Handsome Lech

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You so do not want to know where else those wandering hands have been, Ryuubi.

"I just had dinner with two women at the same time. 'Cause I'm a stud."

A Casanova Wannabe with the added bonus of actually being attractive. Unfortunately, this may not apply to the rest of their personality.

The Handsome Lech is just as likely to be a skirt chaser, even if his shameless flirting is playful and kind of charming. When the more negative parts of their personality become obvious (fear of commitment, irresponsibility, etc.) this will drive away potential suitors. Everyone else will merely not take him quite as seriously, because he's a good guy at heart.

Almost guaranteed to have luck with the one character (who is obviously attracted to him, if only in a Slap Slap Kiss way) willing to put up with these problems. If not, then Failure Is the Only Option.

May be the quirk of a Bunny Ears Lawyer. Compare Chivalrous Pervert, who's just as perverted but shows some more restraint.

Examples of Handsome Lech include:

Anime and Manga

  • Genpou Saji from Ikki Tousen is a pure embodiment of this trope. His introduction is groping Hakufu (which was also the first time they met and stole her magatama), sleeps with Ryoufu and uses this to turn her against Toutaku (and may have raped her, according to the Battle Vixens Macekre manga), teases the Tsundere Ryoumou (who's in love with him) mercilessly, fingers a nurse when he's hospitalized, much to Ryoumou's anger, makes Ryuubi (who's the leader of another warrior group, mind you) almost cry by groping her Gag Boobs in Dragon Destiny, which was the first time they ever met...
  • Oreldo from Pumpkin Scissors fits the bill perfectly, has the looks, and doesn't need a library card to check the "file folders" in the records office(the records keeping girl is hot, and the only obstacle keeping him from important information). And he is also well known for showing up in the series with dishevelled uniform and lipstick on him.
  • Makoto Itou from School Days certainly fits here. He's quite good looking, but in most adaptations of the story, he's quite the Casanova with little concern for how his actions may come to affect others, so he has almost nothing to be proud of. Especially in the anime, where he barely atones for his mistakes, unlike in the manga.
  • Miroku in Inuyasha is infamous for his smooth if perverted behavior of groping women and casually asking them to bear his children. See here under "Miroku Promo".
    • Further supported in that he stops almost entirely once he finally gets around to proposing to Sango. The key word in that sentence being almost.
  • Goyjo from Saiyuki - with his long red hair and smooth talk come ons whenever the group stops anywhere populated. Always garnering severe upbraiding by Sanzo ("lecherous bastard"); or ridicule from Goku ("pervy kappa").
  • The Doctor from Haré+Guu is smart, handsome and uses his position to feel up women.
  • Tatewaki Kuno from Ranma ½ - very handsome, rich, excellent vocabulary, and apparently a figure well-skilled in the arts of polite romance. Also so incredibly egotistic that he can't conceive of the idea of a girl not being attracted to him, as well as being willing to Glomp the girls he is interested in at a moment's notice and also something of a hypocrite who is capable of such feats as ranting about how mixed bathing is for "moral degenerates" while racing eagerly for the baths with a girl in his arms. And he isn't even much of a playa compared to Mikado Sanzenin from the same manga/anime, whose very name is a pun in Japanese meaning "sex-obsessed neurotic" and who openly boasts of his plan to have kissed over 1000 girls—Kuno is simply fixated on two girls at once (well, he thinks one is a girl) and openly proclaims that he will date them both at the same time, because he can't bear to choose either one.
  • Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic! often gets slapped around by the female series leads for lecherous behavior.
  • Kaji in Neon Genesis Evangelion frustrates Misato by disappearing at the worst times and flirting with other women to make her jealous.
    • Toji is also arguably an example, although his lechery is more Jerkass behavior than anything else.
  • In Mariasama ga Miteru, Sei loves flirting with the other Lilian students.
  • Similarly, Alielle of El-Hazard: The Magnificent World sometimes verges on this trope. Her lover, Princess Fatora is a handsome lech throughout, albeit a very ineffectual one since she never gets the women she chases after.
  • To complete the Schoolgirl Lesbians trifecta, there's also Shizuru of Mai-Otome. Despite being in love with her client, Natsuki, she will playfully flirt with other girls from time to time whenever she gets a chance (witness her exchanges with Arika in a few early episodes). "Bewitching Smile", indeed.
