Spooks: Code 9

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For Queen. For Country. For Kicks.

BBC 3 Spin-Off from Spooks, which started Sunday 10 August 2008. Aimed at a younger audience than Spooks.

Set in 2013, after a terrorist attack at the 2012 Olympic Games saw a nuclear bomb set off in London. Numerous MI5 operatives were killed in the blast, and many others left afterwards, so now the remnants have to rebuild their organisation. The series follows a bunch of young new recruits in these troubled times, hired because terrorists are getting younger. Yes...

This did very badly in terms of critical opinion and poorly in the ratings- while the BBC haven't made any official decisions about its future, and the cast are provisionally signed on for a second series, it seems unlikely to return.

Tropes used in Spooks: Code 9 include: