True Capitalist/Drinking Game

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    All The Tropes and Miraheze are not responsible for any damages that result from drinking games,
    including but not limited to damages to your liver and other people's cars.

    Drinking game for True Capitalist:

    • Take a drink whenever Ghost gets a call from Tri$ha, Tzeki, Equestrian Citizen, the Ghetto Capitalist, Asho, Tub Guy, The Internet Buttstalker, Nikolai, the SUCK MAH DICK guy, the OOOOOOOOOO guy or the "Shut Up, Mom!" guy.
      • Take another drink if Ghost has a full conversation with the SUCK MAH DICK guy without realizing it's him.
    • Take a drink if someone takes too long.
    • Take a drink every time Ghost takes a drink.
    • Take a drink if Ghost mentions he could be on Sixth Street.
    • Take a drink if Ghost mangles a phrase
    • Take a drink if Ghost insists he isn't racist
      • Take another drink if he talks about "minorities" less than a minute later
    • Take a drink if the Engineer takes over the show
      • Take another drink if the Engineer plays the Boss Nigger theme song.
    • Chug the rest of whatever you're drinking if Ghost threatens to cancel Radio Graffiti.
    • Take a drink if a caller's voice is deemed fruity
    • Take a drink if the caller's parents are brought up
      • Take another drink if Ghost's parents are brought up
    • Take two drinks if Ghost refers to himself as a melting pot of friendship.
    • Take a drink if Ghost says a full Twitter or chatroom shoutout trolling name without stopping himself.
    • Take a drink whenever he cans.wavs
      • Take another drink if he's also looking for his mic in the process.
      • Take another drink if he starts puking.
    • Take a drink if KaraszKun calls
    • Take a sip whenever Ghost makes a religious swear. Alternatively, you might as well kill yourself right now and save the alcohol.

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