  • Straight Cougar's constant failures when hitting on Mimori in S-Cry-ed, mainly because he forgets people's names.
  • Nagare Akatsuki in Martian Successor Nadesico, while having the looks and personality of a playboy, has no luck with any of the women on the titular battleship.
  • Carrot Glace from Bakuretsu Hunters will chase anything female that moves except for his childhood friends who want him.
  • One might argue that Roger Smith from The Big O fits into this category, due to his openly-acknowledged prejudice in favor of beautiful young women; in fact, Dorothy calls him a "louse" on several occasions, but for the most part Roger manages to behave himself fairly well.
  • Mendo Shutaro from Urusei Yatsura is frequently mentioned to be the same as the Casanova Wannabe Ataru, except Mendo is rich, handsome and suave.
  • The eponymous Lupin III.
  • Subverted in the manga version of Fullmetal Alchemist where Roy Mustang pretends he's this to cover up the fact that he uses prostitutes as spies. The anime plays this straight because the subversion happens after the anime Overtook the Manga.
    • In his defense, said prostitutes actually work for his adoptive mother. He just has them get information for him and nothing else
  • Gene Starwind of Outlaw Star, who hires prostitutes, plays grabass with the local bar's waitress, and even sleeps with his client, Hilda.
  • Raphael of Angel Sanctuary.
  • A teen versions of this trope is Kiyosumi Sengoku (sub-captain of the Yamabuki team) from The Prince of Tennis.
  • Sanji from One Piece is an odd case as he was originally presented in this manner, actually finding plenty of woman (not including Nami) who found him attractive, but later on he became a combination Casanova Wannabe and Butt Monkey as all of his advances became universally rejected and often met with physical abuse.
    • Played straight now with Fishman Island. The mermaids are pretty enthralled with him.
    • His entire family is this, and not just the males. The Cake Island Arc shows that his brothers act the same way he does when meeting a pretty girl, while his sister Reiju (though showing more self control) flirts with Luffy and cures him of the stonefish poison that he was dying from with her kiss, simply because it amused her to do so.
  • Sakura from Penguin Musume Heart exhibits this sort of behavior, as a Rare Female Example. It could be blamed on her extreme Otaku-ness, but perhaps there is more to it.
  • Subverted by Lyle Dylandy aka the second Lockon Stratos from the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He acts the part towards both his teammate Tieria (praising his beauty and nicknaming him "Mr. Cute Instructor" in episode 3) and ex Emotionless Girl Feldt Grace (stealing a kiss from her and getting slapped for that, in episode 4). However, lechery plays less of a part than you'd think; this is a small Batman Gambit from the guy, destined to have them see less as a Replacement Goldfish for his deceased twin brother Neil, the local Big Brother Mentor and the first Lockon, who played quite important part in Tieria's and Feldt' lives.
  • Spirit/Deathscythe/Maka's Papa is this in a particularly unsubtle way. His behaviour has cost him his marriage and his daughter's respect but he still flirts with anything in a skirt.
    • It's revealed a bit later in the manga that despite being a regular at a local host club, all he does is talk about Maka and her mother. That's it. Every. Single. Time.
      • He's also very quick to snap out of his general silliness when things turn serious (sharing this trait with his meister Shinigami, who does it at the drop of a hat).
  • Rosario + Vampire's werewolf Gin. Come on now, you can't deny he's pretty, even if he does have girls sticking posters in high places just so he has a chance to look up their miniskirts.
  • Albireo Imma in Mahou Sensei Negima straddles the line between this and Loveable Sex Maniac; he's handsome enough to have little difficulty with women, but most turn away due to his 'subtly directly subtle' technique - he'd have you believe he's a Chivalrous Pervert, but he'll smile a smile you know you can't trust, act politely as he can deceive, then do something perverted enough to surprise even resident Dirty Old Ermine Chamo.
  • Claire Stanfield, as he confesses to Rachel, has never so much has gotten beyond a second date with a woman. It's not because he's unattractive (he isn't), or because he's crazy (well, he is, but they didn't know that), but rather -as it turns out- because he's very, very forward and insists on heading straight to the altar without so much as knowing the girl's name. He insists that Chane is different (beyond the fact that she didn't immediately reject him) but his longtime buddies are more than a little skeptical.

