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  • Tri$ha proposing to DarkRazorz during the ghosties awards. Ghost, however, thought it was Nausea Fuel.
  • The Ghosties awards. They showed an odd sense of bonding between Ghost and the trolls, and for the first time, Ghost was able to laugh at himself and look almost fondly back on classic trollings. He went right back to being a shapeshifting lizard hambone in the next show, of course, but it was kind of sweet while it lasted.
  • On the Feb 3rd 2012 broadcast, a girl called in crying about an unrequited love who hated her that also called into the show. Ghost responded by putting the boy on the show so they could try to work things out. Even though he cut them off once things got out of hand, this was an unusually nice gesture on Ghost's part.
  • Whenever the Engineer gets a shout-out from one of the callers, there's a noticeable joy in his gibberish.

"*unintelligible* yeahhh! yeeahhh!"

  • From a post by Ghost's new Twitter:

"I have to admit, I was flattered when @tarastrong Tweeted at my hacked account. #TY very much Tara, but please straighten up the #Bronies!"

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