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  • Despite Gojyo's womanizing, his relationship with Hakkai (whom he lived with for several months) in Saiyuki tends to be questionable, especially with their relationship 500 years ago as gods of heaven. They also spend an entire day together at a spa in the second season, and at one point have a water gun fight while wearing little towels.
    • Not to mention that in one scene Gojyo hears Hakkai's soul cry out in anguish from several kilometers away - when Hakkai had observed earlier that he feels that his love for Kanan can't have been as powerful as he thought it was, because he didn't know something was wrong on the day she was kidnapped.
    • Gojyo likes to sling his arm over Hakkai's shoulders and be close to him a lot.
    • The first thing he says to Hakkai after saving him? "This is the first and last time I ever let a man sleep in my bed."
  • If you count Hakuryuu as a male, then Hakkai is constantly fondling an extremely phallic part of him while driving.
      • Gah, thanks for the visual! Now I'll never be able to look at Hakkai driving (riding?) his jeep again. But let me up you as a revenge: This gives a whole new meaning to the words going slow poke.
  • There's also a lot of Ho Yay between the other two members of the party, Goku and Sanzo, with Goku's deep affection for Sanzo and the fact that they are constantly saving each other.
    • They seem to have a strange fixation on each others hands as well. It's probably some kind of symbolic metaphor for something, but still.
  • And people have seen it between Sanzo and Hakkai (he became suddenly irate for no apparent reason at Goku and Goyjo when they were discussing with each other if Hakkai's old friend who they met was actually Hakkai's childhood sweetheart), Sanzo and Goyjo, Goyjo and Goku (what with Goyjo and Goku's constant bickering)... you could probably write a foursome where everyone is completely in character.
    • Genjo Sanzo was raised in the all-male environment of a buddhist monastery where the only people who became his friends were actually in love with him as he was so beautiful as a young boy that he passed for a girl (as seen in the Talisman Master storyarc and the movie), and furthermore his adoptive father was implied to be gay, as it was a common rumor that Konzen was actually Komyo's catamite.
      • In fact, Genjo Sanzo is hinted to very well be gay himself as it shown in the first season that he did he not get mad at all when a gay drunk came on to him in a bar:

Guy (Leers and holds Sanzo's face):You're so pretty that you look like a woman.
GS (Calmly nonplussed):I'm a man though.
Guy: (Leers even more):I don't mind.
GS (Remains placid):Fool.

      • It should be noted that Genjo Sanzo is the grouchy antisocial type who is usually averse, rather violently so, to both physical contact and smalltalk even with his close friends, much less random strangers.
  • Saiyuki is a story about four pretty guys traveling together on an epic journey, spending most of their time in close proximity. There would be too much Ho Yay to list here even if the mangaka wasn't a former yaoi doujinshi artist who deliberately adds to it.
    • Let's not forget Hazel. He has a musclebound bodyguard that follows him around, Gat; greatly admires Sanzo; and Ukoku seems to mess with his head some, too.
    • Or Homura, the second season antagonist, who has an odd obsession with Goku and there are moments when they share some very interesting innuendo (Goku was chained to a wall that time and Homura was asking Goku to worship him instead of Sanzo).
    • Kougaiji and Dokugakuji also have some interesting moments as well. Doku thinks that he's become quite attached to his prince. Not to mention all of the times he has to rescue him after being beaten by the Sanzo party.
  • All four main characters, especially Sanzo, have a habit of having their male rivals get a little too interested in them. Goku has Homura, Hakkai has Chin Yi-Sou and Nataku's dad hit on him once, Gojyo had Kami, and poor Sanzo had Hazel, Go Dou-Gan, Rikudo, a bandit who tried to rape him as a child, and that one guy from the Reload anime with the puppets, not to mention Goku himself and Gojyo has also commented on Sanzo's looks.