Luck: Wait, you didn't propose to stranger again, did you?
Claire: Something like that...

  • Daisuke Misumi in Chaos;Head. All his conversations with Takumi either start with or contain at least one mention of a girl he's chasing.
  • Yuto from X 1999.
  • Gold from Pokémon Special was this during the Johto arc at times - at one point he even smacked Blue on the ass teasingly. Silver was not amused. Of course, by the time the Emerald arc rolled around, he had gotten over it.
  • Fukuyama from Girls Bravo.
  • France from Axis Powers Hetalia, going after male or female. However, in Hetalia Bloodshed 2010, it seems Kitty!America from the parallel world takes up this role, seen when he kidnaps a very drunk China and Hong Kong and forces them to wear cute, skimpy outfits.
  • Jiraiya is considered a Handsome Lech, and a self-proclaimed Super Pervert. Despite this, he was shown with beautiful women on his arms several times, and near the end of his life even got Tsunade to fall for him. His apprentice, Naruto, seems to be picking up the slack.
  • 8th Grade rookie football player Kouta in Area no Kishi is known for his skirt chasing tendencies, often finding him on the receiving end Armor-Piercing Slap, Megaton Punch, or being buried up to his shoulders in the ground (and usually buried head first, at that.)
  • Frau from 07-Ghost. Porn conisseur, incorrigible flirt and occasional patron of some sketchy establishments. He's also a Bishop in the Church.
  • Jackie Gudelhian from Future GPX Cyber Formula. He more than often has a bunch of ladies on his arms and in one episode of 11, he does "something" to a nurse while he's recuperating from a crash.
    • Leon Earnhardt is an even bigger example of this in the series. In SAGA, he walks around in the hotel with his shirt mostly unbuttoned and with women in tow.
  • Stepping on Roses (Hadashi de Bara wo Fume) has Eisuke Kitamura, the protagonist Sumi's brother, who largely earns money by being the boytoy of wealthy - and oftentimes married - older women.
  • Haruka Tenoh from Sailor Moon is a rare female example of this trope, as she was seen hitting on Usagi, a maid, and several other female characters during the course of the story, until she's caught by her girlfriend/lover/partner Michiru, in the act. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Kamina of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is apparently handsome enough to make the page picture for Perverse Sexual Lust, but spends the uncut Hot Springs Episode trying to get a good look at the nude females.
  • Though any male main character that has an affair in Gankutsuou could fit the description, Andrea Calvacanti wins an honorable mention because of his antics with Hermine and Eugenie Danglars, considering they are his mother and sister.

Comic Books

  • Aquaman became like this after being de-aged to his teens by an evil witch (boy). "Hey, baby. Wanna get wet?" This stood starkly in contrast with his then-current Darker and Edgier look and characterization, making it all the funnier.
    • Much the same thing happened to Cyborg, who also became an embarrassing Jive Turkey. This is actually better characterization than he'd previously had at the time; He was a very Flat Character after he became all... Plastic Man.
  • This is Prince Charming's power in Fables. He is supernaturally attractive and has pointed out that when he sets his sights on something he always gets it (this works with more than women). Naturally Charming is completely hollow and emotionally cold inside.
    • Not exactly. The fact that he managed to wake the Sleeping Beauty with his kiss proves that he truly loved her that moment. His problem is that his True Love has absolutely no staying power, shifting from one woman to another at moment's notice.
  • Major Havoc.
  • Woody from Quantum and Woody, who thinks nothing of flirting with a cute girl while in the middle of a hostage situation... even after he shoots her.

Woody: "So, hey, I'm Woody. Maybe I can call you sometime--"
Hostage: "--?! You shot me--?!"
Woody: "So, what, meet for drinks, then--?"

Fan Works

  • Commander Rawne in Tiberium Wars is an unabashed skirt chaser whose tendencies are regularly called out, and aren't overlooked by his superiors; at one point, General Killian Qatar "bribes" him by giving him a billet in a mostly-female barracks. At another point int he story, he grants a wounded female soldier high-priority and expensive medical treatments and replacements for her damaged eyes, and the scene implies the entire reason he did so was because he found her attractive.
  • Paris is said to have been this trope before he met Helen in the Pirates of the Caribbean/Troy/The Lord of the Rings/Kingdom of Heaven Mega Crossover Chance Encounter II: Pirate Kingdom of Troy by " Telcontar Rulz". Later in the series, during an unfortunate incident involving Legolas, an evil, power hungry Cardinal from the 12th century, a poisoned arrow, a Maiar with healing abilities, Legolas gains the ability to (temporarily thank God) read minds such as Will (who is contemplating what he is going to do to Elizabeth when they get home) and Paris, who Legolas claims "has extensive knowledge of all matters carnal".


