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"Most of your average adventure game experience was spent carting a truckload of miscellaneous knick-knacks around, patiently rubbing them all one by one against everything else in the hope of hopping onto the train of logic unique to the game's designer."
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, review of Zack & Wiki
"Here's my question: So you've got this letter that you desperately want your son to read... So your plan is to type up a letter and then conceal it in some rusty tool box, bolting a tray over it, and then concealing the tool box in a disused supply closet in the back corner of Wyn Tech's network server room, and then counting on your son to for no real reason grow oddly interested in the supply closet, so much so that he sneaks into your evil boss's office--the one who murdered you, by the way--and steal a key from him, going inside and then getting strangely interested in a tool box, searching that and finding your letter. Dad, have you ever heard of a safety deposit box?"
That's what makes this game so great - it's free from all logic!
I submit that [Professor Layton] is a "Logic Opera." The game is beautiful, things are happening... But every person you meet breaks into "puzzle" the way that viking ladies tend to break into song, out of nowhere, and now you're riddling out some jackhole's insane chicken scratches.
You answer the phone in a hard boiled manner. You explain to the woman gruffly that you'd love to help her out, sweetheart, but you're up to your neck in all this weird puzzle shit. You hang up.

pipes!: I'd really, like, hate to make a sandwich in Zelda land. Have to fight a boar, push a block onto a peg, which, I dunno, unlocks a door, which allows me to get mayonnaise.
Maxwell Adams: You'd have to rescue a monkey just so you can get the bread knife.
Evek: You'd have to make the bread.
pipes!: Through a series of three minigames that are completely unrelated to wheat or flour.
Ferr: Well, you have to get one item and then bring it to somebody, and then they'll give you an item and you bring it to someone and they give you honey-baked ham.

Evek: And you have to unfreeze their oven.
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