Haguro from Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest takes this to nightmarish levels toward Inugami and Chiba. Also overlaps with Foe Yay.
  • Wolf's Rain: Tsume and Toboe, enough said.
    • Given the way male wolves actually establish dominance... well, enough said again.

"I wanted to take you to paradise..."

    • Kiba and Tsume too. Also some Les Yay between Cher and Cheza.


  • Yamada Taro Monogatari: Mimura always being alongside Taro, even going so far as to introduce Taro to his family and make his grandfather think that Taro is his lover. They hug a lot, too. And then there's Suguira's canonical crush on Taro...
  • You'd be surprised, with the amount of Ho Yay in Yami no Matsuei, to find that it's actually a Shoujo series. Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, and Muraki/Hisoka? It's all there! Tsuzuki lampshades this in the first volume, joking that he would give Hisoka a goodnight kiss, but this isn't a Boys Love manga. Also, self-admitted lesbian Rika seemed to have a thing for Chizuru, while Saya and Yuma go around groping each-other in onsens.
    • Let's see...there's Hisoka, Muraki (the most blatant one), Hijiri, the Count (just as blatant as Muraki), Tatsumi, Watari (a one time Stupid Sexy Flanders case), even his Shikigami... Yup, everyone's gay for Tsuzuki.
    • At one point, Tsuzuki tries to commit suicide again thanks to Muraki, and Hisoka hugs him and begs him to not do so.
  • The very human-like robots in Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou exchange data through interfaces on their tongues. Since there are hardly any male models, this can lead to very LesYay situations, like in the scene where Kokone delivers Alpha a message from her owner. In the manga there is even one female-type robot who abuses this trait in an attempt to get closer to Kokone, by using her as a messenger. One wonders why they don't simply use data-exchange cords, like Alpha does with her camera.
  • In You're Under Arrest chapter 47, Natsumi, Miyuki, Yoriko, and some others of their coworkers went out to dinner to celebrate the new year. They offered to buy a 3000¥ all-you-can-eat ramen for the person who would drink the most; this was because the others were curious about how Natsumi acts when drunk. When drunk, Natsumi complained about her lack of progress in her relationship with the chief, culminating with this:

Natsumi: Say, Miyuki, is it true that I don't have feminine charm?
Miyuki: (thinking) Now, she's starting to get depressed!
Natsumi: However, look, I have a beautiful chest, no? It's strange, it's really unjust!
Miyuki: (thinking) Uh oh, I have a bad premonition!
Natsumi: Maybe I need to try with girls...
Miyuki: Uh... wait... (thinking) What's she saying?
Natsumi: (collapses unconscious on top of Miyuki, on the bench seat)
Miyuki: (to the others) Do something, don't just watch us! (to Natsumi) No, stop, Natsumi! (thinking) I can't push her off, she's too strong.
Natsumi: (begins to snore)
Yoriko: Are you ok?
Miyuki: (stands up) Am I ok? No, not at all! You just stayed there to watch without doing anything! (shoots them with a BB gun)

    • The series is pretty much made of Les Yay from the beginning.
  • Yumeiro Patissiere: Andou likes invading Kashino's personal space and likes calling him "Maa-chan" from time to time. And Hanabusa seems to be awfully mesmerized by Henri in chapter 17...


  • Zettai Karen Children has Kaoru's fascination with beautiful women (preferably large-chested) which she acts upon on a regular basis. Oh yeah, Kaoru is also only ten years old.
    • When she grows older she habitually flirts with any pretty girl that strikes her fancy.
    • Both Kyosuke and Sakaki towards Minamoto.
  • Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh has three pilots that have chemistry in any combination. This was actually lampshaded in the OVA, when a Monster of the Week cast a spell on them that makes Kouji fall in love with Jin, and Asuka fall in love with Kouji. It doesn't last very long.
    • Also Belzeb and Taida.
  • Blake (Blade) and Luke from Zoids Fuzors. However, this seems to have been deliberarte Lampshading; neither of them has a canonical female love interest, and the pair share more then a few Ho Yay moments. Bearing in mind that one of them has Luke saying "There's something I need to show you" and then undoing his shirt.
  • Zombie Loan: Shiba and Chika. Tohou's obsession with Shito. Chika and Shito...Pretty much any guy with any other guy.
    • Also, Koyomi's "other" personality Yomi has a definite fondness for groping Michiru's breasts and attempting to molest her.

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