  • Chow from Wong Kar Wai's 2046 exemplifies this trope. He's handsome as hell, always ready with a charming smile or a flirtatious compliment, and is never without a woman on his arm or a conquest to chase. Of course the truth is that he uses his charm to keep women at a distance because he already lost the woman he truly loves.
    • On the note of Wong Kar-wai, York from Days of Being Wild qualifies as well. The main difference between him and Chow, however, is that Chow's past makes him at least sympathetic, whereas York comes off as a completely self-absorbed Jerkass.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Eric "Otter" Stratton in Animal House.
  • Star Trek (2009). Kirk lusts after every woman in the vicinity (even when being dragged through Sickbay by McCoy, sick as a dog from anaphylactic shock) but the only woman with whom he (visibly) scores[1] is Uhura's Really Gets Around Green-Skinned Space Babe[2] roommate (see below, under Live-Action Television regarding how Kirk was portrayed in TOS).
    • Federation society as portrayed on Earth and within Star Fleet within the Reboot was realized as the sexually conservative form found in previous iterations.[3] Whether or not Starfleet's sexually opened society remains an Informed Attribute[4] or has intentionally been retooled out, (without Roddenberry around to veto such a change) remains to be seen in future sequels.
  • Ryan Philippe in a number of roles, most notably 54.
  • Graverobber, in Repo! The Genetic Opera, is one of these. Arguably, so is Pavi Largo.
  • Peter O'Toole plays one in What's New, Pussycat?, but tries to overcome it through psychoanalysis for the sake of his impending marriage. Unfortunately his analyst (Peter Sellers) is something of a Casanova Wannabe and little help.


  • Morley Dotes from the Garrett P.I. books fits this perfectly.
  • Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!, openly admits in his memoirs that he has (ab)used his prestige to enjoy the favors of high-ranking officials—specifically, their wine cellars and their daughters (or at least he did before he met Inquisitor Vail... and possibly afterward, too).
  • Howl from Howl's Moving Castle. He's proud of the title as it gives him a bad reputation and less work from the King.
  • Ivan Vorpatril from the Vorkosigan Saga may qualify as one, given the way he goes after pretty much any good-looking woman.
  • Antillar Maximus, who is determined to have as much fun as possible over the course of his (he suspects, short) life. He constantly snuck out of his room at the Academy, and once he even hit on Gaius Caria, the First Lord's wife.
  • Henry Crawford of Mansfield Park, full stop.
  • Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones's Diary.
  • Oh, GOD, Garrid from Tales of the Frog Princess. He's hot, but is also a womanizer. Before Li'l came along, that is.
  • The various Transformers Timelines series have a few handsome leches portrayed in them, particularly Jackpot, Swindle, and Side Burn, all with varying degrees of success with the ladies.
  • Milo Banda in Septimus Heap. More specifically, he's inclined towards Marcia Overstrand, but he's usually embarassing for the people around him.

Live-Action TV

  • Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood is utterly charming and so strikingly handsome that Even the Guys Want Him. The creators describe him as "omnisexual", and this passes into his behaviour - most of the other characters find his flirting charming and quirky, except the Doctor, who regards it as quite an irritation (except when it's done to himself, naturally):

Jack: (to a man) I'm Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?
The Doctor: Stop it!
Jack: I was just saying 'hello'.

  • Owen Harper from Torchwood. This is, at times, due to the influence of handy-dandy alien pheromones, but he's rather a ladykiller on his own.
  • In Arrested Development, GOB Bluth, and his estranged son Steve Holt.
  • Lord John Marbury of The West Wing. Just about every female character appears to like him, sometimes even going so far as to profess love (in his absence) yet there is no evidence that he's actually gotten past flirtation with any of them.

