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My, How The Mighty Have Fallen

NoxiousSludge (talkcontribs)

Anytime I look at, I feel pretty depressed. Why would a website focusing on goofy things make me feel sad instead of completely entertained? Well, things have changed for the worst there.

I remember years ago, I could burn hours on the internet, looking at all sorts of interesting articles about badass presidents, terrifying animals, that sort of thing. Seanbaby was also fucking hilarious and never failed to make me laugh, and photoplatsy competitions were actually worth looking at! The website has made a very, very noticeable shift in tone over the past couple of years though. While Cracked always had a bit of a left-leaning slant, it was still funny and informative and never (At least to my knowledge) got too hamfisted and political.

Nowadays though, the website is almost unrecognizable. It's now packed to the gills with clickbait leftist tripe, with articles talking about "How men are trained to hate women" and "Sexist Halloween costumes" and "Misogyny in video games". None of this is funny, nor is it informative, it's often yellow journalism at its best, either taking things out of context or deliberately misinterpreting things in order to push a narrative and pull in money racked from all the hits their articles received. They've had blatantly terrible, dishonest people like Zoe Quinn write guest articles for goodness sake! I'm not sure where this tone shift happened, but its done a hell of a job of alienating its readers and causing all sorts of nasty infighting among fans.

There's not much I have left to say as I've never been a good writer, I'm just disappointed that Cracked went from a hilarious, fun way to waste time to being full of political clickbait.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

I unfortunately must concur. Cracked was funny at one point, but the parade of politicization has made me turn away from it myself. Regrettable, really, as it was a great way to waste time at one point.

NoxiousSludge (talkcontribs)

As you'd expect I fully agree. It's almost jarring when you read a past article alongside a modern-day one and get to see for yourself just how bad things have gotten over the years.