Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar/Awesome

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  • Kenshi's Aliens impression from the eighth episode after he finally gets in a Seikijin.
  • After spending most of the series as a Smug Snake caught between his hatred and fear of Kenshi's superiority, Dagmyer finally challenges his rival to a duel to buy time for the Big Bad in episode 13 -- and actually carries himself with honor. He's still hopelessly outmatched, but he doesn't panic, he doesn't try any underhanded moves, he displays Villainous Valor, and when he's defeated, he just admits Kenshi's superior ability in a matter-of-fact tone.
  • Later that episode, Kenshi's only able to hold his own against Babalun/Gaia, and his Battle Harem is trying to charge up a Combined Energy Attack to turn the tide. Just before it's ready, Gaia notices and charges at them -- and Chiaia singlehandedly stops the ancient doomsday weapon. And then throws him back to the nearest cliffside and keeps him there until the attack's ready. Darn shame it didn't work...