Lord John Marbury: Abigail! May I fondle your breasts? (said to the First Lady at a White House reception)

    • Kate Harper seemed to be the first (female) character not to find him charming at all, and Lord John seemed to find this quite jarring.
  • Dean "Massive Manwhore" Winchester from Supernatural. A nice guy (Kind of), cute too but will inevitably leave because of his job. This has been flanderized into almost compulsive, definitely slutty and most likely pitiful behaviour.
    • I don't know about that. He was always pretty slutty; the only time it got really out of hand was in Season Three, when he was pretty understandably messed up. By Season Five, he doesn't even seem all that interested in sex (or any other physical pleasures, for that matter).
      • Dean's sluttiness is such that in one Season 4 episode, he beds an angel! In the back seat of his car. Granted, she was a human at the time, but still!
        • In his defense, the angel in question was STUNNING
  • Gavin Taylore from Kate Modern is often portrayed this way, when he's not too busy being depressed and inebriated or breaking the fourth wall.
  • Tony DiNozzo from NCIS, initially almost to the point of being The Scrappy. Notably, Character Development has gradually guided him away from this kind of behavior starting with season four.
    • It helps that Ziva, a Badass Israeli who can snark right back and turn his come-ons around on him, became his partner in that season.
      • After Kate's death, he sees something that could either be her ghost or just his own imagining of her depending on your interpretation...and immediately begins flirting with her again as if nothing had happened.
  • Hawkeye on M*A*S*H, before Sueification set in and he became a completely moral Writer on Board.
  • Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager for the first two seasons. Then he fell in love with B'Elanna Torres and turned into a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Matt Dowd on Eli Stone.
  • Napoleon Solo in The Man From UNCLE (depending on the episode, writer, and dictates of the plot; Solo tends to bounce between Handsome Lech, Casanova, The Charmer, and Chivalrous Pervert. A lot).
  • Barney Stinson, from How I Met Your Mother, although he's not without his redeeming qualities.
  • Dan Fielding of Night Court.
  • Charlie Harper in Two and A Half Men embodies this trope. He is the guy who would be in the dictionary under "man-whore" if the word was in there. It's made all the weirder by the fact that his (current) career is writing children's songs.
  • G'Kar from Babylon 5 started out as this. He's had liaisons with multiple human and even Centauri (his much hated blood enemy) women. In one of the first scenes we see him, he's trying to convince the resident human telepath Lyta Alexander to sell her genetic material to re-introduce the telepath gene into the Narnish gene pool. Several seasons later, she asks whether the offer is still valid.
  • Christopher Walken's "The Continental" character on Saturday Night Live.
  • Oz. Unit Manager Tim McManus manages to sleep with just about every female character who works in the prison, but this backfires badly when Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Claire Howell hits him with a false sexual harassment charge after he dumps her. McManus admits that even though he's not guilty of the charge, he is guilty of acting like a jerk towards women.
    • In the final season a guard jokes with McManus that he'll soon be sleeping with a woman who's just arrived at Oz, listing his previous conquests as proof. An annoyed McManus replies that he's already slept with her—she's his ex-wife.
  • Bill McNeal from News Radio, although it's subverted a few times, such as when he takes Beth out to a fancy lunch, or when Beth and Matthew think they're in his apartment.
  • The title character of Life with Derek strikes out about as often as he scores.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Kurt Martin, the twins' father, is a forty-something pretty boy who drools over women way out of his league.
  • Nodate Shijiro in Boss.
  • Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck from The A-Team, definitely. It helps that he's an awesome Con Man who tends to scam his way into penthouses, so he can make women believe he's rich and powerful.
  • Alec/X5-494 on Dark Angel, is attractive (he's Jensen Ackles) and flirty but isn't seen to have much success. Asha is hung up on Logan, Mia is manipulating him to help her boyfriend and bring down a mob boss, and it's a matter of fan interpretation whether he's actually interested in Max that way. One time we see that he has been dating two of his Jam Pony co-workers at the same time, they found out about it and quit.
  • Captain Kirk in TOS has always had a reputation for this, but he is commonly assumed by fandom to have had sex for certain with one or two of the women of the week. This, however, was due to kissing as an acceptable substitute for sex during an era when television was highly conservative, e.g. when a Wagon Train to the Stars series was considered fringe, and a coerced interracial kiss [1] [dead link] was too spicy for the Media Watchdogs. According to Roddenberry, mainstream Federation was a Free Love Society and Kirk was exemplary of that culture, so he likely was sexually active with every woman he smooched.
  • Eliot Spencer of Leverage. If anyone's going to hook up with the Girl of the Week, it'll be him, but he's Christian Kane, so probably none of them mind.
  • Nick Balco from Raising the Bar, who just will not stop flirting with his subordinates. Seems to be immune to sexual harassment lawsuits.
  • Gary Wilde of Shake It Up, trying to pick up ladies such as CeCe's mom using lines like:

Gary: You have the right to remain, foxy!

