The Dresden Fillies/Funny

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  • Dresden seeing Twilight Sparkle's treehouse/library for the first time and wondering if he's becoming a Pyromaniac because he can totally see it going up in flames.
  • Pinkie appearing out of nowhere and scaring the hell out of Harry.

How the hell did she sneak up on me?

    • Luna doing the same thing.
  • Pinkie asking Harry if he's a 'stallion.' In Equestria, of course, it just means "Are you male or female?" On Earth, however...
  • Harry trolling Rainbow Dash.
  • Celestia finding out exactly how Harry used the Elements of Harmony to destroy the Nightmare. "HE DID WHAT?!"
  • Harry and Bob discussing the last time Bob was let out of his skull:
  • The reason Harry hasn't told Murphy or anybody else (except Bob) about the ponies and Equestria is because if he did, the info could get out and the place could be invaded by Lord knows what. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's close friends with a group of painfully adorable, technicolor talking ponies and he'll thank you to not question his masculinity.