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Mario: Is he talking about us?

Luigi: You better believe it!
Mario and Luigi during the commercial bumpers for The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

Being the undeniably most recognizable game series of all time,[1] of course Mario is going to mutate some memes!

From the games

From the cartoons

  • The last episode of Super Mario World (and the last Mario cartoon ever made), "Mama Luigi". The entire episode (especially the line, "That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!") has become a staple of YouTube Poop videos. The most quotable lines from the episode include:
    • "Well, like they say in Brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or, is it the bagel?"
    • "I Fell for Hours!"
    • "Good thing I found a MAAAAAAGIC balloon!"
    • "Luigi bash blocks now!"
    • "Yeah, well, I didn't think it was so funny!"
    • Mario describing Bowser's Castle as his "Coney Island disco palace!"
  • "This is a volcano!"
  • Super Mario Bros Rap Anyone? ANYONE?
  • "Permit me to introduce ya to... RACCOOOOOOOON KOOPA!!"
  • "C'mon, I'll help you sink your teeth into some delicious KOOOOOOOOOPAmeat!"
  • "Do the Mario!"
  • "It's a stone, Luigi. You didn't make it!"
    • "It's a football! I chiseled it!"
    • Its even official size (throws at Mario), but not official weight.
  • "What's the one thing most likely to rot people's minds and reduce their brains to mashed potatoes?"
  • "Oogtar eat ghosts for breakfast!"

  1. Video games, that is - Chess and Monopoly are still more recognizable than these two plumbers and their world.
  2. The standard message for completing a stage in the early Mario games. Used for any situation in which someone must continue their search. The Princess is always in another castle. {{spoiler|She actually is in level 8-4 in the original game, if you get there
  3. The message for picking up a Plot Coupon in the Japanese/European version of Super Mario Sunshine.
  4. Daisy's most common line in Mario Kart: Double Dash and a few subsequent games.
  5. A fake game poking fun at the fact that Waluigi has yet to gain a noteworthy breakout role in a Nintendo game. No, his world domination plot from Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix does not count.
  6. From a demotivator of Super Mario Bros. 3 with Mario trapped between a wall and a Goomba, beneath a ceiling that prevents him from leaping over or on top of it, and his Super Mushroom just out of reach... Said demotivator is also the page image for Didn'tThinkThisThrough.
  7. Fawful's speech patterns are highly popular amongst the fans.
  8. The Emoglobins in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story have a distinctive form of speech.
  9. A "hidden" message found by inspecting the boxart/title screen of Super Mario Galaxy and reading the letters that glint with light/a star.
  10. In one level of Super Mario Bros. 3, the Sun is visible. In truth, it's actually one of Bowser's men, the Angry Sun, and it makes a point to swoop down and ram Mario. Fortunately, it's not much bigger than Mario, and can be killed by hitting it with a Koopa shell.
  11. A Mondegreen of what Mario says after tossing Bowser off of the boss arena.
  12. The first boss you fight in the game was going to give you his Plot Coupon without a fight, but then he gets his circuits fried by The Dragon. The preceding [literal] BSOD ensues.
  13. Bowser mistakingly thinking a poster of Peach is the real thing in Paper Mario 2: TTYD. Why yes, he is comic relief in this game, how did you guess?
  14. Luigi's Brainwashed and Crazy alter-ego in Super Paper Mario.
  15. Mimi, a recurring bad guy in Super Paper Mario, has some pretty childish insults.
  16. One of the questions you answer "Yes" to, in a quiz in Super Paper Mario; it may also be a direct reference to the trope.
  17. The very first thing the final boss of Super Paper Mario does upon assuming his form is say this. It's completely out of place and random.
  18. In the opening cutscene of Hotel Mario, Mario is actually saying "Nice of the Princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh, Luigi?", but the way he says it sounds like he's calling Luigi gay. In fact, the game has many cheesy lines that have achieved meme status, including:
  19. One of the possible outcomes of the Bowser Space is "Bowser Revolution", in which Bowser distributes everyone's coins evenly. Political references follow quickly. The term itself was popularized by The Runaway Guys.
  20. One of Wario's failure quotes in the N64 games. It's almost never appropriate in context. Once again, popularized by The Runaway Guys.
  21. Waluigi's unlockable taunt in Mario Party 6 and 7. This time, popularized by Pokecapn's posse.
  22. Ever since the original Super Mario Bros., most blocks that contain powerups, coins, etc., have had a question mark on them. This indicates that they're supposed to be "mystery" blocks, the original idea being that when playing the games for the first time, you were never supposed to know what the block will have.