  • Sebastian Smythe from Glee is as of the Sectionals episode of season 3 too new a character to know for certain, but he seems to be this, what with hitting on a clearly uncomfortable Blaine right in front of his boyfriend.


  • Possible example: Tucker from Red vs. Blue. We don't actually know for certain he's Handsome, but he was once described by his (admittedly ridiculously nice) CO as having "metrosexual good looks". And the Lech part can't be in any doubt - he'll try to "charm" his way into the armour of any woman he encounters, no matter how badly she can (and cheerfully will) kick his arse. And if there are no women around, he'll take any opportunity to brag about his (potentially fictional) sexual conquests or throw in some subtle *ahem* innuendo. Bow chicka bow wow!

Newspaper Comics

  • Steve Dallas from Bloom County. Women immediately spot that he's a jerk.

Tabletop Games


  • Drood - John Jasper is this to the extreme; though an absolute and total creeper (albeit due to being way bipolar), is often played as a charming and handsome man, and there's no doubt that Rosa feels something for him, as disturbed as she is at the same time.
  • Guido Contini from Nine fits this very well. A first-class charmer who just can't stay faithful to his long-suffering wife.
  • Robert is more or less portrayed this way in the musical Company, as he juggles three girlfriends, enjoying a little of each but without showing signs that he really loves any one person (which "Being Alive" suggests is his deep dark desire). He's just good friends with a bunch of married women and their husbands, who envy his hedonistic bachelorhood.
  • The character of the Trickster from Cirque Du Soleil's KOOZA is portrayed like this, wooing every girl he sees with his magnetic charm and even gaining fans from the audience.

