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  • In the first season episode "Nicodemus", Martha recounts the moment that she met Jonathan Kent. That scene was insanely heartwarming.
  • In the closing moments of "Fortune", when the second half of Chloe's marriage certificate is revealed, and apparently not only are she and Oliver now married, but Oliver is leaving to go with her on her quest to find more superheroes!
    • Tess and Emil's adorably awkward interactions after having had drunken sex in the same episode. It doesn't sound like material for this, but everything about it--from Tess complimenting Emil on his singing, to Tess herself (Broken Bird that she is) actually having a good time--just screams it. Warning: when two of the most repressed characters around cut loose, cuteness will ensue.
    • Come to think of it, the fact that Tess, a former candidate for Big Bad, is invited to the party at all, is rather touching.
  • Near the end of "Beacon", Lois and Chloe show Clark a website they've created to gather support for repealing the VRA. The site seems to consist solely of videos of people talking about how much they appreciate the Blur doing what he does; after a several-minute-long montage of these, the girls tell Clark that they received several hundred thousand of these videos.

I remember what Metropolis was like before he showed up. You couldn't even walk the streets. But since the Blur came, we have hope. I just wanna let The Blur know... there are still people that support him.

  • Pretty much all of Clark and Conner's interactions in "Scion".
  • Essentially all moments in "Finale", when you see Lois and Clark discussing their upcoming wedding, the vows, the little Oliver and Chloe moments, and Clark walking Lois down the aisle.
  • Superman saves the world by moving literally moving a planet, and as he looks down to Earth, the scene fades into a comic book being read as a bedtime story by Chloe to her young son, wearing his Superman pajamas, who glances over at Green Arrow's bow & arrow before going to bed.
  • "Always hold on to Smallville."
  • Every time Jonathan's spirit appears in the finale. Every. Damn. Time.
  • Jor-El's entire speech in the finale, when removing Clark's Inhibition against Flight, and the montage of saves throughout the entire series. Comes with the revelation that for all the trouble with Jor-El, the entirety of Clark's trials have been to save everyone he did, allowing him to grow into the hero the world needed. Comes with a CMOA when he gives an epic punch to Darkseid!Lionel before flying to the Fortress to retrieve the iconic suit.
  • During the first season, Lex arranges, at Clark's request, so that the Metropolis Sharks come to Smallville and play a little scrimmage for Mr. Fordman, who was slowly dying, with his son as their quarterback.
  • Here's another: Christopher Reeve when he guest stars as Dr. Swann. It's just heartwarming enough just to see him interact with Welling, and they even play the classic Superman opening march.
  • Clark finally opening up and telling Lois (who actually already knows) his secret. Followed immediately by her flinging herself at him, knocking them both into a pile of paper, kissing him and saying "What took you so long?" Made all the more heartwarming when one considers that she is literally the only person he ever tells when not under duress.
  • Almost every scene involving Lex and Clark throughout the Season 3 episode "Asylum" can be considered both this, but also a Tear Jerker as well. The biggest heartwarming scene, however, comes during their final scene together at the end of the episode.

Lex: "You know Clark, there is one thing I'll never forget."
Clark: "What's that?"
Lex: "How important your friendship is to me."

  • Hearing Lex tell Clark that he considers him to be closer than any blood brother at the end of Season Four's "Lucy", after Clark asks him if he misses having a sibling--to which Lex answers that he used to, until he met Clark--can definitely be considered one of these.

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