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  • Scrub: Some of the players just look like they haven't even touched a video game controller before.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Seriously, gathering 10-20 rings in 30 seconds in Green Hill Zone shouldn't be that hard no matter how old you are. You can pretty much get it by accident just by holding Right...
    • There are far more idiotic decisions then that. That girl actually may have been one of the best players on the show.
    • The few contestants who were stupid enough to go backwards on the board and activate the "Time Bomb", where they would have to pong-spell a word in ten seconds with each other to keep control of the board.
    • Some are even stupid enough to try to move in a direction they can't even go.

"Mikey's moving right... Oh, he can't move right! He's at the edge."

    • Upon being asked the question "How much does an ounce of gold weigh?", one team responded with "14 ounces".
    • One kid did an Arsenio Hall-esque "whoop-whoop" arm motion throughout the game to pump himself up and make himself look foolish. He continued doing this even as he and his teammate went down in a flaming sub-50 point defeat at the hands of the red team.
    • Whoever wrote that question about Misery. Seriously, who in the right mind would expect a typical child to correctly answer a question about an R-rated film adaptation of a Stephen King novel?