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    /wiki/Out of Characterwork

    A Sub-Trope of Canon Defilement.

    In Derivative Works (especially Fan Fiction), this term means that somebody is acting largely against his or her established personality. How and why this occurs has a pretty wide range:

    Generally viewed as a very negative trait (if a fanfic gets tagged as "OOC", it's usually not a good sign, though writers will often be honest enough to slap the tag on themselves up front).

    Compare Character Derailment, which is this applied to canon. See also Out-of-Character Moment. Draco in Leather Pants, Ron the Death Eater and Wimpification can be considered subtropes.

    Not to be confused with In and Out of Character. In Role-Playing Games, it is sometimes necessary to make a distinction between when a player is In Character and Out Of Character, to know if the person is speaking as the character or as the player. A player who uses Out of Character information (such as the presence of goblins in a room ahead) to make an in-character choice is said to be MetaGaming, which most dungeon-masters severely frown upon.