Spider-Man: Edge of Time/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Atrocity, while not as horrifying as its predecessor Monster Ock, manages to end up in this territory.
    • Anti-Venom qualifies to an extent as well.
    • "Not as horrifying?" let's compare the two; Monster Ock, while nightmarish in his own right, is basically Doc Ock wearing the Carnage symbiote. Atrocity, meanwhile, is a borderline Eldritch Abomination composed of Anti-Venom, Doctor Octopus, and Walker Sloan, the game's original Big Bad. It's even bigger than Monster Ock, can teleport, can summon Combat Tentacles from outside of reality to attack you, and it's really ugly, too.
    • You can also compare their HONF segments from their respective games. Monster Ock? A frenetic chase out of a collapsing lair racing both the Implacable Man Monster Ock and a countdown to destruction. Atrocity? Having to herd the Atrocity around a small room and draw tissue samples, never knowing if and when the Atrocity will wake up from its sedation, creating a pants-crapping atmosphere of tension. They're both terrifying in their own ways, and Atrocity more than holds his own against Monster Ock on the fear scale.
  • It is also a bit unsettling to see the CEO's archive room right after The Reveal.
    • A bit? It's a shrine dedicated to Peter Parker's past problems and failures showing that Peter Parker 2099 is messed up.