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It's a me! Mario-o...oh...oh, my.

  • Level 2 of Mario Zone in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is set approximately in the crotch area of a giant mechanical Mario. It's full of... balls. Big, bright balls, spiked balls, bears riding balls. Balls.
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars has a variant of the classic Mario villains, "Shy Guys." These versions are known as "Shysters." It's phonetically identical to a word describing an unscrupulous person (particularly lawyers) that has tended to carry an anti-Semitic connotation.
    • Actually, it's even worse. Shyster is the original spelling of that word. Let's just hope it was just an accident.
    • Yaridovich claims, "I got to my lofty station in life by... ahem... 'pleasing' my superiors."
    • Valentina's 'hit' animation seems to involve little but Jiggle Physics.
    • If you look around her bedroom, you can find Princess Toadstool's "???". We're not told what it is, but her grandmother will immediately run over and bribe you to leave it be. Go back and find it again when the princess is in your party, and she will yell at you for going through her things. The original Japanese name is "Peach's XXX", but in Japan, "XXX" is typically used in the "insert word here" sense, making it have the same meaning as ???.
    • One of King Calimari's (a gigantic octopus, for the record) attacks is to use one of its tentacles to snatch away one of your party members. When they're returned to the battle a few turns later, they'll have gained the "Fear" status. Hmm...
  • In the first Paper Mario game, one quest involves returning a "special tape" from Goompa in Goomba Village to Koopa Koot in Koopa Village. The contents of the tape are never mentioned, save that Goompa keeps it... well hidden.
    • Happens in The Thousand Year Door too, only this time with a mysterious 'package', from one Goomba to another. Add to this the fact that this delivery is made in the back streets of Rogueport, and the Goomba for whom you're delivering it tells you not to be seen, well, it just speaks for itself really. This happens in the third game as well.
    • In the German version of The Thousand-Year Door, characters tend to swear. Right near the start, Lord Crump does so upon defeat, and it happens a lot more often. Oddly, there is not a single swear to be found in the German version of Super Paper Mario.
    • A very easily missed "crap past the radar moment" is when Mario is trapped in the cage by Crump in Chapter 2 with all the Punis. Use Goombella on Puniper [the big Pun]) and she'll say, "That's Puniper of the Punies. He's a little bigger than the others, obviously. So maybe he can help us reach that special area... Hee hee! Just kidding. His only special power is complaining, I think." 'Special area' would not be that suspect if she hadn't immediately gone "Just kidding." This tattle, by the way, only occurs when you are in the cage -- after you get out of the cage and free the Punis, you'll get a different tattle.
    • Also radar-dodging is one of Kammy Koopa's lines in TTYD, after her visit to the Glitz Pit, regarding shaking what her momma gave her — in wavy text to emphasise it.
  • The Mario Strikers games has the unusually Stripperific uniforms for the princesses.
    • Also from Mario Strikers, Waluigi does... well... this!
  • In Super Mario Sunshine, when Bowser Jr. claims to be Peach's son by Bowser, she doesn't dispute the implications. She has to think about it.
    • But according to Yoshi's Island, the stork is responsible for reproduction in the Mushroom Kingdom. So it all just depends on how the stork decides who gets kids.
  • In the film:

Lena: I want you.
Koopa: Now is hardly the time or place for that, Lena.