Video Games

  • Zelos from Tales of Symphonia, who made it clear that he would hit on pretty much anyone remotely attractive, race, age, or tendency to smack him silly be damned. If you have him as your active character, he really will flirt with every single female NPC you talk to (regardless of age). And with the correct EX Gem skill equipped, he'll even charm a random item or money out of them (even from eternally depressed half-elves). Later on it's revealed that his personality is mostly a facade to compensate for his very overall lousy life.
    • It's revealed in a skit that not only is his lechery a mask, but his stupidity is as well. He's at least as smart and educated as the mage character, whose Japanese name is actually Genius.
      • That one's subverted, actually. He was good at Math, but terrible at everything else. So he got his hunnies to take notes and do the work for him so he could shoot to the top of the class. He isn't as smart as Genis. He just has a good memory
    • Claus from Tales of Phantasia was the original Handsome Lech in the Tales series, though this was exaggerated in the DeJap fan translation.
  • Judith from Tales of Vesperia is a female version of this trope, being very attractive and The Tease to boot. The girls are not impressed. Yuri and Raven are.
  • Sean Webely in Super Robot Wars Original Generation, who is tempered by both his age and the fact that he truly is an Officer and a Gentleman. He doesn't leer, grope, or even hit on the many attractive females in the group, but he does make it clear that he definitely appreciates their presence.
    • He is responsible for forcing one character to permanently wear a maid outfit.
  • Zack in Final Fantasy VII was described as a 'ladies' man' in the original game, but Crisis Core and additional materials reveal him as more of a cheerful, harmless flirt and all-around good guy.
  • Edgar of Final Fantasy VI... though despite being very attractive, a master inventor and a king, none of the women in the game fall for his playboy act whatsoever.
    • It apparently works at least on one woman seeing as how he finds out about about The Empire betraying them later on in the game.
      • There's a girl in Figaro Castle during the first trip there who says only 'most women are too smart to pay any attention to him'. Emphasis on the the 'most'.
  • Zidane "oo, soft" Tribal of Final Fantasy IX.
    • The only girl that he doesn't flirt with (or better put, only does as a joke) is Freya. Of course, unlike every other girl he's hit on, she's a giant humanoid rat.
      • She was also in a committed relationship, though her love is currently MIA.
    • Though it is strongly implied that they've... comforted each other in the past. And she is rather cute, for a rat...
  • Kou Leifou from The Bouncer.
  • Irvine from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Jansen Friedh from Lost Odyssey who goes as far as showing up drunk and in the company of three women as you leave on your first mission. His behavior, however, changes drastically when he falls in love with Ming.
  • Nothing stops Snatcher's Gillian Seed, even the fact that he's technically married. In the original Japanese version he can go so far as to sniff the panties of a fourteen-year-old girl - mercifully, in the American version, the panties were taken out and the girl was aged up.
    • Jonathan Ingram from Policenauts is arguably worse in this regard. Not only does he get a chance to hit on many of the girls he meets along the way (including the teenage daughter of his old partner), the player is even given a choice to fondle the breasts of pretty much every female character (including the aforementioned daughter of his partner) in the game.
  • Amazingly enough, Teddie from Persona 4 after he gains a human body.
  • Leonardo da Vinci in Elite Beat Agents appears to be this, although it's really only so he can paint his masterpiece (he even spurns his Instant Fanclub, so that he may attract Mona.)
  • Yoshitora from Samurai Shodown fits this to a tee; he can actually run away from the middle of a fight if a girl calls his name. Oh, and he's also the heir to the friggin' Tokugawa shogunate.
  • Johnny from Guilty Gear is the leader of an all-female pirate crew and makes advances on pretty much every woman he sees. Of course, this eventually backfires.
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin's Creed II. By the end of the game, he has either attempted to or successfully slept with every female character that he meets that isn't related to him. The ladies don't seem to mind.
    • By Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, however, Ezio's habits have changed. Now in his forties, he's shown flirting with a woman who promises to reward him later and hooks up with Caterina Sforza within the first half-hour of the game... then Uncle Mario is killed, his home villa is conquered, and Caterina is captured and sent to Rome; when Ezio rescues her, she reveals that she only slept with him to secure an alliance between them. Ezio takes it in stride, but he's not shown flirting with any women after that. Though this could also by caused by him growing older and reflecting on his disastrous First Love. Nonetheless in the Da Vinci Disappearance DLC he's not above trying to seduce Lucrezia Borgia to get what he needs.
    • In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, he's still quite the womanizer in his fifties, though his main love interest is Sofia Sartor, with whom he eventually settles down and has a family with in his final years. According to Word of God, while Desmond Miles is presumably a descendent of Ezio and Sofia, Ezio may have fathered many illegitimate children in his lifetime.
  • Zevran Arainai from Dragon Age.
  • Doc from Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Sean Devlin from The Saboteur. One of his escape methods when he sets off alarms is to make-out with random women on the street until the Nazis run right past him. There's even an achievement for using this method of escape 50 times.
  • Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII.
  • Taichi is pretty shameless in his attempts to sexually harass the female cast. Of course, he does have some standards, and tries his best not to go too far. He already did cross the line with half of them, which is why they hate him so much. And like Zelos up there, it's a mask to hide some serious issues.
  • Luka from Bayonetta will never not flirt with a sexy lady. No, it does not matter if he's currently running away from the police. No, it does not matter if they apparently murdered his father. No, it does not even matter if they don't live in the same universe. He lists off the girlfriends he's had at one point: Claire, Sylvia, Trish and... Ammy?
  • Battle Golfer Yui: As it turns out, Mitsuru Hagata is a perv. That crush on Akiko is a sign of that. After beating him in a golf match, he will do anything for Hoshi Yui as long as she beats him up.
  • Lance in the Epic Battle Fantasy series looks superficially charming but his social ineptitude and very perverted humor drive girls away the moment he tries to socialize with them. A change in characterization (affecting all the main cast more or less) in EBF5 tones down his perversion but ramps up his social ineptitude, he basically becomes a delusional sociopath who thinks his looks and intelligence make him irresistible, he is shameless about his tastes in Hentai and drools like an idiot when he sees sexy pictures of girls with large breasts or Natalie donning the Cow Costume.

Visual Novels

  • SHUFFLE! has Itsuki. He's mostly shown to be turned down, but he still manages to get girls to give him lunch boxes just about every lunch.

Web Comics

  • Konstantin from Tsunami Channel is an attractive omnisexual man who would hit on anything (except for Cat Girls); but his very open ways and his love for Hentai scares any potential dates. The exception is Anya the Catgirl, who is so in love with Konstantin that she doesn't mind how perverted he is.
  • Sven Bianchi from Questionable Content who is known for his ability to (figuratively) charm the pants off practically any girl he encounters. He prefers blondes. Sven recently (after being threatened by Faye) is trying to move past his man-whoring days, but can't even tell when he is being sincere any more.
    • Especially now he's sharing his bed with the same Faye on a regular basis.
      • Nope, not any more; he blew that.
        • As of current it is revealed he isn't a whore anymore. Other girls seem "flat" compared to Fay. Poor fellow Fay broke him.
  • Brad from Gnoph is a very villainous example; at one point, he gropes his imprisoned ex-girlfriend - whom he himself arrested - while telling her that she's going to be executed without trial.
  • Earthsong's Jormand.
  • Least I Could Do's Rayne. (And his brother.) (And his father.)
  • Wander from Magical Misfits.
  • Veser from Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name .
  • Gram Trellion from Cwen's Quest fits this perfectly.
  • Rainer from MSF High is either this or the Chivalrous Pervert. Amongst other things, he's used his 360 vision to look up girl's panties, attempted to have one of his friends turned into a cute girl. (By the Friendly Neighborhood HIVE MIND!), and one telepath mentioned his mind 'was like a sewer'. Still, he's a really nice guy who has helped couples get together, at risk, (or LOSS) of his own life!
  • Vallant from Teh Gladiators, whose backstory involves being kicked (literally) out of the door naked after an attempted conquest goes wrong.
  • Jacob Freeman from Shadownova gets sucked into the plot because he was trying to flirt with the main character at the wrong time. He spends a lot of time teasing the female cast but he's really just a harmless idiot.
  • Eloya of Seekers is interested in the heroine for one thing - her curves.
  • Ménage à 3 has Matt, a bisexual underwear model and serial cheater. There was a moment where he reflected on how much of a jerk he is, but it was during a threesome after breaking up with his girlfriend because he'd had sex with his ex-boyfriend (who was an ex because he came home early and caught Matt with the girlfriend.) And no, the threesome didn't involve either ex.
    • Also Zii, a rare female version who is generally better than Matt, if only because she tries to avoid getting into relationships that don't let her play around. She still has virtually no sense of consequences.
  • Dmitri from Spacetrawler.
  • Castor of Dungeon Crawl Inc. uses a plethora of cheesy pickup lines on virtually every woman he meets, usually to no avail. Eventually he starts a real romance with Teagan, which causes her to betray her villainous cohorts and help save the day.
  • Sluggy Freelance's Sam constantly hits on any girl he meets, however, he has an awe-inspiringly terrible record at it despite being endued with hypnotism and being far stronger and faster that most of the cast.
  • Velma of I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space is a Rare Female Example in her dedication to bedding girls.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • As the quote above points out, Flash from Justice League is depicted as such. Strangely, he's shy about approaching fellow superhero Fire. He eventually grows out of it and ends up becoming the Chick Magnet. Even supervillain Giganta sacrifices a few seconds of her five-minute head start to escape the Justice League to kiss him.
    • Actually, Flash is shown to be rather popular with the ladies long before Fire is even introduced, which makes his shyness around her (and her's around him) all the more funny. Maybe he's intimidated by women with superpowers... or, to quote Hawkgirl, he's intimidated because fire is a lesbian Brazilian.
    • To be fair, the quote is taken out of the context of trying to get two of his friends to actually talk to each other again rather than trying to kill each other.
      • The quote's not out of context; it's deliberately misleading by taking the actual event out of context.
  • Arguably, the twins Jeremy and Ian from Barbie and the Diamond Castle, since they initially approach the heroines to hook up with them.

Jeremy: They skipped out.
Ian: Incredible! And we always get the girls.

Truth In Television?

If I don't get a new woman every few weeks, I get these headaches.

  • Lord Byron was renown during his life for being one of these.
  1. almost, at least
  2. an Orion slave girl -- emancipated, we assume.
  3. Note the traditional gender roles in the bar scene, in which Uhura tried to wave off "Cupcake" (and failed) when Kirk was flirting with her.
  4. out of necessity, with today's MPAA.